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02:31:23 PM Jan 28th 2015
Shoulld the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers be considered Film Noir in spite of its Science Fiction elements?
07:31:16 PM Jun 15th 2014
I'm not sure about the other examples, but Monster was really good and Hotel Dusk isn't half bad. Probably one of my favorite genres. I should probably look up some more from this...
10:44:33 AM Mar 7th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
There 2 films from the Classic era that might seem more like foreshadowing aspects of Fantastic Noir, I'm not sure how add them the page as it is.

Son of Dracula, seems to take the Double Indemnity and Postman Always Rings Twice type of Noir plot but With Vampires. Katherine is a Femme Fatale and Frank a pretty Noir style Anti-Hero. It is quite possibly the first Fantastic Noir.

The Egyptian, the Audio commentary talks a great deal about how it's unlike most of the classic Epics and more like a Film Noir in Ancient Egypt. And Nefer is one of the most effective Femme Fatales of all. Not strictly Fantastic but like many Fantastic Noirs it anticipates the idea of moving that kind of story to a completely different setting.
08:38:05 PM Feb 16th 2013
What about Fargo? The Coens talk extensively in interviews about the film being a deliberate inversion of every Film Noir trope they could wrangle. Should that be mentioned somewhere in this article?
01:48:12 AM Aug 8th 2012
The picture links to the 1950 film noir "D.O.A," but I don't believe that picture is from the movie. For one thing, there isn't a private detective in that movie; the main character is an accountant and notary. There is a femme fatale, but I don't think the woman in the picture is she. The main character is played by Edmond O'Brien, but the guy in the picture looks like Sterling Hayden to me. Are you sure that picture is from "D.O.A"?
09:12:54 PM Feb 17th 2015
I don't think it's from D.O.A. either. Neither person in that picture looks like characters from the movie. I did a google search with that picture and as best I can tell it's taken by a woman named Bianca Renzullo. I found the picture posted on a webpage connected to some kind of photography class she seems to be teaching. She used the picture as an example for the film noir style aesthetic. Elsewhere on the page she claims that all picture posted as examples are taken by her. So the picture is significantly more recent and has no connection to the 1950s movie D.O.A.
09:14:17 PM Feb 17th 2015
Here's the webpage I found it on by the way. In case someone was interested:
04:23:54 PM Apr 17th 2012
What does 'Police Quest' series do in the 'Video Games' section? This is contemporary police procedural that has absolutely nothing in common with the noir genre. No private dicks, no femmes fatale, no sleazy gangsters, no ambiguous endings, no vice city settings. Protagonist is a ordinary cop who runs by-the-book investigations in sunny suburbs, chases serial killers and drug dealers and there always is a happy ending :)
08:08:05 AM May 16th 2010
Identity (2003): neo-noir? Has: dark, rainy themeing; complicated plot which pins upon information near the end to make sense of; Anachronic Order; subverted good ending. Lacks: hard-boiled monologuing. (It's a damn good film, too.)
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