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12:07:35 PM Feb 13th 2012
The "Transformers Prime" example skirts into 'What Do You Mean It's Not Heinous?' territory: scratch a person's skin badly, you can draw blood; if you do it with something that could burn or worse, you could infect or have the scratchee need grafts.

Might be semi-comedic since as a mechanical being, new metal parts can be made but I'm reminded of "Cosmic Rust" from the "Transformers Generation 1" where Megatron got a piece of rock imbeded in himself. Once Starscream removed it, faint rust was shown. Cut to a few scenes later when Megatron's a few moments from falling apart due to the Cosmic Rust the rock was infected with...
01:26:49 PM Sep 18th 2011
Removed the example of "gang raping" a woman for adultery in the real life section. Posting that in the "cool and unusual punishment" trope page is a disgusting trivialisation of rape, and potentially harmful to survivors.
03:24:40 PM Mar 27th 2011
Removed the example of Fake!Moody's bouncing ferret!Draco on the floor because that's just straight-up physical abuse.
02:26:31 AM Mar 23rd 2011
We also need some details here — a quote doesn't provide details. Also — please don't pothole work titles, we've got a general reading audience and the reader may not be familar with the work in question.

02:25:31 AM Mar 23rd 2011
Here we need a work title and some details.
  • Eragon's threat to the soldier at Gil'ead in the first book. That is all.
04:04:50 PM Mar 13th 2011
Maybe its just me, but I dont think that a Place Worse Than Death would be a Cool and Unusual Punishment. A Cool and Unusual Punishment, is, like, being forced to listen to four hours of Yoko Ono. A punishment Played for Laughs. As the name implies, a Place Worse Than Death is, well...a Fate Worse than Death, obviously.
01:55:21 PM Jan 20th 2011
06:19:28 AM May 31st 2010
Removed, I don't think it's an example (they threaten to hang and kill him):
  • In Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, after Pee-Wee knocks over a row of motorcycles belonging to a biker gang, this exchange takes place:
    Lead biker: I say, we kill him.
    Rest of the gang: Yeah!
    Biker #2: I say we hang him then we kill him.
    Rest of the gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: I say we stomp him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: Then we tattoo him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: Then we hang him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Biker #3: And then we kill him!
    Gang: Yeah!
    Pee-Wee (in a tiny voice): I say we let him go.
    Biker gang: NO!
03:29:49 PM Aug 23rd 2010
Sounds like a valid removal to me,
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