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02:22:00 PM Nov 22nd 2014
Isn't there also a distaff counterpart to this trope? You know, like when a guy only watches something because of a hot chick?
02:29:40 PM Nov 22nd 2014
12:52:54 PM Feb 6th 2013
I'm a bit confused... it appears that this trope is specifically about when a female fandom is attracted to a male-oriented show due to Perverse Sexual Lust, but with Testosterone Brigade, it's just used to mean "a male Periphery Demographic for female-oriented media".

See the trope picture... barring a few cloppers here or there, I'm assuming the Bronies aren't there out of PSL.
01:15:45 PM Jul 12th 2010
Say, is it really even necessary to make the "within a traditionally male-dominated fandom" distinction for this trope?
10:53:46 PM Jan 24th 2011
edited by movie007
From reading some of the discussion surrounding this trope and Mr. Fanservice, I think I now understand the trope better. It's not just "he has female fans" (which would leave out Justin Bieber). It's a work where a significant portion of the female fanbase were initially attracted to the hot male characters - although it is possible for some of them to, later on, decide that also like other aspects of the show.
11:31:49 AM Feb 13th 2015
I don't think that, if you make male-dominated fandom" a requirement for this trope, Harry Potter is an example of this. The Harry Potter series was never aimed at a male audience, nor was the fandom ever male-dominated.
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