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09:32:50 AM Jun 27th 2016
Where do we add how he commended Scotland for voting to leave the EU and ‘take back their country’ when it overwhelmingly voted ‘Remain’? Since Critical Research Failure is apparently not an option...
10:42:52 AM Jun 27th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
I'm sure you know this by now, but we don't.
09:41:06 AM Dec 29th 2015
There should be a YMMV page about him too. I mean, I have one YMMV suggestion: Jerk with a heart of gold. It seems that his heart is as big as his ego.
10:03:50 AM Dec 29th 2015
Thank you for swiftly demonstrating exactly why a YMMV page would be a terrible idea.
02:40:59 AM Dec 30th 2015
Yes, we don't insult real people here.
06:01:47 AM May 11th 2016
Yeah, no insulting him, but I could see a YMMV page for Memetic Mutation and Never Live it Down, for the things he says during his campaign.
10:50:13 AM Nov 23rd 2015
Trump never ran for president in 2012, he just considered a run for president before declining. The page is locked, but someone should fix that.
10:49:28 PM Nov 24th 2015
That is something for the "Locked pages" thread in the forums.
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