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09:31:16 AM Sep 14th 2015
I'm not all that experienced with the whole "write an entry with all the correct annotations and blue text" thing, so would someone else kindly add an entry for John Ringo's Council Wars in the literature section?
09:40:46 PM May 9th 2015
Can anyone confirm the Devil Survivor scenario described in the second bullet point? I do not remember any situation like that in Devil Survivor. It is possible that they're discussing Devil Survivor 2, which I haven't played in a while, but I don't remember it there either.
06:14:34 PM Apr 1st 2013
Can't you say that this is somewhat true? Sure a single bullet can kill you, but how often can one bullet cut you in half compared to a katana?
06:18:12 PM Apr 1st 2013
No, because if you're dead, you're dead.
03:49:16 AM Oct 13th 2014
And a katana is not going to cut you in half. Thats a gross exaggeration of it's effectiveness. But even if you could, a gun's lethal attack can be delivered at distance and with relatively little training.
01:27:55 AM Jan 9th 2012
I'm surprised Sam & Max isn't referenced here. Can somebody add some info on that?
07:51:14 AM Jan 9th 2012
Why should they be? If the trope applies, you can just edit it in yourself.
12:53:36 AM Feb 19th 2012
I've only played the Devil's Playhouse. I'm not sure about most of the series. I does anybody have any more information about this?
09:04:38 PM Jul 11th 2011
Upon examining this trope, it occurs to me that it is very similar to the Annoying Arrows trope, and was wondering if that could or should be worked in anywhere.

It might be a good idea to slip it in as a "compare Annoying Arrows."
05:30:01 AM Aug 21st 2010
There's a lot of natter in the Real Life section, but I'm not sure what to do about it; the main paragraph of the first example and a bit of the replies are relevant to the trope,but it quickly gets out of hand. How much and what should I prune if I want to make it smaller but also prevent more arguments?
09:56:27 AM Oct 5th 2010
To be honest, I think we should keep the whole thing. The information in it is very useful.
12:33:59 PM May 11th 2013
Most of the natter is parroting english historians' nonsense about bows and completely ignoring the fact that half the world had abandoned guns before they did while the "superior" english warbow was obsolete already by the 1450s. Japan and the steppe nations, all famed at war for their horse archery, all switched to guns earlier than the english army.
07:31:01 PM Mar 19th 2014
Ignoring that the "natter" started at least in the 1200s. 250 years is hardly what I when I would say "already" regarding a weapon's obsolescence.
03:16:59 PM May 19th 2010
Let's face it: This trope is a major wallbanger. No-one can dodge bullets, deflect them with swords, or brush them off like a bee sting. And before you start telling me some story of a guy who did, consider this: There are 6-7 billion people on earth. Only about twenty (just an estimate) of them dodged/deflected bullets with a sword. And most likely 90% of those instances are coincidental. Let's face it: Guns > Swords. If that weren't true, swords would be standard issue for modern soldiers.
09:55:50 AM Oct 5th 2010
True, particularly if we're talking about modern guns (which are vastly superior to swords as a personal weapon).

That said, if you have a setting where the logistics for guns don't really work out well (i.e. gunpowder and ammunition is expensive to replace*), you could maybe make a justification for your protagonists to carry around swords, provided that almost nobody else is carrying around firearms.

  • The cost of munitions isn't a minor concern, either. It wasn't until the second half of the 19th century, for example, that most of the European powers (plus the US army) sent fresh troops into battle who had fired their guns more than once or twice in training.
05:35:24 PM Apr 7th 2011

The problem is that you're conflating the real world with fictional worlds where people survive much more serious things than gunshots. If Cloud Strife can be hit with a bloody supernova and come out alive, then I have no problem at all believing that he can shrug off a bullet like a bee sting.
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