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A full-size version of my famous (for the given value of "famous") musicians avatar, so you can see everyone.note 

  • Describe TropesForever here.

    • Very well then, TropesForever is a troper...
    • Hold on, what are your credentials?
    • What?
    • Your credentials? Why are you qualified to describe TropesForever here?
    • Well, I...okay, don't tell anyone, but I am TropesForever.
    • Shh!
    • But I'm also TropesForever!
    • What? How is that possible?
    • I don't know, but I'm getting sick of this joke now.

...So, anyway, here are some facts about me.
  • Name: TropesForever
  • Real Name: CamelCase
  • Real Real Name: Not Telling.note 
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation:note  Heterosexual
  • Age In Dead Memes: im Over 9000! and what is this
  • Credit Card No: I'm not telling you that!
  • Favourite Doctor: Eleven or Twelve. Does the War Doctor count?

Yes, it is I, TropesForever! Formerly known as CamelCase, but then stuff happened.

I also exist on Wikipedia, where I still go by CamelCase, as well as numerous Wikia Wikis (that's not my real name either)! And yes, I'm an admin on that last one.

I usually hang around Ask The Tropers, Forum Games, Yack Fest, Trope Repair Shop and Image Pickin, and occasionally TLP.

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Wow, that was a short page.
Wait, there's more?

Stuff I like

Stuff I really like:
You NEED to watch it!!!

Stuff I'm less obsessive about:

  • The Simpsons and Futurama
  • Adventure Time and Regular Show, although I'm pretty behind on both
  • Most Pixar films
  • Blackadder, which I quote as much as most people quote Monty Python.
  • Oh, Monty Python too.
  • I enjoy Minecraft as a game, but I wouldn't really consider myself a fan.
  • This thing on the right. (If only it existed...)
  • Photoshop, though as you can probably tell I have no idea how to design stuff that doesn't hurt people's eyes...
  • And the ellipsis...

In which I apply tropes to myself:

How does one describe one's self? I have no idea.
Bye, everybody!

Oh, you've got to be kidding me...

Stuff I've done

This is the end of the page. I promise. See, look; indices!