Tropers / X-File

X File the troper, not the show or a case file.

Born back in 1983 in the Netherlands. Pretty much stayed in that country.

Started using the nickname around '97/'98.

Other than what the name suggests, not a big fan of the tv-show from which it was taken. It just sounded cool at the time, so why not.

Recently found out that there is a DJ going around the Netherlands using the same nickname as his stage name, not a big fan of his music.

You can find this troper on the forum from time to time when he is bored. Most of the time hitting the random button and adding flavor to articles where he deems it necessary.

Personal interests include: Sweden - Oh what a lovely Scandinavian country. Sci-fi - The genre, not the channel. Currently slowly turning into a Whovian (9th doctor onwards). Computer games - Owns a considerable library of games, a collection which has slowly expanded over 23 years.