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What better place for a Production to go to than TV Tropes?

You may recognize me from some well known sites like TCRF or IMFDB (under the name Mr.Ice) or have seen me around youtube. Im really impressed with the site like covering ALL media must hard as hell. I look forward to doing what I can.

My Works:

Pages ready to go:

Pages coming up (On Hold Indefinably):

To Do List:

  • Finish page for Team Yankee.
  • Reread The Salvation War for tropes.
    • Once finished with The Salvation War, place all the tropes that are linked to the story that are not already there on to the page. Then place all into collapsible tables.
  • Make a YKTTW for First Contact War.

Note to self: These fanfics have a lot of chapters, so DO NOT make a page for them until they are completed.

Pages made: