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03:11:57 PM Jul 20th 2014
So, does the decoy actually have to die to count as this trope? That certainly would appear to be the case from the description but it suffers a little bit from Example as a Thesis, and some of the examples given, such as Sleeping Beauty, don't fit this.
03:24:19 PM Jul 20th 2014
Nah, removing them from the story in some other way works as well.
04:09:08 AM Apr 10th 2014
  • Luke can actually be seen as the Decoy Protagonist of the saga as a whole: he's clearly set up as the hero of the original trilogy, but when viewed alongside the prequel trilogy, it becomes clear that the series is actually about his father Anakin's rise, fall, and eventual redemption.

Is this an actual example, or a fan theory?
03:08:41 PM Dec 20th 2011

But Kevin IS the actual protagonist, not a decoy.
07:37:06 PM Nov 20th 2011
edited by MagBas
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica spends most of the episodes setting up Madoka as the protagonist and hero of the series. Then episode 10 rolled around, revealing that the entire thing revolves around Homura and her time travel, including the ending theme, which we discover is being sung from Homura's point of view.

... and in the following episode, the Big Bad outright says their Time Travel caused everything revolve around... Madoka. ( and the own episode 10 turns clear Homura's actions revolve around Madoka) And the theme sung from Homura's point of view is the starting theme. It can be a subversion, but i am not sure.
12:37:19 PM Dec 10th 2011
Hmmm... true! You could say the trope has been played with, in that while Homura has been revealed to be the actual main character, Madoka still is extremely important to the plot. So, possibly subverted? Just done really weirdly in that they're both main characters, just it turns out the plot is based around Homura's abilities and what she does for Madoka's sake?
04:55:51 PM Dec 16th 2011
edited by MagBas
It you is mentioning is The Protagonist and Deuteragonist relationship, and Madoka and Homura definitively qualify. But, Homura's abilities, in the plot, only are important to their backstory, and to the potential of Madoka. About the "what she does for Madoka's sake" thing, the only "main character" points Homura received with the Episode 10 is because she is the main character of episode 10. Episode 10 not turns she neither more close neither less close to the main character status of the earlier episodes. Episode 11 realizes it, however, with the explanation about the potential of Madoka.
01:54:12 AM Oct 8th 2011
Would Kisaragi (Kurama's secretary) from Elfen Lied be one? It made it look like she was going to have a larger role than she did, then brutally killed her just a few minutes later. I wasn't sure if she needed more screen time/characterization to count.
09:12:28 PM Mar 9th 2011
Got a question about two characters: Franky Four Fingers in Snatch and English Bob in Unforgiven. When watching those films for the first time, I expected that both would be there a lot longer, and seemed to be protagonist material (if not the primary protagonist), but Franky is killed early on and English Bob is driven out of town.
10:25:30 AM Sep 5th 2010

  • Inglourious Basterds, despite being named after Aldo Raine's squad of sociopaths really centers around Shoshanna Dreyfus. After all, in the end she's the one that manages to bring down the Nazi high command.

The story is more of an ensemble. Also, mistaking Aldo for the main character is more a case of Trailers Always Lie.
01:17:07 AM Jun 13th 2010

  • In Equilibrium it might seem at first that Partridge would be the main hero - he's much more sympathetic than Preston, and is played by Sean Bean. Of course, you're only likely to fall for this if you haven't seen the film's posters, which all show Christian Bale and no Bean.

The story is told from Preston's perspective. He's clearly the main character right from the beginning.
01:10:50 AM Jun 13th 2010

  • Blunted from Apocalypto comes across as a classic underdog hero. The real protagonist, however, turns out to be Jaguar Paw, who initially appears to just be a mischevious comic-relief sidekick.
    • The poster didn't even have Jaguar Paw on it (opting instead to have a picture of The Dragon). Possibly an example of Fridge Brilliance as it made the reveal of who the main character really was that much more surprising.

It's pretty clear that Jaguar Paw is the main character when he's introduced. As I recall, in the commentary Gibson talks about how the first scene is intended to show that he's cannier than his fellow young hunters and therefore of heroic material.
03:39:07 AM Jun 1st 2010
edited by Arivne
In accordance with our Spoiler Policy, I have despoilered the title of Fairly English Story in Fan Fiction. It's kind of unnecessary anyway since the trope description clearly says "Here there be spoilers".

From Spoiler Policy: "Spoiler tagging the name of the work is worse than useless."
10:28:27 AM May 6th 2010
Consider adding Locke from Season 5 of Lost: all throughout the show, he's been toted as the Chosen One; he even resurrects from the dead, and seems to have a new awareness of the Island's Magic. Then we discover in the surprise end to Season 5 he was dead all along and is actually the Bad Guy. Season 6 seems to be making it clear that his rival Jack is the REAL Chosen One
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