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Are we gonna change this to Little Miss Goth or Elegant Gothic Little Miss?
Looney Toons: Just a note for a potential future rephrase — the first time I ever encountered the concept, it was through an article that described the girls as dressing "like Victorian child prostitutes".
  • Chrome Newfie: Ha! Victorian child prostitutes should have been so lucky to wear that many frills. Why I remember.... er, I'll stop talking about times I could in no way be old enough to discuss, yep.

grixit: I first learned about this concept a few years ago, but never considered any of the examples really fitting. That is, until i saw Blade the Series. The vamp leader (forget name) in that one is just perfect.

TJ Devil 02: To those in the know, so I can get a picture of this: the description sounds like the kind of people Gwen Stefani's always putting in her music videos. Is that right?

Romanticide: Not exactly, Gwen Stefani got inspired with all the subcultures of Harajuku in which lolita are included but the models in the videos are not wearing exact examples of ELG style.

Mike: Helena from Hellsing comes to mind as an example of this, but I can't remember if she has enough frills, and I can't find a good image of her to confirm this. Can anyone remember better or check?

A random person: I changed the picture to Vita. Just thought she was a good fit and worked better with the tendencies of this wiki.

Animeg: Should the line about the western subculture be in there? The part about everyone doing it wrong, I mean. Also, should brands be there?