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02:45:11 PM Mar 14th 2016
Does Princess Daisy fit this trope like Peach and Rosalina do?
02:55:22 PM Mar 14th 2016
I think so.
07:31:00 PM Jan 24th 2015
Add Tommy Wiesau an guy is nearly close to be this caterogy, If refering to that who work the Infamously movie The Room.
10:41:58 AM Sep 19th 2013
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  • Occurs frequently in Doctor Who, as non-Earth stories would feature human-like characters as often as not, but would rarely indicate whether they were space-faring humans or Human Aliens. Even the more expensive new series isn't bereft of it, as the passengers in "Voyage of the Damned" seem to be entirely human but come from other planets in a time before humans develop interstellar travel.
    • The Fifth Doctor's companions Adric and Nyssa. Adric is a particularly interesting example: his people are supposedly from an Exo-Space planet called Terradon (hinted to be a Terran colony, due to its cultural parallels) who crashed on Alzarius in a starliner. Except they're not. They really evolved from Alzarian natives (spiders that incubate inside melons) via an intermediate race (Gill-Man lookalikes) who mimicked humans to fill their niche aboard the starliner.
    • The Doctor Who Expanded Universe attempts to justify this by explaining that Rassilon, the founder of the Time Lord race, intentionally tinkered with genetics on a universal scale to make other species more likely to evolve into a form that resembles his own species. So when the Doctor says that humans "look Time Lord", it's the literal truth. It also Retcons some of the human "aliens" in the show into descendants of human colonists.
    • The sixth series episode "Night Terrors" features a little boy named George who seems to be developing OCD. He's actually a powerful shapeshifting alien, but mimics humanity in order to be accepted by his human adoptive parents. His anxieties stem from fear that the masquerade won't be good enough.
    • Clara Oswald is a perfectly normal 21st century human who just happens to have exact doppelgangers in two other time periods. The Doctor hasn't been able to find anything unusual either by visiting her childhood or consulting an empath. It is eventually revealed that she is an ordinary human, and the doppelgangers are because she voluntarily scattered herself throughout time to save the Doctor from a plot to Ret Gone him.

Occurs frequently? How frequently? And even if not, the Titanic passengers, George, Nyssa, Adric and the Time Lords are explicitly aliens, while Clara, Clara Oswin, and Oswin are explicitly human (even before the reveal of what Clara Oswin and Oswin are in "The Name of the Doctor").

This is not the Human Aliens page.
10:52:37 AM Sep 19th 2013
Yeah, all the specific examples listed are either Human Aliens or just humans. However, I think a blanket Doctor Who entry makes sense, because any episode set in the future where they encounter human-looking characters, it's very rarely specified if they're Human Aliens or descendents of human colonists.
11:32:51 AM Sep 19th 2013
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That's fine, but so long as it's put up with valid examples of unspecified humans. At the very least, it's not prominent in the modern series.

  • The Long Game and Planet of the Ood - each set during a "human empire". The Long Game is also set in a period of history where alien life has been discouraged from entering due to manipulation by the media.
  • The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances - Jack's a human from the future. There's certainly the insinuation he's a "mongrel" because of humanity breeding with other species in his period, but Torchwood: Miracle Day confirms he's human enough for his immortal blood to affect humanity.
  • New Earth and Gridlock - At the very least featuring Earth descendants.
  • The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit - I think the captain sets a course for Earth.
  • 42 - No idea. Need to rewatch. The crew definitely has a cultural knowledge of the Beatles and Elvis though.
  • Utopia - Explictly called humans in the story. Without that, the paradox machine thing in the later episodes wouldn't make sense. The futurekind appear to be a separate species that humans fear they might be some day.
  • Voyage of the Damned - The people on the Titanic, including the man taught about (to borrow a Star Trek term) pre-warp Earth are unfamiliar with its customs. They also consider it a primitive planet. Astrid's from Sto at the very least and explicitly calls Earth an alien planet.
  • The Doctor's Daughter - They're called humans. I'm pretty sure. Something about a world of human and Hath.
  • Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - Considering it's a spoilery reveal three years after this episode, I think River might fit this. I can't recall direct references to Earth or humanity outside of there being Vashta Nerada on Earth. Obviously the dream world Donna and Lee are in is Earth, but there are so many possible explanations for why the computer core chose this and how the Doctor Moon made them forget their old life.
  • The Waters of Mars - It's an Earth-Mars mission. No question.
  • The Beast Below - Starship UK? Human. No two ways about it. Also, Liz X is descended from Elizabeth II.
  • The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (and by extension, the church clerics in A Good Man Goes to War) - Ooh. I think Alfava Metraxis is a human colony? I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean the clerics or the people on the Byzantium are, though.
  • The Doctor's Wife - Alright. I think I'll give in here. I don't recall any references to Earth from Idris.
  • The God Complex - Not fresh in my mind, but Howie seems to be an Earth blogger and Rita practices an Earth religion. No idea about other characters (apart from Gibbis, of course).
  • A Christmas Carol - Kazran says something like "Back on Earth, we called it Christmas" near the start, I think.
  • Asylum of the Daleks - Oswin at the very least is human. Not sure of the top of my head about Darla and the rest of the ship's crew.
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - Nefi, Riddell, the ISA: obviously human, and of course the eponymous spaceship is headed for Earth. Solomon I'm less sure about, especially considering the timescale his robots claim to have been on the ship for.
  • The Rings of Akhaten - Clearly a differing culture with a mild case of Rubber-Forehead Aliens.
  • Hide - The Witch from the Well is descended from the two humans from 1974.
  • Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS - Have to rewatch to be positive about the van Baalens.
  • Nightmare in Silver - Considering the Doctor's surprise that the Cybermites could convert Time Lords ("Closing Time" and others claiming that the conversion process only works on humans, and presumably the very human-like beings on Earth's twin planet), I think that that implies the people on Hedgewick's World and in the missing Emperor's empire are human.
03:55:53 PM Jun 24th 2013
I'm considering adding this as a joke:

    Real Life 

07:58:11 AM Jun 25th 2013
In my opinion, that's not a good addition.
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