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12:49:39 AM Sep 27th 2014
  • A lot of fans didn't like the conclusion to Series 4. It wasn't explained how Rose knew so much about the alternate timeline in "Turn Left", how she appeared on a screen in "Midnight", how Bad Wolf got spread onto the planet in "Turn Left", and the Doctor-Donna felt like another Deus ex Machina.


Does a lack of explanation counts as a Fan-Disliked Explanation? Complaining about Doctor-Donna being a Deus ex Machina is nitpicking since the show is already full of them. This really seems to be a personal complain about one episode than this trope.
01:33:16 AM Sep 27th 2014
Eh, no. I wouldn't count that.
08:57:55 PM Jul 25th 2012
I just added a rather large section to the Metroid: Other M entry. It was rather one-sided, so I felt like explaining it more in-depth. My entry came out a lot longer than I anticipated. I was wondering if we should combine all of the parts into a more streamlined entry that shows the fans anger at Samus' portrayal and the reasons for that portrayal as I stated.
04:29:30 PM Jul 27th 2012
Um, I think you might want to have cut down on that entry some. As it stands right now, it reads like someone who's desperately trying to defend the game, and is sounding a bit like an angry fanboy. I'm pretty sure you could've cut down on that some. I wouldn't disagree with a more streamlined entry for all of that.
09:10:05 PM Jul 27th 2012
Remove the whole entry:

  • Metroid: Other M decided it was a good time to go into Samus' history that was vaguely hinted at in Metroid Fusion, trying to explore her past and who Adam Malkovich was to her. Unfortunately, many people's reactions was that it turned Samus into a shell of the woman she's portrayed as otherwise and gives her some really unnecessary attachment issues.
    • This became downright stupid in the infamous Ridley scene, as it would have made a lot more sense to show a flashback to the ravaging of K2L when Samus freezes up (To clarify, Ridley killed her mother and almost killed Samus before Old Bird intervened), rather than show a shot of turning her into a little child (which only makes sense if you've read an obscure manga that was never released outside of Japan) then pulling something about PTSD straight out of nowhere.
    • Metroid: Other M had problems with the story (incorrect use of computer terms being the least of them), but the characterization that was used wasn't just out of nowhere. Sure, it got rather goofy and dragged on (due to Samus' English VA poor delivery and long internal soliloquies that could bear to be shortened), but the story was written by Yoshio Sakamoto (who co-created Metroid with the late Gunpei Yokoi). He always imagined Samus with that personality, but many people (mostly Americans) imagined Samus as the stoic badass who didn't fear anything. While Samus is undeniably badass, it wasn't so impossible for her to feel fear. In most of the games Samus got no Character Development at all, except for Metroid: Fusion, and even that was minimal. Since Other M is a direct sequel to Super Metroid and is heavily tied into Metroid: Fusion, the plot plays on both of those (we know why Ridley was a husk and we get an appearance from Nightmare). Another big disconnect comes from a Values Dissonance between America and Japan on how parents are treated. The Japanese would treat the parents with incredible importance and reverence. This is why Samus is so obedient to Adam (who is pretty explicitly her father figure), not to mention that Samus didn't have any real business on the Bottle Ship in the first place*. Granted, her following Adam's orders was became Honor Before Reason at some points (why didn't Samus activate her Varia Suit to protect her from Sector 3 when it was purely defensive and posed no danger to anyone? No explanation is given), but for the most part her not being able to use her equipment because it was dangerous for anyone else was just an in-game justification to avoid Bag of Spilling. As for her case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, people who suffer from it often feel as if they are vividly reliving the traumatic event that caused it in the first place. Samus had thought that she finally killed Ridley in Super Metroid, only to have him pop up and cause all sorts of problems. Samus relived her hometown being destroyed by Ridley and her mother being eaten by him from when she was three years old. It's perfectly acceptable for her to feel like that when the murderer of her mother (and due to his invasion he was indirectly the cause of her father's death, too) suddenly comes back to life, not to mention that he was cloned by The Federation in the first place. But it's also worth noting that her freeze-up lasted all of a few seconds. She got over it and fought Ridley. The manga that gave Samus' backstory and characterization isn't that obscure. This whole outrage is caused by fans who would rather imagine Samus as some sort of robotic soldier rather than the story that was written by the creator of Samus.

Someone who's still invested in this should streamline this entry; it's too gabby and ranty.
09:44:52 PM Jul 27th 2012
Sorry. It's hard to hit what makes that game so controversial and still keep things short. I get a little on edge when people just complain about it, so sorry about the rant.
03:35:46 PM Jan 5th 2012
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