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So I just noticed we have twenty eight character pages for this series, some of which are at 2% of the page limit. This is ridiculous. Going to reorganize them. Any suggestions? For example, I'll be lumping England, Necessarius and New Light together since they're all associated with England.

A very basic sorting idea stripped the pages down to eleven. Think I can do better than that.

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"Railgun" Sub-Series Protagonists can be squished into one, no trouble, and both the Science Side and Magic side pages can probably be merged into one each. Just keep the groups soft-split. But if you think that's taking it too far, then this:

can be turned into this:


"Railgun" Sub-Series Protagonists

Science Side

Magic Side


GREMLIN can probably be merged somewhere too, but I still haven't gotten far enough in the light novels to know what they're associated with.

Anyway, how's that? In hindsight, it would have helped if you showed us your suggested grouping, Arha.

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I was thinking

  1. Protagonists (Touma, Accelerator, Mikoto and Shiage)
  2. Students (Tokiwadai, Touma's school and the level 5s, some Railgun characters)
  3. Leadership (Leadership, researchers, Antiskill and Judgment)
  4. Dark Side (All the groups like School, some Railgun characters)
  5. England and Amakusa
  6. Catholics
  7. Other magicians (Including GREMLIN)
  8. Other characters (Residents, some Railgun characters, other, Skill Out)
  9. Movie

Since Amakusa and Necessarius are solid allies they might as well go on one page. Also, the Railgun characters all fit easily into other categories. This is actually different than the sorting I thought of before but yeah, this cuts it down to nine pages.

Edit: Yeah, movie and other could probably be put together. That would get it down to eight pages.

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I feel like the level 5's should be separate, though I guess most of them have other sections where they work better, and the rest easily fit on one page. That's my only gripe, but we'll need more than two people agreeing to make a change like this.
Well, the level fives could stay on one page, but Accelerator, Kakine, Mikoto and Mugino are all associated much more strongly with other groups and Gunha is a wild card. That really just gives you a page for Misaki and someone whose name we don't even know. The level fives aren't even a formal group that does things together.

If we don't get more input in a couple days I'm probably just going to go ahead and do it. This is ridiculous and if people aren't watching the discussion page or this thread I don't know how else to get people to contribute their opinions.

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My two cents: I think the level 5 page should be kept separate, but the rest should be consolidated. Discar's breakdown is pretty nifty.

Oh yeah, and GREMLIN doesn't really fit into any other groups story-wise, but at the rate things are going they'll have enough characters to warrant a page of their own soon enough.

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@Arha - Holy crap, you are right; I don't think I've seen any series with that many pages. surprised
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I haven't read past the first or second NT volume, but didn't GREMLIN basically turn out to be entirely worthless, get discarded and then only the girl with the stupidest ability ever is left? If that's the case, I don't think they need a separate page.

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Not quite. They're pretty much Othinus' bitches (this isn't really a spoiler), but as with everything it's not so straightforward.

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...Well, whatever, Gremlin can have its own page I guess. I really do object to the level fives being sorted together though. They're not a group, they don't even know each other by sight! They're pretty clearly associated with other organizations or protagonists.

Redoing my previous sorting slightly.

  1. Protagonists (Touma, Accelerator, Mikoto and Shiage)
  2. Students (Tokiwadai, Touma's school, some Railgun characters)
  3. Leadership (Leadership, researchers, Antiskill and Judgment)
  4. Dark Side (All the groups like School, some Railgun characters and level fives)
  5. England and Amakusa
  6. Catholics
  8. Other magicians
  9. Other characters (Residents, some Railgun characters, other, Skill Out, the two remaining level fives movie)

Oh, and I want to keep Amakusa and England together since they always act together. The person the Amakusa consider their real leader is even a member of Necessarius.

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I dunno, the Level Fives are treated as their own category in-story pretty much without exception. Just about everything on the science side comes down to a pissing match between Level Fives and/or their supporting factions. The list deserves to be on prominent display somewhere.

And merging the Amakusas into the English sounds good. They were never really separate or well-represented enough to deserve their own page anyway.

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No, the Level 5s are pretty much always part of another team, except Mikoto who has her own damned spin-off and supporting cast.
But those pissing matches are between factions. Yes, Mugino is number four, but she's associated more strongly with ITEM and the dark side.

^ Yeah, and she's a protagonist, so she'll be lumped into the protagonist page.

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Why is Index in the Necessarius page ? she a Main Character she belongs in Protagonist page

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Protagonist is for the leading character. Not the girl that hangs out in their apartment and bites their head. She is not the protagonist. Index evolves into a story with multiple protagonists, but she's never in that group.
She the Main Female Character of the series and Main Female Protagonist of the Magic Side
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Not really. I wouldn't call her any more important to the Magic side than, say, Lessar or Iwasa or whatever her name is. Index simply isn't very important.

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[up][up]In the first novel? Sure. Later in the series? That is questionable.

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She wasn't the protagonist even in the first novel. Important, yes, but not the protagonist. Also, she's basically The Artifact now, which is far from the protagonist.
Eh, I suppose I can be convinced into dissolving and further disseminating the L5 page.
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Just as the spell says.
Alternatively maybe we could cut it down to just four pages?

  • Protagonist
  • Science Side
  • Magic Side
  • Other
That would surely put them over the page size limit.
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Just as the spell says.
Not if you only include the major characters and cut out minor characters. At least it shouldn't right?
Oh, I do plan to cut some minor characters out when doing the reorganizing, but those minor characters are minor because they never do anything and thus only have about two tropes each. Not that many characters like that really either.

Checking the magic side characters, the total comes up to about a hair under four hundred thousand, the limit. It might have hit 400k since I didn't pay attention to the hundreds when adding them up. Tropes will be added for those characters and examples fleshed out over time, so just with that alone it's clearly too much. Honestly, I was expecting a completely merged page to be larger than that.

I presume the science side would be similar, maybe better or worse. Both pages would be organizational disasters.

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