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11:55:18 AM Jul 9th 2013
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Some tropes that need to be added:
  • Rainbow Dash wanting to fight with the Royal Guard in South Africa counts as War Is Glorious since she "envisioned the fight for Equestria as something exciting, imagined herself surging from human soldier to human soldier, untouchable as she bucked them left and right." However all that went right down the shitter upon "Seeing Equestria's finest, most dignified, seemingly invincible warriors so mutilated and in such agony, by weapons wielded by mere conscripts no less, had chilled her to the bone."
  • Also the detail given to the weapons systems of South Africa's military (a +1 for me) count as Shown Their Work
  • Celestia believing what she is doing is right goes into Well-Intentioned Extremist territory.
  • A case of What Could Have Been as a in universe example since according to Word of God the Allied Earth military wanted to carpet bomb Equestria before an invasion.
  • Many humans in South Africa and Argentina undergo a Emergency Transformation via the serum for multiple reasons including only having months to live to being infected with AI Ds.
  • One blogger claims that Celestia is getting a "nuke right up her ass" while another blogger want to Kill 'em All.
  • Also a fan example for Everyone Has Standards on the Space Battles forum is to leave Derpy unharmed.
  • For Even Evil Has Standards users on the Space Battles forum also believe that the Nazis are less evil than Celestia.
  • A Fan Nickname for Celestia on Space Battles is "Xenolestia".
09:49:39 PM May 5th 2013
Son of a bitch, this has been locked to?
05:53:06 PM Feb 17th 2013
Tropers/moustachiedhero, if you have links for that Word of God you're quoting, I'd appreciate you link to it in the article.
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