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01:38:11 AM Sep 4th 2017
So, if this is IUEO, why is it considered a YMMV trope?
03:20:21 PM Jul 23rd 2016
Am I the only one who realizes how most of the Web Originals folder are out of universe examples and are the people in question's actual opinons? Does that count?
04:23:58 PM May 18th 2015
Is there a page for people that love a work but hate the fans that surround it?
10:48:07 PM May 18th 2015
Nope. It's this page.
05:58:07 PM Aug 24th 2012
Where's the YMMV Tab for this trope? We need Out-Universe examples!
06:00:56 PM Aug 24th 2012
Not really. Personally, I don't want a big flamewar on the wiki pages.
06:14:20 PM Aug 24th 2012
No, we do not need "out-of-universe" examples. We got rid of them for a reason...
02:56:02 PM Mar 2nd 2014
YMMV pages for tropes are against wiki policy.
02:21:55 PM Apr 22nd 2014
No, they are not. Your Mileage May Vary is for audience reactions, not tropes. We have two pages explaining that.

I have to question though, if we are only using "in universe" examples then why bother with the Your Mileage May Vary tab? None of the examples are free for you to disagree with because...well it speaks for itself.

Ron Killings had an angle where he basically antagonized anyone he perceived to be a fan of John Cena, blaming them for conspiring to hold him back. There is no mileage variance there. R-truth was a fan hater, as he said so himself on screen.

Similarly, many people here are fans enough of reviewers to give them trope pages. That Guy with the Glasses has at least one guy who chastises fans of Michael Bay on his video's entrance. Supposing that is just his "character" and not how he feels in real life, it does not change the fact his character feels that way. You can't say it is not part of the work and just something the audience may think, like Designated Protagonist Syndrome or Rooting for the Empire.
02:58:11 PM Apr 22nd 2014
Not sure what you are contesting...

12:15:49 PM Apr 24th 2014
Why it is still has the Your Mileage May Vary if it is only taking examples your mileage cannot vary about. I mean, your opinion can but you cannot argue any of these are or are not fan haters.
01:24:40 PM Apr 24th 2014
Because the wicks have not been cleaned. It's a persistent problem with the In-Universe Examples Only tag that it doesn't have clarity whether it applies to wicks or not - the IUEO page says yes, decisions leading to something being made IUEO frequently don't.
08:16:57 PM Jul 3rd 2012
Would this trope apply to someone who is either neutral or even positive about the work itself, but holds a disrespect or hatred for the fanbase alone? As an example, I know a few video gamers who enjoy Blizzard games like Starcraft II and Diablo III but hate Blizzard fans that consider these games unrivaled works of genius and I'm curious if this would fall into this trope, as the description implies a hatred for the work itself as well.
06:45:21 AM Feb 6th 2013
Yes. I made a note on the page itself about this, and when I'm not low on time I'll probably edit the page further (or figure out how to put it in the Trope Repair Shop, one of the two), but I'll just go ahead and put my reasoning here; it's a reaction to a fandom, not a work. It's perfectly possible to think a work is okay or even great and still think that the fandom is a pack of apes. Usually, if they're a Fan Hater they're part of the Hatedom, but it's not a requirement.
02:37:19 PM Oct 15th 2011
Why did my Superman example get deleted? I thought it fit quite well with this trope.
02:44:14 PM Oct 15th 2011
Look up what In-Universe means.
11:27:16 AM Apr 15th 2010
Pulled: * As noted in the page quote above, Spoony seems to do this every time he comes near Final Fantasy games and JRPGs in general. You are gay, very gay, if you do not see things as he does. And if you don't hate JRPGs, it's because you're a yaoi fangirl. And if you liked Eyes on Me, you're not worthy of being a man because even women are better than you. No comment on where that places women who liked Eyes on Me (yaoi fangirls that like to listen to a song about heterosexual romance?)

1. Redundant, there already is a TSE example. 2. Wrong. He is a fan of older Final Fantasy titles and admitted liking other JRPGs as well, especially Mega Ten 3. The Eyes on Me rant falls square under Rule of Funny, see the video's commentary.
04:15:26 AM Jul 15th 2010
edited by CyberTiger88
Honestly,if I'm not already a fan of the Final Fantasy series, it will only take me reading a message board where people are "discussing" over whether or not Final Fantasy 7 is overrated for 2 Min. for me to NEVER become one.
02:18:45 PM Oct 15th 2014
Cyber Tiger, did anybody ask for your opinion?
06:23:28 PM Oct 15th 2014
... why did you reply to a post from four years ago?
02:10:27 AM Oct 16th 2014
Discussion pages' timestamps aren't very visible, apparently.
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