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01:04:12 PM Apr 18th 2016
Would Aaron from undertale be an expy of Equius from Homestuck? Toby was involved with Homestuck before he made Undertale. Equius is a muscular troll who loves horses. Aaron is a muscular aquatic horse.
01:10:55 PM Apr 18th 2016
Probably a Shout-Out, I'd imagine.
08:14:32 AM Feb 9th 2013
Removed a bunch of Zero Context Examples. If they don't explain how they're expies, they aren't useful.

05:11:03 AM Jun 21st 2012
Reading through this, there are WAY too many examples where people add expies because they look similar, or have similar backstorys, etc. Basically, they have one part of the expy description, but all other aspects are completely differant. Can something be done about this?
05:19:59 AM Jun 21st 2012
Well, i am creating a thread in the Trope Repair Shop.
07:29:00 AM Jul 8th 2011
  • Sakuya could be considered an expy of Yumeko from Mystic Square, the last of the first-generation Touhou games. Sure, her hair, eye, and clothing color are different and she lacks the timehax, but for there to be two knife-toting maids as stage 5 bosses and Battle Butlers in two consecutive games is awfully suspicious. But then, the first-generation Touhou games seem to have been all but forgotten by the creator.
    • You shouldn't forget that Yumeko is sort of an expy of Mugetu from Lotus Land Story.

Non-Y Mmv trope
07:43:02 AM May 14th 2011
edited by MagBas
"Also note that a fictional counterpart to a real-life person would not be an Expy. When a character strongly resembles a real person, rather than a fictional character, that's No Celebrities Were Harmed."
  • ...and Magus shares traits with both Vegeta (shares Vegeta's hairline and princely rank) and Piccolo (in name—he shares Piccolo's title of Daimaou in the Japanese version—and choice of clothing).

The only similarity beetween Piccolo and Magus'clothing is their use of capes. And Daimaou means only "Demon King"- as Bowser. Or a lot of Dragon Quest villains.
09:25:04 AM Jul 7th 2011
Strictly, Daimaou is "Great Demon King", referring to one who is above a mere "Demon King" or Maou. There are a lot of Maou in Dragon Quest, but only a few Daimaou, usually the game's Big Bad.
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