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    Someone or some group shames another for having elements from a different group. If it is not Category Traitor, then it would count as a sub-, super-, or sister trope. If it is because the protesters want the target groups to be "unique" and not integrate into others, then it is a case of Disobey This Message (which may also count as a subtrope).

    (written out of confusion. The description at the beginning sounds much like Category Traitor though) Reply

      This takes several different forms:
      • Pretender Diss - Alice insults Bob for acting like {category Alice doesn't consider Bob part of}
      • Category Traitor - Alice accuses Bob of betraying {category Alice considers Bob part of}
      • Cultural Cringe - Alice is ashamed to be {category that Alice is a part of}, and gets mad at Bob for not feeling the same.
      • No True Scotsman - Alice says that Bob isn't a real {category} because a real {category} would never {thing that Bob does}

      I honestly don't see the connection to Disobey This Message. That's about Broken Aesops like antiauthoritarian aesops being undermined by The Man Is Sticking It to the Man or Be Yourself because that's what the cool people are doing.

      You might be thinking of Unfortunate Implications, which is where all of this says more about Alice's personal issues than Bob's.