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12:39:41 AM Apr 22nd 2014
Who deleted all the spoiler bars? What's the point of having the entire text whited out if the trope is shown? That just opens a can of spoilers in the protagonist and antagonist section.
10:09:28 AM Apr 22nd 2014
Spoiler tagging trope names is absolutely forbidden - see Handling Spoilers.
10:20:56 AM Apr 22nd 2014
If you think the trope name being in the character list is too big of a spoiler, put it on the main page.

Think about it this way... if the trope name is a spoiler in of itself, what good is spoilering it since a reader has no idea what's beneath it anyway. It's just as useless.
11:15:09 AM Jun 4th 2012
  • The Ditz: Shows tendencies of this at first. It's all a fabrication.

As in Shiki was acting Dumb? But didn't she say that Eri is also Smart too?
11:39:44 PM Sep 13th 2011
Skirt over Slacks or Modesty Shorts? I don't know, From the look of it, It see like it down to her Knee, But thay are Not Pants.

I don't know. What do you think on RG!Shiki?
04:56:44 PM Sep 14th 2011
Neither. It looks like a skirt with leggings to me.
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