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09:27:13 AM Aug 7th 2015
edited by Derkhan
It does not seem like the last drive to overhaul the Malazan page came to much, which is understandable, considered the mess the series is.

Nonetheless, I am of a mind to spend a weekend sometime soon-ish in an attempt at overhauling the whole thing as far as possible, including the Characters page, which is a whole bog in itself. There's a lot of misinformation/misinterpretation (Silchas Ruin is listed as Evil Albino on the main page, but as Heroic Albino on the Characters page, for example), fluff and ZCEs. And also tropes which belong either on the Characters page or to the individual books.

I also wonder if it maybe makes sense to make a /Creator page for Steven Erikson, because he's written a bunch of stuff other than this series.

Only thing I cannot do is anything to do with ICE's novels, as I gave those up at some point.

Basically, this is a statement of intent in case somebody has objections.

Also, on the Characters page, among some character groups, there are several tropes which are not only Zero Context Examples but also repeated over and over again with each character, and I wonder if it's not better to add them in the discription, for example:

"Many of the upper echelon Tiste Andii are dragon shapeshifters."

..unless it's an explicit aversion, like Andarist.
01:40:37 AM May 11th 2014
The Messiah is no longer a trope. Please readd under an actual trope.
  • The Messiah: Systematized in the setting. The circumstances are vague, but a god or even a species can have a mortal known as a Shield Anvil whose purpose is to draw psychic pain into himself on battlefields, thus allowing the spirits of the dead to rest. Depending on the scale, this may in fact be harmful to the Shield Anvil. The Shield Anvil also acts as a moral guide, and typically ensures that compassion is not forgotten by those around him.
05:03:32 PM Apr 12th 2013
Holy pancakes, this page is... I don't even know how to edit it.

The Malazan series is absolutely massive, and with ICE having debuted with his own series set in it, calling this page Malazan Book of the Fallen is growing harder and harder to justify. Almost every book is of doorstopper length (the average page count is probably 900 pages, discounting the novellas), and unlike, say, The Wheel of Time, each volume is largely self-contained, with an overarching Myth Arc keeping the volumes tied together in each series.

Adding tropes and examples is growing nearly impossible because the writing is dense enough that it's entirely possible to have a different character mentioned in each individual example, and tropes only apply to very specific volumes which may not even be in the same series. Trying to write a lead that doesn't ramble on and on doesn't seem possible, and the current version very tersely sums up what the first two books are about; this is problematic, as those two are separate story arcs that have very little to do with each other for most of the series. The third major arc is only hinted at vaguely, because I felt that to go on any longer would not be worth it.

I think the page needs a complete do-over. There should be a separate page for each individual series, a separate page for each book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, possibly one for each book in the Malazan Empire series as the books there are mostly stand-alone, and, if possible, a franchise page where we can stick the shared tropes and the character sheet. It's drastic as heck, but this is a complete mess, and creating another page like Homestuck does not seem appealing at all.

Any feedback on this? Also, technical help? I wouldn't know where to start, if we go through with it.
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