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Okay this page has almost two years without updating so here goes my try to give it an update.

Describa topico Joaqs aquí

This 19 years old Argentinian Vigilante Taxonomist, Billingual Technician in Electromechanics and Electronics, mainly lurks the wiki and the forums mainly in the Videogames, Web Comics Forum Games and Manga & Anime subforums and El tema español para los hispanohablantes que hablan español. Prone to see his actions stupid in retrospective, for example the Third-Person Person old description in this very page. When I find something interesting I become obsessed with it and after some time lose part of the interest in the topic. My Steam profile can be found here, add me as a friend if you want.

Due to a Noodle Incident after ending High School I am currently with too much free time.

    Some of the tropes that fits me are: 

Should add more, maybe later.

And here is a non complete list of Animes I have watched, pleaso note that I watched some of them in the 90's when they where broadcasted in the TV :)

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