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07:22:20 AM Oct 22nd 2017
So is this trope exclusively female? And how does it differetiate from Girly Bruiser?
06:50:29 PM Aug 10th 2015
Why is Cute Bruiser considered a Stock Character/Flat Character? The two latter mentioned tropes may not have as much of an impact on a story as a Cute Bruiser, unless I am mistaken.
11:44:34 PM Mar 21st 2013
edited by FlamingoKai
I call Trope Repair Shop on this, I just don't know how. :D

For one, there are a ton of Child Mage examples. Two children in Video Games who animate teddy bears into giant monsters.

Need to emphasize that strength and durability are important.

And probably rename the trope from Cute, since it leads to confusion as to what it is. Child-like Looking Bruiser? Beautiful Bruiser (which would've made the removed Tifa example fit)? Dwarfish Midget Bruiser?
01:29:09 PM Jan 30th 2012
Removed this X, Just...X example:

02:57:06 PM Jan 10th 2012

Are these examples? If they are, they need the terrible YMMV cruft taken out. Examples Are Not Arguable.
05:55:55 PM Jul 23rd 2011
Eiko Magami, Hikaru Shidou and Lina Inverse perhaps? Most anytime Beauty, Brains and Brawn applies to underage girls.
10:14:28 AM Jan 13th 2016
Don't know first to but since when Lina is bruiser? She's badass adorable maybe, but she fights mostly with magic, not strength
06:38:31 PM Nov 24th 2010
We should really put this in folders
06:38:14 PM Nov 24th 2010
We should really put this in folders
09:51:21 PM Nov 18th 2010
A lot of the ones still on the page don't quite seem to fit.
10:02:23 PM Jun 2nd 2010
edited by Madrugada
I've deleted

  • Puss In Boots from Shrek 2. Combines this with Badass Spaniard, by virtue of being voiced by Antonio Banderas.

Yes, he's cute. Yes, he's small compared to Shrek, and Donkey, but he's not small for a cat. But most of all, he's not a child and he's not super strong.


  • Dragaera's Aliera e'Kieron. Admittedly, she's a Dragaeran (read: elf) and therefore about 6 feet tall, but for her species, that's really short. That doesn't stop her from carrying a soul-destroying BFS and taking enormous pleasure in using it. In fact, it's actually stated that her previous sword was longer than she was tall.
    • One of the books mentions her tendency to wear dresses too long for her height, and levitate a few inches off the floor rather than walking, to compensate. She likes the excuse to duel those who call her on it.

For much the same reason. She's not a child or young, she's simply short. And she's never presented as being extraordinarily strong.
06:38:46 PM Jun 2nd 2010
edited by Citizen
That Runaway image doesn't look much at all like "cute" or "little child", even if the entry for it says she's 11... This Sasameki Koto picture made me think of this trope, even if Lotte doesn't have the superpowers of most of the examples...
07:45:39 PM Dec 21st 2010
Seconded. Why the hell isn't Toph Bei Fong the image example?
09:57:32 AM Aug 24th 2011
I don't know I kind of prefered using princess powerful as an example. She is more well known. But looking at the picture now, she does not look all that cute in that particular image.

maybe if we could find another
09:59:24 AM Aug 24th 2011
maybe this one would work. you can see her protecting ducks which is cute and smashing a truck which is bruiser like. is there like some coppy write thing that needs to be delt with, or can I just use that one?
10:02:06 AM Aug 24th 2011
why can't I i hot link images? how else am i soposed to dicuss imageses
11:06:15 AM Apr 15th 2010
Took this out...

  • Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. Being one of the three characters who fight unarmed in the game (beside RedXIII and Cait Sith) and still able to dish out damage with the best of them, you really have to wonder just how bizarrely powerful she is.
    • This is extended even further in her appearance in Kingdom Hearts where her fighting prowess has increased to the point where she has super human strength enough to punch in a metal door.
    • Not to mention her ability to hold her own in a fight with Sephiroth (one of the most feared and respected villains in... well in video games) armed with nothing but determination after Sora fights him .

...because Tifa is NOT a child, or even close to one. (Being the poster child for Boobs of Steel doesn't count.)
06:57:17 AM Oct 7th 2015
Where exacly it is stated that it MUST be a child? I've read the entire article, the laconic version and not once it is stated that the character must be a child. the girl from page image isn't child either, at least she looks like teenager. The closest thing to sugesting a child is sentence "She appears to be a kid" but that's hardly seems like requirement, and even if it's more about looks than age. Tifa is in her early 20s in all appearances except Crisis Core when she's 15, she definitely can be considered cute.
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