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I'm not that new anymore, but I'm still a forum lowbie. My posts are all very simple, but will often contain nonsense.

I take lazy to a whole new level, I sometimes find talking a bore and will refuse to answer someone for something that should be obvious.

Typing is also a pain, which is why I try to do little of it.

I Fail TV Tropes Forever

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  • You've been vandalized, pass it on.note 

Knighted, don't believe in yourself; believe in me who believes in you! By the way, I added the "Contributors" bar at the bottom for ya. - Flanker 66

So what year were you bored? - Imipolex G

I just vandalized your page! :D - Phyi

What a medieval knight was doing in 1920s Chicago I had no idea, but I was always up for help where I could get it. In the end we fell out over a dame. Mine, specifically. He kept calling her 'wench'. I told him we don't do that no more. I told him we call them 'broads' these days but no, he wouldn't stop. Then she slapped him and broke her wrist on his helmet. Haven't talked to him in ages. Cheap bastard still owes me a beer. -Polymphus