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11:46:35 AM Jul 23rd 2015
Way too much negativity and complaining in this page. There should be a hidden message remindign tropers that Tropes Are Not Bad.
12:58:48 PM Oct 18th 2014
I think that this is mostly a video game trope, SO I think video game examples should be limited to notable ones (aversions or egregious, like Super Mario Bros 1).
01:31:47 PM Oct 18th 2014
It's not mostly a video game trope, really. Also, I don't see a problem with the number of examples.
02:53:17 AM Feb 24th 2014
I was wondering, does this also extend to giant pools of acid? As in, would they cause a similar problem as well in real life?
01:31:13 AM Mar 17th 2012
Should we add lack of toxic volcanic gas to this trope? because they usually go hand in hand.
10:39:52 PM Oct 12th 2011
Something that's bugged me, in some games you can walk near lava and of course convection isn't in effect or whatnot but.. For example, in Final Fantasy 1 STEPPING in Lava does 1hp damage, so couldn't it be argued that if actual contact with the lava does minimal damage, convection alone isn't enough to harm them?
02:19:17 PM Aug 23rd 2011
edited by ZenimaxShakespere
Wasn't sure where to put this as it references multiple tropes, so I'm cross-posting it to all three! Ha HA!

Edit: no hotlinked images? Fine:
09:52:55 PM Jul 30th 2011
This is going to sound kind of stupid, but does anyone mid if I add "Fuck You, Convection" As an alternate title? It's a personal meme.
11:38:37 AM Jul 22nd 2011
This XKCD comic does something with this trope, but I'm not sure what. It's not subversion, it's not inversion, it's not...
09:33:02 AM Jan 17th 2011
Should we mention examples from The Legend of Zelda? I remember that this trope was subverted in Ocarina of Time (the Goron Tunic was needed to access hot places), but played straight in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I'm sure there's other examples in the series though.
03:24:19 PM Oct 15th 2010
If you didn't see Top Gear's last season,

Toyota Hi Lux Invincible Arctic Trucks mod + some more mods = Volcano Proof Toyota :P
12:15:07 PM Jul 31st 2010
Can we make Overpressure? What Overpressure? an alternate title for this trope?
09:42:48 AM Jun 9th 2010
edited by stm177
Moved natter here from Demolition Man (discussing whether a match can light gasoline):

  • The Mythbusters have shown that, as long as you've not mistaken it for diesel, it's very difficult to ignite petrol/gasoline.
  • With a match or cigarette. A blowtorch is a tad bit hotter.
  • What's more, it's the gasoline itself that's difficult to catch fire, not the fumes. If you drop a match into gasoline it passes through the fumes and extinguishes, but lowering the flame slowly will ignite the surface with a fire that isn't actually that hot. The blowtorch certainly would've lit the fumes, but it wouldn't have been any more dangerous than a can of Sterno, giving a real life example of this trope.
02:16:56 PM Aug 23rd 2011
But in any case, you're begging for a Darwin Award if you try and prove this either way.
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