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There Are Only 12 True Tropers
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There Are Only 12 True Tropers:

The rest are sockpuppets.
NEETing now.
No, there are twelve regenerations, for a total of 13 tropers. Everyone Is A Time Lord, remember? Geez, get it right.

edited 30th Jul '10 7:57:03 PM by newtonthenewt

Who are they?
act a fool | I love you, Central Avenue.
Planescape Hijack
Kanye, Vegeta, Tite Kubo, Boxbot, Steve the Moe Toaster, Mari Makinami, Tzetze, The Baron, Slug, Shagman, Troper Updates, and Blowjob (but not Linguistics).
Productivity is for people without internet connections. -Count Dorku
So wait, I'm Shagman's sockpuppet?
act a fool | I love you, Central Avenue.
 6 Jewely J, Tue, 3rd Aug '10 6:14:13 AM from where the food is
Well I don't fee like a sockpuppet

but that's what a sockpuppet would say isn't it?
 7 Major Tom, Tue, 3rd Aug '10 8:25:52 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Eye'm the cutest!
Endless Conflict: Every war ends in time, even supposedly this one.
 8 A H R, Tue, 3rd Aug '10 8:28:05 AM from Crevice of your Mind
Resistance is Futile
Awww. I know the person that was slug too. Heh. Must alert him of his one true troperness...
 9 X-File, Wed, 11th Aug '10 4:52:56 AM from the shadows watching you
Very... naaaaughty
So... that means that one of those pervs got his/her hand up my ass?
Hello new friend, my name is Fred the words you hear are in my head. I say, I said my name is Fred, and I've been... very naughty.
Sapient Blob of Tofu
Whose sockpuppet am I?

And why do they feel the need to put on that bizarre fucking accent?
Again with the data mining, dear Aunt?
 11 Scottv 2, Wed, 11th Aug '10 8:55:12 AM from Down T'Pit.
The Cosmic Dickwad
Eventually they will feel the pull to a faraway land, where the few who remain, must battle to the last.
Hey, i only posted the first five posts, the rest i dont know about.
The Blood God's design consultant.
How many people am I a sockpuppet of, anyway?
act a fool | I love you, Central Avenue.
^ 42.
  1. Never be without a Hat!

Hot means heat. I don't care if your usage dates to 1300, it's my word, not yours.

My Pm box is open.
My hat is my friend.
The 12 original tropers use the sockpuppets to fight each other to the death so there can be only one true troper. The battlefield is the realm of the internet similar to the story of Fate/Stay Night.

-Sun Tzu
 16 Hungry Joe, Thu, 12th Aug '10 10:19:43 AM from Under the Tree
So we're all avatars of 12 individuals, fighting for supremacy? How do we know which is our Patron? I've only heard of two of them.
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
 17 Stranger, Fri, 13th Aug '10 8:04:29 PM from Nowhere in particular
goat milk?
I heard that there was originally a thirteenth troper that vanished long ago, in the great crash. Their return will mark the beginning of the Tropocalypse.

^ Perhaps it was Toliver S. Petieson?
  1. Never be without a Hat!

Hot means heat. I don't care if your usage dates to 1300, it's my word, not yours.

My Pm box is open.
I'm a sockpuppet. I'd like to know, at least, who created me though.
 20 Ozbourne, Sat, 14th Aug '10 11:26:40 AM from the x on a treasure map Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
8luh 8luh.
All right, I confess. I'm a sockpuppet of Boxbot. And That's Terrible.
The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.
I for one welcome our sockpuppet overlords.

Needs moar friendship.
I didn't see Fast Eddie on that list.
Bridge 4: At least Guardsmen get T-shirts.
Silly post: That's because Fast Eddie isn't a troper. He's the troper.

Serious post: Wow, I didn't notice that.
  1. Never be without a Hat!

Hot means heat. I don't care if your usage dates to 1300, it's my word, not yours.

My Pm box is open.
Defiler of Shops
^^^^^^^^^^I'm sorry but I'm a pacifist.
Soul is ugly.
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