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05:55:43 PM Aug 6th 2016
edited by CamelCase
Is it just me, or should this really be a franchise page? Maybe not all the tropes, but the main paragraph definitely seems like a franchise page. And Peanuts definitely counts as as a franchise.
09:43:40 AM Aug 17th 2014
edited by
Example Indentation, Natter trim, and general cleanup, with some specifics below.

  • Author Avatar was pure speculation. Pending Word of God (or at least his estate) or something otherwise more concrete than "this looks like that, so it must be!" guessing I removed it.
  • Dog Sees God isn't part of the Peanuts franchise, so shouldn't be mentioned in the article.
  • Aversions only count for Omnipresent Tropes or where they'd be expected in a work. Blind Without 'Em doesn't fit either, so removed the Linus entry.
  • A lot of the stuff in Catch-Phrase isn't even a catchphrase. Something needs to be said more than on occasion to qualify.
  • Not really a Crapsack World, even with the Black Comedy touches. Also, the blog is irrelevant to the work page itself, as would be any other fanwork.
  • Shoehorning Four-Girl Ensemble. If you have to use "not really" or "sort of" it's probably not an example.
  • One Steve Limit: Again, not an aversion.
  • Product Placement is about other products advertised in the work, not using it to advertise other products outside of said work.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot is an index, not a trope in itself. Edited to rework into the appropriate tropes, Very Loosely Based on a True Story and the trivia trope Write Who You Know.
  • Sadist Show isn't a subjective trope, and there's only a few characters who intentionally hurt the others anyway, not mass amounts of assholery.
  • Misuse of Thanksgiving Episode. The trope is about the work having an episode on thanksgiving, not one of its characters being used in something completely unrelated.
  • Misuse of Book Dumb and Too Dumb to Live. Impressive.
06:25:25 AM Sep 27th 2012

* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome: ''"A book report on PeterRabbit..."''

Trope was renamed to Mundane Made Awesome due to misuse, but the above example is almost a Zero-Context Example, leaving readers not familiar with that particular strip unaware of how (or even if) it applies.

If it does actually apply, when moving it back to the main page with the new name, please expand on the entry to explain why it does count for the trope.
10:52:13 PM Apr 3rd 2012
Moved from main. I'm sure there's a better trope for it.

  • Beyond the Impossible/Idiot Ball: Marcie comes up with more ways to screw up making Easter eggs in It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown than you might believe possible. The egg cooked with a waffle iron was particularly hilarious. On the other hand, you'd think that by the third attempt, Peppermint Patty would have the two of them switch jobs!
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