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->''"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly.''\\
''It should be thrown with great force."''
-->--'''Creator/DorothyParker''' on either [[UsefulNotes/FascistItaly Benito Mussolini's]] ''The Cardinal's Mistress'' or AynRand's ''Literature/AtlasShrugged''.

Something went '''[[GoneHorriblyWrong wrong]]'''.

The writer asked for too much WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief. A character is carrying an IdiotBall, or has suddenly become TooDumbToLive. The series pulled out GreenRocks once too often, shilled the CreatorsPet one too many times, used a few too many {{Hand Wave}}s, or unleashed a {{Retcon}} that made everyone's eyes roll out of their head. The FourthWall has been unintentionally and brutally {{br|eakingTheFourthWall}}oken, throwing the viewer's mind into utter chaos. Sometimes it is a force too powerful to be contained, even by willing suspension of disbelief or the MST3KMantra. However it happened, the audience has been dealt a Wall Banger.

The origin of the term is attributed to Samuel Goldwyn, who described a script as having made a "Hell of a bang, when I threw it against the wall."

Compare and contrast with {{Narm}}. {{Headdesk}} is the (objective) trope for when a character slams his head against a wall. AwesomeMoments are the polar opposite of this.

Examples within the following pages will be highly subjective. Read at your own risk, and if somebody rants about a show you like, please refrain from making {{Justifying Edit}}s. If their ''facts'' are wrong, just delete them. Also, please try to avoid mentioning pilot episodes, as they are the beginning points and most of the time viewers will end up thinking they can be improved later in the series. Various examples may deal with endings or key moments of the shows, so ''expect spoilers''.

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