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01:29:31 AM Feb 6th 2018
Is it time to look for a new image? Given what Kesha had been through, I feel like we need a new one.
10:35:19 PM Mar 21st 2013
edited by DeaThShiNoBi
Is this word really that bad? Perhaps I'm suffering from Values Dissonance here (I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, USA), but cunt seems like an every day insult far from the "top of the line". It's perhaps number 4 on my go to list of insults, or something like that. I'm having a hard time imagining a world in which it's actually as offensive as this article makes it out to be. If you compare it with the word "nigger", for instance, it's just not even close in harshness.
07:33:40 PM Nov 15th 2015
edited by CloverGoldngreen
As someone born in the Midwest, I'm a bit perplexed as well. I always considered it to be the Distaff Counterpart of calling some guy a dick. I would think just about any derogatory slur attacking one's race or sexual orientation would be way harsher.
07:57:49 PM Jan 1st 2012
Is the Unfortunate Implication of "cunt" really any different than that of "pussy"? I'd say no. I'm not really sure that "pussy" is "cute," either. It's used to either refer to female genitalia or a slur. In this case, I'd say the fact that the slur is aimed at males by relating them to female genitalia has for more of an Unfortunate Implication. To the sexist, there's nothing more offensive to the male than putting him on the same plane as the female. To compare him to the "most female" part of the female is just taking it up a notch.
11:20:42 AM Jul 31st 2012
There is a huge difference in the American vernacular, "you pussy" doesn't nearly carry the same potential to insult as "you cunt." As for other languages and vernaculars of English, in many it's no different in level of insult than "asshole" or "dick."

As for the whole gender politics bit: as far as I can see from American media calling a man a cunt isn't that offensive, calling a woman cunt on the other hand is treated like the worst kind of profanity- so that whole "most female insults men" theory falls out. The Unfortunate Implications I can make out is that "dick" (the male) is treated like a synonym for selfish and rude behavior, while "cunt/pussy" (the female) is treated like a synonym for cowardice.
11:32:36 AM Jul 31st 2012
Only "pussy" is a synonym for cowardice. "Cunt" seems to be used the same way as "dick" is for males, only it's much stronger.
09:33:06 AM Sep 10th 2011
I'm sad now cos i couldn't make an internal link to "spoonerism" using the words Cunning Stunt. I had to make it an external one.
10:49:16 AM Oct 9th 2011
Thank you whoever fixed it you've. I am incredibly grateful.
09:37:13 PM Apr 17th 2011
No discussion about how people with European accents accidentally say cunt instead of can't, as depicted when the Mother Superior asks Maria "What is it you can't face?" in the Sound of Music?
01:33:41 AM Mar 13th 2011
Soooo, what's the acronym on the quote?
08:04:01 PM Oct 22nd 2012
I have been churning my brains trying to figure it out... Please someone respond?
01:56:06 AM Oct 23rd 2012
edited by Telcontar
See you (i)n tea -> C U N T
10:30:32 PM Mar 21st 2013
edited by DeaThShiNoBi
I think the reason why some people (including myself) are having trouble figuring out what the heck that "acronym" is referring to is related to the fact that I know exactly zero people who pronounce "in" as "en".
05:06:31 AM Jan 27th 2011
you forgot to mention the song by australian band TISM - I Might Be A Cunt, But I'm Not A Fucking Cunt! :P
01:48:40 PM Jan 21st 2011
edited by Arcanex
08:50:03 AM Aug 31st 2010
Does "Cunnie" count as a country matter?
07:41:22 AM Apr 15th 2010
I got's to tell ya, I didn't know this word existed until I was 17 and by that time, the idea of it as the ultimate insult to women had gone over my head. I thought it was bitch. lol. Turns out, this word is the You-Know-Who of insults.
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