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07:11:14 AM Nov 23rd 2011
This trope is sexist as fuck and should be nuked.
09:40:35 AM Nov 23rd 2011
No, it shouldn't. Sexist or not, it's still a legit trope.
07:59:43 AM Oct 24th 2012
Agreed. You think this trope is sexist, add it to the Double Standard index, don't support works that use this trope, and don't be friends with people who hold women to this standard.
12:23:30 PM Jan 28th 2014
edited by
Not sexism-related, but I do think the line about certain porn stars looking hideous without makeup (Google "porn stars without makeup" sometime. The ones who already look ugly are hideous. Many of those who look reasonably attractive are ugly. And a rare few actually look much better without all that pancake batter) is a bit mean spirited and highly subjective. This should be confined to examples where the ugliness is deliberate.
09:39:39 AM Oct 31st 2011
I removed this because it is inaccurate: Medusa in ancient Greek art was always depicted with an entirely hideous body from head to toe: scaly, clawed, winged. Baleful Polymorph is not this trope.

removed example:
  • Medusa would most likely be the Ur-Example of this trope. According to one version of the myth, she was a woman of surpassing beauty, but was cursed with her hideous visage by Athena, after having relations with Poseidon in Athena's temple. Proving that this trope is Older Than Dirt.
    • Debatable. If you tied the snake-hair back, she'd look quite nice. Of course, some reconstructions give her a dracaena/lamia-like snake body with scales on her skin and sharp fangs instead of teeth.
02:13:35 PM Sep 15th 2011
Skull for a Head = Butter Face?

I first noticed it with Mortal Kombat entries lacking Scorpion, but there are a number of handsome men, Scorpion has a had body, Ghostrider, even Skeletor has a rather nice looking body, but do they count as Butter Faces? It follows the same basic concept, hot, masculine body . . . BUT THAT FACE! ITS A SKULL!

I figured I'd raise a discussion only because I'm not sure if having a Skull for a Head should be considered an absolutely different trope or not? (to be fair, not even person with a skull for a head has a hot body)
08:01:38 AM Oct 24th 2012
Depends on if you're a splitter or lumper, methinks. Skull for a head is, well, just a skull for a head, body hotness variable. In my opinion, Olympian physiqued men with skulls for heads would count as male examples of butter face.
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