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Wet Sari Scene
The Indian way to achieve Fanservice.

So, our spy with blonde highlights is chasing someone through a major European city. She's wearing a white blouse, without a jacket. She ends up being knocked into a fairly deep fountain, for some rather contrived reason.

She comes out of the water. Her white blouse is now not only rather clingy, it's gone see-through, revealing that, yes, she shops at Victoria's Secret (or, if this is a high-rated movie, that she went braless today). The see-throughness is optional.

The name is from Bollywood, where it's pretty much a cliche. If an attractive woman is wearing a sari, expect her to get soaking wet at some point in the movie (getting soaked in the rain is considered especially romantic). India has a legally enforced nudity taboo, so this is Fanservice without the nudity (even if you do see breasts- but not nipples).

A large scale sub-trope is of course, the "Wet T-Shirt" contest, although this tends to get referred to rather than seen. Another variant involves white swimsuits, in particular white school swimsuits.

This is also a common Music Video thing, when the artist performs in a "rain storm", or writhes around in a large water container (often some huge drinking glass).

Naturally, it can be done with men too. In fact, it's becoming quite popular when you have a Walking Shirtless Scene when actually being shirtless would be inappropriate.

Not to be confused with this scene from Transformers Animated.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • In Nagasarete Airantou, Suzu sleepwalks into a barrel of water. Ikuto wakes up and tries to help her out of the barrel, but when he lifts her out he utters "It's translucent" and then passes out from a massive nosebleed.
  • Full Metal Panic: Second Raid has a scene where Kaname is soaking wet, wearing nothing save for a bathrobe and panties as she is trying to outwit whoever is spying on her.
  • Happens early on in Elfen Lied when Nyu gets soaked in the rain.
  • Although its not seen, a similar example happens early in Negima! while walking through a body of water. Makie suddenly complains that her panties are soaked.
    • In Jikanme 2 for the PS2, there's an option to see any of the girls in their sports wear while soaked.
  • Saeko gets this twice in one episode of High School Of The Dead (though only the first time is see-through). The second time she asks "Do you enjoy getting girls wet?!". While waiting on an isolated sandbar, she changes into a tank top, leading to a Vapor Wear moment.

     Comic Books  

  • Mary Astor gets soaked when caught in a monsoon in Red Dust. Kissing with Clark Gable ensues.
  • This happens twice in to Keira Knightley in Atonement in the same manner over a span of about twenty minutes. Since the film is an example of The Rashomon, it's not entirely out of place.
  • In Dirty Dancing, we have the 'lift' scene.
  • James Bond:
  • Someone commented that the first Spider-Man movie featured two elements of teenage boy wish fulfillment: A. Being a superhero, and B. Kirsten Dunst being rained on. She gets soaked in the climax of the second movie as well.
  • In Les Miserables (2012), during the On My Own number, Eponine is singing in the rain and gets completely soaked.
  • The Eddie Murphy film The Golden Child has Charlotte Lewis kick a houseful of thugs' asses without getting mussed— and then gratuitously walk through a spray from a broken pipe so her white shirt can get sheer and clingy.
  • And to give an actual and particularly obviously gratuitous example from Bollywood, one song from Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham features both the hero and the heroine dancing in the surf - which they've been conveniently transported to after dancing in front of the pyramids of Gizeh just seconds before.
  • In Mujhse Dosti Karoge! — Everyone at first goes "oh crap it's raining!" and heads back inside, but the hero decides to pull the heroine out into the yard and sing a soaked, steaming, sexually-charged ballad in front of everyone including HIS fiancee and HER soon-to-be-fiance. It's awkward for all of ten seconds and then everyone's like "YAY! RAIN!" and they all dance together like nothing happened.
  • Another Bollywood example comes from Main Hoon Na. Shahrukh Khan and Sushmita Sen spend the last half of one of the songs dripping wet. SRK's shirts are so hilariously see-through that they were obviously sheer even before they got wet.
  • Shahrukh Khan is quite the man when it comes to those scenes, considering that he also ends up drenched by torrential rains in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Veer-Zaara and Asoka, among others.
  • Om Shanti Om:
    • Shahrukh Khan's character emerges from a pool which seems set in LSD-Land and jumps around in slow motion while the camera focuses on water dribbling down his back. Then he opens his arms and someone off screen throws a bucket of water at his chest.
    • Dil Se and the leading lady end up drenched in the opening scene. He is in another song with the other love interest where they dance in a river and get very wet.
    • Fanaa features a scene where the blind heroine writhes in the rain with the soon-to-be-terrorist hero.
  • The female lead in the last half hour of Jumper.
  • The Deep, with Jacqueline Bisset going swimming in only a T-shirt, is a notable early example and probably a trope maker here. The producer would comment that it made him rich.
  • Katie Holmes' shirt at the end of Batman Begins.
  • In the third Police Academy movie, Callahan is training the new cadets on pool safety, so she jumps into the pool in a white shirt, with no bra underneath. All the guys jump in to "rescue" her.
    Callahan: "Okay, who wants to rescue me?"
    Everyone else: "Oh, yeah!" [all dive in]
  • In Coyote Ugly, the showy bar-dancers pour water over their fronts and over the main character's head as part of their act.
  • The Quiet Man has John Wayne getting soaked in the rain while wearing a silk shirt.
  • The previews for 17 Again always seem to feature Zac Efron in a wet suit.
  • Trisha in Varsham. She has an entire song/dance number in the rain in her langa voni. The end result is a mix of Manic Pixie Dream Girl and Ms. Fanservice.
  • The Sound of Music has Liesel (Charmian Carr) going into this trope in the "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" scene; particularly afterward when she climbs in Maria Rainer's window.
  • Barbara Hancock in the Finian's Rainbow "Rain Dance Ballet" scene.
  • In the 1954 French film Monsieur Ripois (by René Clément), the hero, played by Gérard Philippe, falls from a boat for no particular reason the very second he appears on screen, then climbs back on board and stays on all fours on the boat for a moment or two, dripping wet.
  • The Washing Women in O Brother, Where Art Thou? sing seductively while dousing the clothes on their bodies with river water, before stalking down the twitterpated protagonists.
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time features a scene where both our male and female lead jump into a fountain and end up soaked head to toe while making an escape, a rare instance of a unisex application of this trope.
  • Interesting case in The Mummy: After the boat sequence, everyone crawls out of the river. Evie (Rachel Weisz) is in a nightgown and is soaking wet, but it seems oddly opaque. It turns out that this is because the scene was digitally altered - in the footage as shot, the nightgown had gone completely transparent, which would have made getting a PG-13 rating difficult. So director Stephen Sommers had the effects team alter every frame. He described it as "the least popular special effect in the movie."
  • The climax of Yesterday Was A Lie features the two female leads soaking wet in a rainstorm (see also Lingerie Scene).
  • The elevator scene in P2. Angela is forced out of the elevator when the villain floods it with a hose. She runs around in an already-revealing soaked dress.
  • This also occurs in Love Actually, when Colin Firth's papers end up in the pond. His Portuguese housekeeper jumps in to save them, and he soon follows.
  • Another Colin Firth example involves his character in St. Trinian's.
  • Mean Girls features Karen "predicting" when it's going to rain.
  • In the 1997 Lolita, Humbert falls in lust at first sight with underage Dolores Haze after seeing her lying in the garden on a hot day with the lawn sprinklers playing over her dress.

  • A written example: Temple has one, though since the narrator for the relevant part is a monk, he's more embarrassed than turned on.
  • Pride and Prejudice has Elizabeth walking a distance in the rain to visit her ill sister at Netherfield, and given Darcy's somewhat pleased reaction, that scene qualifies as an example of this.

     Live Action TV  
  • Mr Darcy diving into a pond in the BBC's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet is awed, and the scene became memetic among Jane Austen's fans.
  • The Colin Firth scene (and the fangirling) is so well known that it was referred to in Lost in Austen: Mr Darcy asks the heroine, a fan of Pride and Prejudice who is Trapped in Book Land, if there's anything he can do for her... Cue him getting out of the pond.
  • In the second part of the 'In The Shadow of Two Gunmen' episode of The West Wing, during a flashback C.J., who has lost both her contact lenses and her glasses, accidentally stumbles into a swimming pool, much to the amusement of Toby, who has witnessed it. While the floral dress is not see-through, she peevishly orders him to turn around so that she can attempt to un-cling it before realizing it's a lost cause.
    "Avert your eyes!"
  • In CSI: New York, Lindsay goes for a walk in the rain for some reason. Not see through in this case.
  • NCIS:
    • Kate's "Wet T-Shirt Hall of Fame" picture is a Nipple and Dimed version of this trope.
    • Justified, of all things, on NCIS: Los Angeles when a spy asks a woman he's meeting to take a dunk in the water to prove she doesn't have any concealed weapons. It manages to short out the wire she's wearing as well.
  • In the TV adaptation of Johnny and the Bomb Kirsty ends up in a fountain, which gets her frock wet.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Surprise", Buffy ends up soaking wet after her escape from the Judge because it's pouring outside. Her shirt isn't see-through, but the scene ends with Buffy making love with Angel. The soaking aspect is used to underline Buffy's terror and vulnerability.
  • The opening credits of Friends had all six characters playing in a Central Park fountain.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "Cold War", Clara arrives on the sub wearing a silver cocktail dress and immediately gets drenched.
    • Non-sexual (?) example - "The Deadly Assassin", the Fourth Doctor, scarfless for the episode, stripped by the Time Lords of his usual hat and coat and dressed by them in a white pirate shirt, battles the titular assassin in a river, his hair wet down against his skull, Clothing Damage revealing his bare legs, and his shirt drenched transparent and plastered to his body. The effect is to reveal how physically intimidating the Doctor actually is - he's extremely tall but his usual layers of oversized, flapping clothes and Quirky Curls usually make him look comical and gangly, and without them he's revealed to be lean and extremely strong-looking. It makes sense as it's exactly when he starts getting dangerous.
    • In "The Talons of Weng-Chiang", Leela, who normally wears a leather minidress, wears a white Victorian-style dress in a sewer scene, which naturally gets drenched. You can clearly see her nipples - how the BBC got away with this is a mystery.
  • Horatio Hornblower: Many sailors on this show manage to get wet, either when someone spills a bucket of water on them (Styles does it to Oldroyd in "The Frogs and the Lobsters") or when they have to dive and swim. There is nothing like eye-candy officers in wet uniforms or wet shirts. Especially series 1 and 2 are full of this trope.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Penny who is a waitress and hates her job, says she spilled a drink on herself at work. Leonard pities her, but she says it was the best day ever as she got her greatest tips.

     Music Videos  
  • The Backstreet Boys video for "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" is an example. What starts with all five members sitting around on an abandoned basketball court ends up with the group in wet button-down shirts singing in the middle of a sudden downpour.
  • The above video is parodied, like lots of other boyband videos, in blink-182's infamous "All the Small Things". You think they're in the rain? No, they're wet because of a well-placed hose!
  • Pretty much the entire point of Alizée's "J'en ai marre!" video. To quote The Other Wiki: "Throughout the video, water is poured into the cubicle, making Alizée wet".
  • Katy Perry in the video for 3OH!3's "Starstruck".
  • The Beach Boys' promo video for "Sloop John B" shows them all trying to climb, fully clothed, into an inflatable raft in a swimming pool, naturally falling all over each other and into the water in the process.
  • The classic video for Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" involves wet T-shirts and cat-fighting in a wrestling ring. MTV shied away from showing the full version, but this is freely available out on the Net.
  • The middle of Inna's "In Your Eyes" video has the singer and her backup dancers writhing in the rain, and the one in the nude leotard has her nipples show through at one point.

  • In Once Upon a Mattress, Princess Winnifred makes her entrance having swum the moat. Then she falls right back in. After she changes into a dry dressing gown, Lady Larken tears her still-wet dress up into rags for cleaning.
  • The BBC's productions of Henry IV Part 1 and Henry IV Part 2 seem intent on keeping Prince Hal as wet as possible, dousing him with wine and then putting him in a sauna. Since he's played by Tom Hiddleston, no one complains.
  • The Male Animal discusses this trope:
    Tommy: You and Joe were dancing out on the terrace when it started. You both got soaked, but you kept right on dancing.
    Ellen: Oh, yes, I remember. My dress was ruined.
    Tommy: You were shining wet—like Venus and Triton.

    Video Games 
  • Uncharted takes many, many opportunities to douse Nathan Drake in realistically-rendered water. Lampshaded in the second game, when Chloe declines Nathan's invitation to join him in the pool.
  • Ar Tonelico 3, Soma the professional assassin always dresses this way under her heavy and uncomfortable clown suit, which makes her sweat a lot.
  • If My Heart Had Wings: Ageha and Aoi's attraction to each other is first kicked off when they're caught in the rain one time and both can't stop staring at each other's wet, half-naked bodies. Though the audience only sees Ageha's, naturally.

    Web Original 
  • Although it's tricky in a written medium, Survival of the Fittest manages this by describing the effects a gout of rain has on Maxie's shirt.
  • Gaia Online's 2007 Summer Festival and Water Balloon Fight featured a picture of NPC Jinx in a white t-shirt and a bikini bottom. There was also a picture in which she'd been nailed with a water balloon, and was covering her chest with one arm.
  • Lately, The Nostalgia Critic has a Running Gag of throwing water on himself in response to... something crappy happening in the movie he's watching.
  • On The Lizzie Bennet Diaries':
    • Mrs. Bennet plans to stage one between Jane and Bing. Jane is absolutely horrified and Lizzie has to help her get out of it.
    • Lydia invokes one when she deliberately spills her drink on George Wickham. She then asks him to take his shirt off, which he does.

    Western Animation 
  • The King of the Hill episode "Luanne: Virgin 2.0" had Luanne getting baptized in a lake as part of her born-again virgin initiation. She was wearing white and had on underwear. Hilarity Ensues when she runs out of the lake, wet robe clinging to her as she screams "I'm a virgin!", causing a nearby guy to get smacked in the head with a Frisbee.
    • Later that same episode, Peggy goes through the same initiation. Hank is mad at her for having slept with someone else before they met, but his anger quickly fades away as her robe gets clingy and transparent, and he carries her off to the car for de-virginizing.
    Hank: Dang it, Peggy. I can see your whatnots.

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