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07:16:31 PM May 18th 2014
Isn't this like People Sit on Chairs? It's not really a trope.
10:43:02 PM May 18th 2014
Yes, which is why this thread is working on it.
10:13:24 AM Apr 24th 2014
I notice that this page is locked. Could Crystal Gayle's "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" be added to the Music folder?
10:18:16 AM Apr 24th 2014
Feel free to ask here.
08:51:57 PM Oct 29th 2012
Deleted Blue Eyes (and a few other potholes) from examples for Yu-Gi-Oh's Ryou Bakura, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and Avatar the Last Airbender. On its disambiguation page, Blue Eyes has been split into six tropes. Please replace with one of those only if applicable. (i.e it fits the symbolism as well as the color)
05:44:20 AM May 13th 2011
Is this really a trope? Especially as (after the initial paragraphs saying how they can be symbolic of magic etc) it goes on effectively say "Except in the majority of the world, where it is overwhealming normal. And in fact, its also unremarkable in the rest of the world too".
11:00:09 AM Jul 28th 2011
How exactly do you use this trope? You can name a majority of the "nice" characters on TV as this, since most of the human world has Brown Eyes.
02:33:04 PM Apr 2nd 2012
I dunno. It's not just for people with brown eyes though; they have to have a particular reason for being that color. Although I think in a way this seems to be the polar opposite of Blue Eyes, wherein you literally can't give them to a character without them fitting into some subtrope of it.
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