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Is this the American spelling- because Brits spell it Oestrogen.— Silent Hunter

Red Shoe: Can't comment on that per se, but I do know that the Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade uses that spelling, and its members are primarily British. Possibly the forces of tradition were at work (Though that was the first time I'd ever heard the term).

Silent Hunter: I've never heard the term either. Outpost Gallifrey calls them "fangirls" when they get shippy, but it's theres apparently always a noticeable female presence there.

Red Shoe: For what it's worth, Google's first few hits turn up Estrogen Brigades for Paul McGann , Rygel XVI, Darth Maul, and The Lone Gunmen. (Research later) Looks like the PMEB may have been the first — they claim credit for inventing the term, at least. The group was founded in Atlanta about 20 minutes after the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie first aired.
Gus: I am not sure how the cited article shows an example of an estrogen brigade, Seth.

Seth: Half the recaps latch on to any scene of the brothers and go fangirlish over them, i think the term is Squee!. Its just as prevalent in their forums, hundreds of posts drooling over Jared and Jensen especially scenes involving tight jeans or physical labour. I Thought it fit the entry well enough.

Ununnilium: Sounds like it to me.

Tabby: An accurate observation (I've never seen a single episode of the show and am still utterly sick of it because of the endless fangirling), but I think there needs to be more commentary on the main entry page than just "Read 'em and be vaguely embarrassed for all involved."

Gus: Ah. I stand — well, sit — more informed. I think fangirling is something that wants an entry. You get me? An Estrogen Brigade is a community. Fangirling is something that might occur there.

Lale: What's the breakdown? An Estrogen Brigade can be made up of both "fangirls" and/or girls who aren't fangirls, just fans?

Ruthie A: I think the difference is that a fangirl is just one person, where as an Estrogen Brigade is a whole community. From what I can tell, one can be a fangirl without being part of an Estrogen Brigade, although whether one can be part of an Estrogen Brigade without being a fangirl is debatable. (A side note: Perhaps we should have an entry for fangirls? Perhaps fanboys as well?)

Fast Eddie: Fangirling is a verb which describes a behavior, essentially much Squeeing about how cute some guy is and a strong focus on 'ships. A person can certainly be female, a fan, and not do any of that, or not enough to be a 'fangirl'. The extension to 'fanboy' is pretty direct. Guy fans whose level of discourse is ...
boy One: "Amanada Tapping, is like totally hot."
boy Two: "SO hot!"
boy One: "Seriously, like surface of the Sun hot, on a hot day HOT."
boy Three: "W3RD!"
... could be said to be fanboying.

Whatever: Replied saying Demian is actually a man. He's gay, but the description didn't mention anything about gay guys, so I felt it was worth putting on the main page. Also, a question; is the Supernatural fandom really that male-dominated?

  • There's a very vocal subset of female fans of American superhero comics, mostly in the Blogosphere; see and When Fangirls Attack.
    • Umm, can't speak for When Fangirls Attack, but this troper would definitely like to contest the presence of Girl-Wonder used as an example of this trope. Girl-Wonder is a place where comics as a whole not not just individual squee characters are discussed.

I'm taking this out because like the other troper commented, GW is not the "estrogen brigade" and would probably take offense at being called such. As far as I can tell from the description, the Estrogen Brigade is a group of fangirls generally attracted by "teh hot boyz". GW and WFA are trying to get women better portrayals in comics and not have them fridged so much, or become disposable women as the genre is prone to do, as well as make comics more accessible to females in general. To call them the Estrogen Brigade is insulting and COMPLETELY missing the point, especially since *gasp* a lot of posters on GW or that are cited on WFA are MALES who want to advance feminism in comics. Wowsers. Not that the members don't love comics and superheroes, they love them and want better.