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10:32:37 AM Aug 5th 2014
I'm adding the Ask Prince(ss) Quasimodo Quartz Tumblr (which I am illustrating) on here. Hope there aren't any issues with that.
10:57:00 AM Aug 5th 2014
I don't see an issue there.
01:10:15 AM Jun 20th 2014
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Shouldn't we have a general page about ask blogs, instead of just this pony-specific one? I've seen plenty that haven't got a thing to do with ponies. (I know we have the Character Blog page, but it's not specifically about ask blogs.)

Although ponies are very prominent, if you look around, you can find a lot of blogs for other fandoms.

There's a lot of Sonic ones, the odd bit of NiGHTS, a decent number of Kirby ones, some Mario Bros. ones, and some pony-less crossovers. Among what I'm sure are countless others.

05:00:41 AM Dec 18th 2013
Hope folks don't mind me adding my own modest little blog to the list ( http://ask-prof-smirk.tumblr.com/ ). Would love to hear what folks on here think of it too.
07:02:14 AM Jul 6th 2013
There is a dispute going on about whether this item can stay. Please sort it out here instead of edit warring.
07:28:30 AM Jul 6th 2013
Jitterbug Jive asked several people to keep it secret. We should respect that request of the artist, shouldn't we?
07:53:28 AM Jul 6th 2013
When an artist takes a work down or wants a page on it removed from the wiki, though, that generally isn't honored here, so I'm unsure about honoring this request, especially since the blog is public. Brony blogs are not exactly my area of expertise, though.
08:32:27 AM Jul 6th 2013
Is it that they don't want people to know about it PERIOD or that they don't want people knowing it's connected to Discord Whooves? It sounds more like the latter to me, given the blog is public. In which case we just don't say it's connected.
08:41:35 AM Jul 6th 2013
It is not that people shouldn't know the blog, but have the brains to find it themselves, as I understood him.
12:45:16 AM May 11th 2013
Why isn't Life in the Milky Way on here yet? I know you're supposed to add it yourself, but the fact that its one of the most famous and the fact that it somehow doesn't have a wiki page makes me think its being excluded for some reason.
11:19:58 PM Mar 16th 2013
Someone should add this one. Ask Pun Pony.
02:52:24 PM Mar 12th 2013
Should a page for Discorded Whooves be created. It has a large enough expanded universe and plenty of tropes applying to it as such that it deserves it's own page.
09:54:30 AM Mar 24th 2013
I already created one, with the permission of the writer
04:29:31 AM Jan 18th 2013
This needs context:
  • Troll: Princess "Trollestia" and the lesser known Princess Trolluna.
12:12:30 AM Oct 3rd 2012
Does anyone else think that making a WMG for this might be a good idea?
08:07:46 AM Oct 3rd 2012
I would do it myself, but I'm utter shit at making new pages.
12:01:46 PM Sep 28th 2012
edited by Sayer09
How many followers/posts should an Ask a Pony Tumblr have to be added on the list or having it's own individual page? I'm curious about that, since it's already established that the art doesn't matter (Some are good and others are bad, but that doesn't stop them from getting famous). And for example, Ask the Crusaders, Dan vs FIM and Ask Molestia are very famous, yet they still don't have their own page.
12:37:07 PM Sep 28th 2012
It doesn't matter — There Is no Such Thing as Notability, so as long as there's content we can trope, the number of followers/posts is irrelevant to whether it should be listed or have a page.
04:35:15 AM Jul 19th 2012
As one of the primary contributors to this page, I'd like to establish a bit of quality control for the main listing. I like to think that what I and others before me have added here are the cream of the crop for the tumblr pony phenomenon.

I submit to you that "Ticklish Human Rainbow Blitz" has so little to do with what the bronies are all about that it ought to be removed from the main page list. It hasn't a lot of followers, it's not overly popular, it's got zilch to do with the show and the artwork isn't all that good. I suspect it was added here by the mod to popularize it. While that might be understandable to some (I'm being mighty ambivalent here), I don't think this particular blog is worth popularizing.

I have the same opinion about "Ask Terry", but I'm not touching it since it's been here longer.
05:47:10 AM Jul 19th 2012
All Works Are Notable, though. It doesn't matter if something is famous or obscure, good or bad, new or old; as long as it fits, it can have a place here. No single troper gets to decide if something is worth having or not.
12:10:58 PM Jul 19th 2012
Which is why I brought it up. We should build consensus, lest the list ends up as a mess.
12:53:42 PM Jul 19th 2012
edited by Telcontar
Sorry, the way I worded that meant it read very differently to what I meant. My fault. I mean that any of the blogs can be linked here. There Is no Such Thing as Notability — quality and popularity have no bearing on if something has a place here. Therefore, I don't think there's need to build consensus about anything, since none of them should be removed. I don't believe having more links is an issue.

Edit: Well, I see that it might be pointless if it became a duplicate of this list, which is linked right above the folder. In that case, I'd rather have just that list. The "good" ones would be filtered by which ones people liked enough to link in the trope list, and you might be able to start a Wiki Talk thread about an equivalent of a Fanfic Recs page for the blogs, where you could recommend your favourites.
08:43:26 AM Jun 20th 2012
edited by AkoSiKuya32
Anyone think we should remove Hay Days / Equestrian As Apple Pie from the list? Although I'm confident it will be another good blog, it hasn't been updated since it's creation, most likely since the creator is probably just having too much fun as Chrysalis that she forgot about it.
07:10:03 PM Jun 23rd 2012
Well, it looks like she remembered it so continue on.
04:16:18 PM May 19th 2012
edited by NotALlama
Does anyone think we could go more in depth about the blogs and make pages for the more popular blogs and turn this into a partial index like we did with the other page?
10:39:59 PM Apr 28th 2012
Can you please add http://askmat2.tumblr.com/ to the google doc list under "multiple characters - various"?
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