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07:28:07 AM Jun 24th 2014
What's the difference between Wall Banger and Dethroning Moment of Suck?
07:38:58 AM Jun 24th 2014
The latter only allows one example per work/episode per person and is a superlative of the former.

It's not a mere comparative difference, by the way.
03:54:52 AM Oct 27th 2013
"and if somebody rants about a show you like, please refrain from making Justifying Edits."

Seriously why is this rule always treated like its invisible or doesn't exist? We seriously have to put this on all Wallbanger pages, not just the main one
03:25:12 PM Oct 29th 2013
edited by
It's because tropers don't read.
02:00:56 PM Apr 4th 2012
I would like to propose that this page be deleted entirely or turned into an example-less page. There is no apparent criteria for an example apart from "someone didn't like this". While there is room for personal disagreement in YMMV entries and even more in entries like this, Dethroning Moment of Suck, by comparison, must be the worst part of a work, and to qualify as Narm, a moment must be intended to be serious, but laughable in execution. This page is purely Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.
03:58:28 AM Oct 27th 2012
edited by crazyrabbits
These arguments have been had time and time again, and they invariably fail for several reasons:

1) Negativity (in any form) will always exist in the wiki. Giving a structured outlet for people to feed their complaints/problems with a work into works far better in the long run than having people run all over the wiki spouting negativity.

2) There is a loose criteria, in the sense that it has to be a moment that didn't work (for whatever reason). It can be grounded with another trope, but it doesn't have to be. If you feel an example is wrong, delete it and make a note explaining why in the respective discussion section.

3) WB has always existed as the general place to list criticism and moments that don't work, and DMOS has always been the troper's personal opinion on the worst moment of the entire franchise to them, with no repetition.

Point is, no matter how many times people have wanted to delete WB (and I know, as I argued for its safety on several occasions), the wiki works better with it than without it.
02:09:26 PM Oct 29th 2013
edited by
While I'm not suggesting that this should be deleted, I think that the fact that this is about specific moments and not specific works should be enforced. Too many people are using this as an excuse to bitch about an author or show in general. We have separate pages for that.

11:53:44 AM Feb 6th 2012
Why is the wrestling section locked from editing
08:20:34 AM Mar 3rd 2012
It became the subject of a fight between two tropers.
12:26:16 PM Sep 27th 2011
I know this page is subjective and everything but what if someone gets something wrong? Like if someone's wall banger (or part of it) is someone going somewhere but they actually went somewhere else and the person who posted it just messed up with trying to follow it, would that be a reason to edit it?
07:35:22 PM Feb 4th 2012
If you know the example is wrong, either correct the information (if the point still stands) or just delete it outright.
01:34:57 AM Mar 13th 2011
edited by SpellBlade
Why are the warnings %%%% embedded into the page, as opposed to being out in the open?
03:13:40 PM Aug 21st 2011
So the warnings are where you need them, without polluting the actual page.
05:01:08 PM Feb 23rd 2011
Wasn't sure where else to ask this; why did Wall Banger move from Main to Darth?
07:20:25 AM Feb 24th 2011
Because it's used exclusively to complain about a work in question, and complaining is not what the wiki is for.
05:20:00 PM Mar 4th 2011
If complaining is not what the wiki is for, why do we HAVE A WALLBANGER TROPE IN THE FIRST PLACE!? This.... this is a HUGE Wall Banger!!!
05:38:16 PM Mar 4th 2011
edited by SpellBlade
Take It to the Forums if you disagree, where more people will see it.
07:54:15 PM Mar 23rd 2011
^^We don't wan't anyone to call something a Wallbanger on main page so we have this page so they can do it here instead.

I don't care for this page myself but, as long as it stays relativley civil, it won't go anywhere.
10:12:23 AM Nov 6th 2011
^^^ It's not what the main wiki is for, but there's a section here set aside for it. Where's the contradiction?
07:17:08 PM Feb 16th 2011
edited by CrystalGlacia
Can we please add a redirect from Main/Wallbanger to this page? Is that the kind of thing that only mods can do? I've seen at least fifty redlinks to the old Main entry today, which doesn't exist anymore and stuff.
07:23:03 PM Feb 16th 2011
That's exactly why they killed the Main/Wallbanger page.

If you see any redlinks, delete 'em.
07:24:15 PM Feb 16th 2011
Oh. Okay. Gotcha.
08:20:16 AM Jan 13th 2011
I don't get the Excel Saga quote at the top of the page. How is it related to Wall Banger? And if its a thing where you need context from the show to understand it, should it be removed?
10:51:47 AM Feb 23rd 2011
It wasn't even an in-universe wall banger; it was a character expressing confusion, not annoyance. Zapped.
06:55:30 PM Oct 31st 2010
Can we remove the bit in Wall Bangers: Video Games on Castlevania Judgment, if it hasn't been already? I know these pages are subjective, but that reads less like a legitimate complaint and more like "BAAAAAAAW THEY CHANGED THINGS". Especially considering it starts off calling it "Justasplanned".
07:18:15 PM Oct 31st 2010
07:46:49 PM Oct 31st 2010
Original poster: Bit has been removed.
12:17:37 AM Aug 18th 2012
I think you should put things like that into the Ruined FOREVER category.
04:38:41 PM Apr 24th 2010

This should exist.
10:44:39 AM Apr 29th 2010
No it shouldn't. Advertising is based in Real Life and therefore cannot be listed.
02:03:44 PM Jul 8th 2010
edited by BLOODPOUCH
Unlike software or cars (which were cut from So Bad Its Horrible for the reason you listed), we have a bunch of tropes related to advertising. It'll be fine.
02:08:29 PM Jul 8th 2010
Advertising is storytelling, so it fits. Primarily fiction, too.:-)
09:22:05 AM Apr 8th 2010
Question: if Real Life examples are now forbidden, why do we now have a Troper Tales page?
07:17:43 PM Oct 31st 2010
Because Troper Tales, being unverifiable by those who don't know the troper some other way, are treated more like legend than history.
01:05:12 PM Mar 5th 2010
Triassicranger: In an attempt to prevent further Real Life examples from being added I have added notes to some of the pages explainging what not to put on here.
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