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09:28:41 AM Jun 10th 2014
The article needs link(s) to trope(s) applying to actual demonic spiders.
09:18:24 PM Nov 30th 2012
Do EVE Online 's Sleepers (and Incursion Sanshas, possibly even more so) qualify here, considering that a Sleeper battleship in a C5 can solo a Tech II fit battlecruiser? (Incursion Deltole Tegmentum battleships are on par with this as well.)

P.S. "ordinary" NPC battleships can be soloed in an Assault Frigate or afterburner fit Stealth Bomber, for comparison purposes; a Tech II fit Battlecruiser will make them look like the squishy Mooks they are.
01:46:54 PM Oct 29th 2011
I feel like somewhere when describing common traits of Demonic Spiders, we should mention snipers in many games tend to qualify in action games for a combination of holding very powerful weapons, having improbable accuracy, being hidden, having no warning given as to where they are, being very common, and not being built up as being a big threat as an Elite Mook or Giant Mook (which is sometimes a Fake Ultimate Mook) would.
06:15:01 PM Jan 7th 2011
So exactly how subjective is this trope? "Fairness" seems to be subjective, and so does "seems".

I thought that this trope basically meant Goddamned Bats but deadly.
07:06:39 AM Dec 13th 2010
Made a tweak to the Megaman Legends example: I cut this and moved it to Boss in Mook Clothing.

  • There is also one Reaverbot like this, found where you're exploring the tunnels connected to the subgates. After going through a bunch of rooms with nothing but traps you come into one room and immediately there is a crashing noise that's almost louder then the 'Bee-Boop' warning sound. After you run for your life, you get to a big room to see an upgraded version of the very first boss you faced. The first Boss had one drill; this thing has TWO. It's not a boss, but it has enough hit points that it might as well be. Due to the somewhat cramped quarters it's drills smashes are difficult to dodge. It also can fire both drills at you all the way across the one large room if you get too far away.

This is more of Boss in Mook Clothing, as unlike, say, the Sharukurusus, it's a unique enemy (if my memory serves me correctly).
05:56:17 PM May 12th 2010
Dausuul: Made tweaks to the Diablo 2 list. Gloams were listed in three separate places (goes to show just how nasty they are, I guess); cut it down to one. Removed "immunities" from the list, since I don't think it counts as Demonic Spiders when it's literally every single monster in the highest difficulty... that's just Nintendo Hard. Finally, gave a nod to Oblivion Knights. They're just a nuisance now, but before 1.13 they were a melee warrior's worst nightmare.
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