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03:40:44 PM Sep 16th 2014
I think that this trope should be renamed to "Lolita Fashion" or any other more general and appropriate name. First the name is misleading, "Elegant Gothic Lolita" only applies when used to Mana's fashion line, it's like calling all denim products as "Wrangler" or all sportswear as "Nike", secondly it limits it use only for Goth Lolis, when portrayals of Sweet Lolitas and classic Lolitas are just as common.
12:52:40 AM Sep 17th 2014
Maybe. It looks very much like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic though.
03:11:00 PM Jun 1st 2016
No, it wouldn't be. "Lolita fashion" is a better name - as the description points out, "Elegant gothic lolita" is a specific brand's name for a subset of a subset of the style.
07:48:38 AM Jun 29th 2016
I agree. There's no trope page (only a Useful Notes) for other lolita fashions, and this trope is named for a brand...for no reason whatsoever. Generalizing the trope or just renaming it "Gothic Lolita" would make much more sense.
07:57:37 PM May 3rd 2011
Would the Spear Counterpart be called "Elegant Gothic Shota"?
11:29:50 AM Mar 11th 2012
I believe the male equivalent of lolita is Kodona. So if it's a little boy, then it would be Elegant Gothic Kodona...unless of course, you know...
03:27:12 AM Mar 3rd 2011
"Although fundamentally unrelated to the Western sense of "goth"" This is remarkably untrue. If anything, Gothic Lolita is only one very tiny part of "Goth" in the Western sense. Gothic Lolita is part of the Western movement, not apart from it. Just because the "West" has lots of stereotypes of depression and Rivetheads with "Goth", doesn't mean that by being more Neo-Victorian than these stereotypes, it unrelated to Goth. All of Lolita is related to Goth.

And a lot of these so called "not related to Goth" Lolita/Gothic Lolita bands, make Neoclassical Darkwave. A part of the Goth subculture. Malice Mizer, make Goth music. To say that Gothic Lolita is fundamentally unrelated to the Western sense of Goth, is to completely misunderstand the Western sense of Goth. And it's sad to see people assert Japan is doing something different and unique when they do something that's only being a part of something else. In this case, they're just being a part of something Western. Gothic Lolitas aren't Japan being "uniquely Western" or having a unique take on Western culture, they're just happening to be a part of the Western Goth movement.
10:30:00 AM Mar 12th 2012
edited by Stoogebie
Well, there is the occasional self-contradictory statement in This Very Wiki from time to time. And if you actually took a look at "gothic lolita", you'd find that it's lolita punched up with gothic tones (as seen here and here). Yes, I agree, it is actually related to goth, but not in the sense of being "goffic".

Also, if this trope actually refers to lolita style as a whole, then yes, it's not really very related to goth...because not all lolita is gothic. There's more to lolita than goth, as you can see, and they've even got guro and steampunk. And erotic.
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