Heroes Don't Get Paid! or Let's Play Dawn of Heroes:

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It's a drop kick!!
Hi gang, this will be my first Live Blog, and I'll be chronicling happenings with Dawn of Heroes. Please be kind to me!
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It's a drop kick!!
Cliff's Notes version of the backstory: there was once a great King of Brimthule named Leroy who fought against a great evil called Ragnakore. He was however, unable to defeat it, so as his last act of defiance, he turned himself and Ragnakore to stone. What he didn't count on was his kingdom being carved out by 6 barons, chaos ensued and rendered his sacrifice in vain.

This time of chaos clamored for heroes. What they got were two mercenaries trying to make a buck.

But it was a start.


Jiro and Reynald are running about a haunted mansion. It wasn't for fun - they were hired to retrieve a book, so the sooner they find it, the sooner they can bug out and claim their pay. Unfortunately, being in a haunted mansion, they were bound to run into its typical denizens. Said denizens taking the form of 2 skeletons.

Objective: Defeat all enemies.

The skeletons have 13 HP each, and can do 13-14 damage per hit. At this point, Jiro has 62 HP, Reynald has 52. Jiro can do 9 damage per hit, while Reynald can hit for 4. The strategy is obvious: have Jiro attack whoever he can reach at the end of his move, and have Reynald clean up.

Quickly dispatching the undead, the duo escape with the book, when Reynald notices that the belt he took from one of the skeletons is moving.

Reynald: Should I kill it?
Belt: Warm greetings to you, swordsmen... From the supreme belt of Omen, Omen, Omen!
Reynald: The belt is talking to me - but the echo's an interesting touch.
Jiro (in a moment of Genre Savvy): Quick let's run!
Belt: You have been chosen to perform a glorious duty... To be the heroes of the forgotten Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy!
Jiro: No! No! NOOO! I don't want to be a hero! They don't get paid!
Reynald: Wahoo! We've been chosen, chosen, chosen!
Belt: Many dangers you must vanquish before you can drive chaos from the realm, realm, realm!
Jiro: I knew it was going to say that. Sorry belt. Thanks for the offer but we're not interested. Bye!
Reynald: No way, we've been chosen to fulfill the prophecy! I've... never been chosen for anything.
(A large, hood-wearing, battle-scarred, stout form looms behind Reynald.)

Jiro: Chosen or not, just shut up and run!

The pair levels up at this point, and learn their defining skills. Jiro learns Duel, which taunts an enemy unit into targeting the user for its offensive actions such as ranged or meleé attacks (must include the skill user in the case of multi-target actions) and Reynald learns Cure.

The game autosaves, and immediately throws the duo into the next chapter. Fortunately, HP and MP are restored in between tutorial chapters.

NEXT: Claiming The Pay

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It's All About Takumi
I've been wondering about this game ever since I heard about it several months ago. How exactly is it compared to other turn-based strategy games?
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$50 a day, plus expenses
Oooh, a TBS for the DS? I'll have to check it out sometime!

Yeah, how is the gameplay?
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It's a drop kick!!
It's a refreshing experience. I've played Final Fantasy Tactics, and the play style is similar but has enough twists to it to make it unique. The game mechanics make it almost like a puzzle game - the puzzle being how to most efficiently take out the enemy team, and accomplishing any bonus objectives to get awesome loot.

And the script and dialog really crack me up. It's no Rianna Pratchett but it still stands on its own.
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It's a drop kick!!
Tutorial 2: Claiming the Pay

Escaping from the mansion, our duo heads to meet their employer in order to trade in the book for their pay.

Jiro informs Bahiti, their employer, that they expect 75 gold crowns - 50 for the book, and 25 more for hazard pay. Instead of paying up though, Bahiti sics a couple of her "associates" at our heroes, in order to "convince" them to give up the book freely. Despite Reynald's protests, Bahiti escapes, and a fight begins.

Objective: Defeat all enemies.

Jiro and Reynald are up against a Squishy Wizard and a Glass Cannon. The Glass Cannon has 12 HP, can deal 22 damage at range, and can only be attacked by Jiro post-movement. The Squishy Wizard has 17 HP, can do 15 ranged damage, and can freeze an enemy unit for one turn, negating movement AND actions. However, in the heroes' first move, both Jiro and Reynald can be attacking her in close combat.

On the heroes' side, Jiro has 63 HP and does 9 damage in melee, while Reynald has 53 HP, deals 4, and can heal 8 HP twice.

Turn 1: Jiro rushes in for the fireball-throwing sorceress and hits her with a Cross Slash, dropping her to 3 HP, while Reynald follows, ending the turn with no actions taken.

The cat-shaman uses a spell called Soul Turmoil on Reynald, paralyzing him, while the sorceress rains fireballs on the helpless templar.

Turn 2: Jiro pursues the sorceress and takes her out with another Cross Slash. By the turn's end, Reynald is able to shake off the paralysis.

The shaman, in turn, moves into range and hits Reynald with a damaging Agony Beam. Reynald is in trouble - 2 more hits from that beam and he's gone.

Turn 3: Noting that the enemy was focusing its attention on his less than robust companion, Jiro challenges the shaman to a Duel. This allowed Reynald to attack his tormentor for 4.

Jiro: Heal yourself, fool!
Reynald: She won't be able to kill me with her next shot, and with you getting her attention, she'll never get that chance. Besides, I get the feeling this will be over with the next strike.
Jiro: Just remember you can only be this cocky because I'll be taking the next shot for you!

As expected, the shaman aimed her next attack at Jiro, hitting him for 15. Unfortunately, it would take 5 such attacks to lay Jiro low. The shaman tried to retreat from her pursuers after her attack, but it was too little too late.

Turn 4: Jiro and Reynald chase the shaman down for the final push.
Jiro: Cross Slash!
Reynald: Crushing Blow!!

And with that the mercenaries Bahiti sent to dispatch them were dispatched.

Mercenary (cat): Wait! We surrender! Stop hitting me in the face!
Mercenary (fire): Why are you surrendering? We're winning this fight! We were paid to stop them.
Cat: Well... That purse that Bahiti gave us as payment spilled during the fight.
Fire: WHAT?
Cat: It didn't have gold - it contained date pits!
Fire: We've been HAD?! NOOOO!
Jiro: Alright. We've all been cheated out of our gold. What say we chase that lying bitch down and make her pay?
Mercenaries: DEAL! After her!

The two mercenaries the heroes fought earlier join the party, and the party goes up one level after this stage. We find out that their names are Elfyra *groan* and Nayeli.

Up Next: Raptors... I Hate Raptors

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It's a drop kick!!
Tutorial 3: Raptors... I Hate Raptors

For weeks, our mercenaries have been tracking town Bahiti, following the trail out of the desert until they reach a jungle. Reynald leads the party up a giant rock, saying he saw Bahiti go this way. No sign of her, though. Elfyra is fed up with Reynald taking the lead and getting them all lost, stating that she could find Bahiti if she had such things such as a [[Noodle Implements hamster and some olive oil.]] Reynald thankfully cuts her off, but he in turn is interrupted when the ground shakes. To their horror, they realize that the giant rock they were on was no rock, but a giant turtle! Bahiti appears before the mercenaries and taunts them before vanishing.

Jiro suggests they jump into the river and swim for the shore before the turtle takes them any further, but Elfyra points out 1) the river is infested with pirahnas, and 2) she's allergic to being eaten. As if thing couldn't get any worse, Reynald pipes up:

Reynald: Oooh, raptors. Any chance they're herbivores?

Objective: Defeat all enemies.

The stage starts by explaining the Fair Fight rule. In a nutshell, any unit on the field can only be targeted by 2 actions per turn, both on the allied turn and the enemy turn. You can be affected by a maximum of 2 buffs per turn, and be targeted by a maximum of 2 enemies on their turn as well. This is a good thing, especially in this stage. There's little room to maneuver, and the raptors are still a threat to your party at this point.

The Raptors have an ability called Vicious Bite. It inflicts 32 damage, and none of the heroes have any evasive abilities at the moment. Only Jiro can surive 2 of these bites, at which point he'll be walking dead. Raptors also have 27 HP.

Jiro can deal 9 damage with his attack, as can Elfyra with her Fireballs spell. However, Elfyra only has 3 Fireballs. Once those are spent, she's left with a base attack that deals only 3 damage per hit. Nayeli can deal 6 with her Agony attack, and Reynald is still 4 damage per hit. HP-wise, Jiro has 65, Reynald has 55, Elfyra has 50, Nayeli has 40.

(Author's note: I'm not sure how I did it, but in my earlier save, which was the first time I played, I made it without any of the mercs getting KO'd. I don't know how I did it.)

Turn 1: Nayeli casts Soul Turmoil on a Raptor, and heads northwest toward a narrow pass. Elfyra rains Fireballs on another and moves northeast. Jiro attacks the same Raptor that got Fireballed, while Reynald attacks the paralyzed Raptor.

The Raptor closest to dying uses Vicious Bite on Nayeli, dropping her to 8 HP. The remaining Raptor uses its own Vicious Bite on Reynald, dropping him to 25 HP. The first raptor comes out of Soul Turmoil.

Turn 2: Jiro uses Duel on the Raptor that still has a ready Vicious Bite. Reynald uses a Crushing Blow on the weakest Raptor (the one closest to Nayeli), and Nayeli moves away from the striking range of the un-Taunted Raptor and finishes it off with Agony. Elfyra rains Fireballs on the Taunted Raptor.

The Taunted Raptor uses its Vicious Bite on Jiro (37 HP left), while the other uses its normal bite against Reynald (13 HP left). Note: Raptor standard bites deal 7x2 damage.

Turn 3: Jiro attacks the wounded Raptor for 9, and Nayeli finishes it off with Agony for 6. Elfyra drops her last Fireballs on the 3rd raptor, and Reynald heals Nayeli back to 16 HP, leaving the Raptor with 18 HP.

The Raptor bites Reynald, dropping him down to 6 HP.

Turn 4: The Last Man Standing rule in a nutshell: If you start the turn with only one enemy left on the field, the Fair Fight rule no longer applies. Time to hit it with everyone you've got!

Jiro: Cross Slash!
Nayeli: Agony!!
Elfyra: Scorch!!!
Raptor: <DIES>
Reynald: Aw man, I didn't get a turn! That scaly bastard bit me and I almost died!
Elfyra: Nyaa-haa! (sticks her tongue out at Reynald)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I did it again! And what's more, I recorded it! WOOT!

Jiro: This turtle doesn't seem like it'll stop.
Reynald: It can't swim forever, right? It'll get tired, won't it?
Jiro: With our luck, who knows?
Reynald: But we're the Chosen Ones!
Elfyra: Chosen Ones? What's this all about?
Jiro: You might as well hear it now...

The party levels up after this stage. Reynald learns the passive ability Divine Touch, which boosts his next Cure spell to 200% effectiveness if he connected with a Crushing Blow before casting Cure. The buff also stacks - if he hits twice then attempts a Cure the effectiveness is 300%. Neat!

Treasure is given out for the first time. Our heroes find a suit of Platemail, which only Jiro can wear, and a Hammer, which is Reynald's weapon of choice. Items can be equipped from the Treasure screen, and it's best to do so now, as another big fight is coming up next.

Up Next: "Sailing" into Port

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It just just bugs me me: my save file got corrupted and I had to do the Raptor section again - the blow-by-blow I described last post? Didn't happen according to plan. I still won, though, so the take-away here is, have a plan, but be flexible. The first turn is vital, because even on the first enemy turn your plans might be for naught.

As a famous saying goes, "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy," or something like that.

Tutorial 4: "Sailing" Into Port

Our heroes finally get off their unexpected ride, and immediately are greeted with the sight of what appears to be the local law enforcement deciding to toss a winged citizen into the lake for the crime of... cooking with fire? Naturally, they don't stand for this, and charge in.

Objective: Defeat all enemies.

Due to time constraints, I'll just be giving general pointers for this battle. I apologize.

North of the party is a healer and an offensive spellcaster. South are a couple of warriors, including the tough enemy leader. Nayeli starts by moving upward and casting Soul Turmoil on the healer, while Elfyra moves up and casts Fireballs on the fairy-thing. This is because the healer is resistant to Magic damage, while the fairy is resistant to Affliction (which is the damage type of Nayeli's attack). For the guys, have Jiro attack the healer while Reynald attacks the fairy. As a rule, you'll want to take out the support units first, such as healers or mages.

The enemy warriors will try to rush to where the party is, but won't make it until their next turn. The fairy will try to evade and cast either a disabling spell or attack. Don't sweat this one.

On the heroes' next turn, try to take out the fairy if possible. This requires a spell from Elfyra or Jiro's sword, plus Reynald's hammmer. Forget Nayeli - she'll deal 2 damage to the fairy, and the fairy has 15 HP at this point. Who the fairy paralyzed last turn determines who gets to finish her off. Also once she bites the dust, the paralyzed hero can act normally.

The rest of the battle should be standard. Take out the healer as fast as possible, and when the warriors reach the fight, leave the enemy leader for last. At the party's level, you'll need the Last Man Standing rule to fight the "boss."

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It's a drop kick!!
The Siren

As they reach the ancient stadium, our heroes hear an angelic song rising from its depth.

Curious, (and despite Jiro's very vocal orders), one of our heroes cannot help but venture into the open to find the one who sings so beautifully.

Three guesses as to who that is... [lol]

Our heroes walk into a trap, led other by none other than Herington. This time though, he's upgraded his guard lackey into a Holy Knight. Holy Knights actually have defense against all three damage types: 25% DR (damage resistance) vs physical, 20% vs Magic, and 15% vs Affliction. He also has more HP than Herington, and will resurrect up to 2 of its fallen allies if it can do so.

Fortunately, resurrected allies will only have 25% of their HP back, and Herington apparently swapped out his healer for a Marksman, a rather weak Physical ranged attacker. Herington also has his fairy wizard, who unfortunately (for her) starts in Jiro's move and attack range.

If you've equipped your party with the loot from the previous stage, or better yet farmed the previous stage until the party leveled up - at which point Elfyra should have learned Combustion (targets hit by her Scorch attack receive double damage from Elfyra's next attack or spell), and Nayeli should have learned Omniscient (which gives her infinite range, just requiring Line Of Sight with her targets, at the cost of disabling her Move for the next two turns if she takes an action) - this should be a piece of cake.

The simplest way to go about this stage is to eliminate the frail units first, the fairy and the Marksman. This will force the Holy Knight to use Resurrection on the fallen units, and drain his MP rather quickly. Granted, that's all he uses his MP for, but you'd rather have him resurrect the weaklings rather than Herington, right? Once the Holy Knight's MP is gone, he deals a mere 10 Physical damage.

The fairy can be annoying - it will move as far away as possible and spam Repulsion constantly, which does 6 Magical damage and a 3-square knockback. It's also resistant to Affliction damage, meaning Nayeli with her infinite range might still take a few shots to bring this fairy down. The best tool for the job seems to be Elfyra and her fire attacks. Scorch + Double Damage Fireballs will overkill the fairy, but so will Jiro's Cross Slash + Scorch.

If Combustion and Omniscient aren't available to your mages, this stage is still a cakewalk, just KO the Marksman twice to use up the Holy Knight's resurrection, and then take them out permanently. Build up double healing charges with Reynald, and heal anyone who looks like they'd be KO'd after taking 27 damage.

This stage, as well as The Witch, are good places to farm for basic equipment for the team. Don't sell any items you can't equip yet - money is hard to come by in this game! There's a big difference between fighting using Vendor Trash and fighting naked.

In the end, I've decided to farm these maps until everyone in the team has a weapon, an offhand item, and armor, and perhaps another party level up, before deciding to tackle the next stage.

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I apologize for the delay, real life got in the way! Here's what the gang is doing so far...
Reynald: How long are we going to keep searching this ruined theater?
Jiro: Until we find Elfyra an orb.
Reynald: Why, so she can hit me with it?
Elfyra: Wow, you're clairvoyant now?!
Nayeli: <snickers>
Reynald: If we're looking for an orb, why are we searching in the ruins? Couldn't we like buy one from town?
Elfyra: Do you see any towns around?
Reynald: Well, no...
Elfyra: Then shut up and keep searching! We'll take down as many patrols as necessary until we finish a scuffle with one of their orbs intact!
Jiro: Sometimes I wonder why we couldn't just steal an orb from an opponent.
Nayeli: None of us have "thief," "pilferer," "bandit," or "brigand" as a character class, Jiro.
Jiro: Makes sense to me.

Ashes To Ashes

After preparing for their journey in Fair Reach village, our heroes enter the giant lands. There, they discover vast ruins and discover what was once the artisan quarters of a forgotten town. Echoing in the streets is a loud and persistent clanging...

Carefully, quietly, the heroes sneak through the ruins. Everything is going well until they discover the source of the clanging; it's a forge.

Unfortunately, Reynald never told his companions that he's allergic to many things... including the ash floating through the air...

Objective: Defeat all enemies.

This might come as a surprise to most players due to several things - the enemy moves first, and one of them appears to occupy a 2x2 area instead of a 1x1! If you haven't ground enough, Reynald getting slammed away from the rest of the party might spell trouble. Fortunately for us, we aren't unprepared for this battle - I might even go so far as to say we're over-prepared.

Once it's our turn, Nayeli blasts one of the Harpies with Agony - it goes down in one hit, despite having a 10% Affliction Defense. Probably because it only has 11 HP. It does have a 25% Magic Defense though, so we'll see how Elfyra fares...

Elfyra's Scorch attack will just deal 6 damage - her Fireballs will do 23. I went with the Fireballs. With that, the enemy ranged attackers are gone.

Reynald runs back into the fray, while Jiro uses his recently learned (at party level 8) Temerity skill, which drops his physical defense by 25% and increases his damage output by 50%. Considering he has the HP to take hits, this is a godsend.

Enemy Turn 2: Tarr the minotaur summons a second Cyclops Morg. Nothing to worry about, though in the interest of beating this stage quickly we'll take him out first. The enemy team tries their best to bring the hurt, but at level 8 they don't look quite so scary.

Player Turn 2: Poor Reynald was slammed away from the fighting again. Start running, friar. Meanwhile, Elfyra Scorches Tarr, Jiro hits him with a Cross Slash, and Nayeli fires Agony at the closest Morg. Oops. Didn't examine the damage ratings - I should have attacked Tarr with Nayeli and Jiro, instead of Elfyra and Jiro. This would have allowed Elfyra to setup the Combustion-Fireballs combo on one of the Morgs, possibly scoring a kill next turn. Oh well.

End of Turn, Elfyra's Magebane Weapon triggers. This means that for the next turn, her Magical attacks will ignore 25% of the target's defense. Tarr is in for a world of hurt next turn.

Enemy Turn 3: The Morgs double-team Reynald and actually hit him for damage instead of Knockback. Reynald is still in good shape though. Tarr attacks Nayeli, dealing 6 HP in damage. evil grin

Player Turn 3: Jiro runs over and deals a whopping 27 damage to the wounded Morg. Reynald lands a Crushing Blow on the last Morg, while Tarr eats 56 damage courtesy of Elfyra's Fireballs. Just because she can, Nayeli casts Soul Turmoil on the last Morg, disabling it.

Final Turn: Jiro punches through the Morg's 25% Physical defense with a 27 damage Cross Slash, which is lethal. VICTORY!!

Spoils of War: We pick up more Vendor Trash, but do manage to get an Avenger Orb. It gives attack and HP bonuses to whoever can equip it, so we give it to Elfyra. This allows her to do more initial damage with her Scorch attack, plus it also strengthens the inevitable follow up Fireballs.

Next Chapter: Airborne

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It's a drop kick!!


To escape the giant's domain and reach the castle of Antar's Baroness quickly, our heroes set out to find a means of travel faster than walking. And right now, riding a limping hamster would be faster than walking.

In hopes of finding horses (or a limping hamster), the heroes enter an ancient stable and discover something even better... a strange chariot.

While avoiding and escaping the giants guarding it, our heroes "borrow" the chariot, thinking they can escape any retaliation...

Pre-Fight Witty Banter

Elfyra: Stealing is bad.
Jiro: It's not stealing. It's preemptive charity. We're doing this to restore order.
Reynald: But what if the giants disagree and send dragons after us?
Jiro: Dragons exists only in children's books, Reynald.
Elfyra: Oh, like the pegasus pulling this flying chariot along and the phoenixes on either side keeping it steady?
Reynald: Quick! Abandon ship!
Jiro: Calm down! What's the matter?
Reynald: We're about to be attacked by a children's story!
(Cue Dragon.)

Objective: Defeat all enemies.

There's only one enemy here, and its a blue dragon that takes up a 2x2 square on the battlefield. It has 138 HP, 52 MP, and 25% defense against physical and affliction damage. Oddly enough, it has 0% defense against magical damage. Elfyra would be the key here, right?

Not quite. The dragon has the Immunity passive skill, which gives it a 25% chance to avoid magical damage. These include Scorch and Fireballs. This does not bode well for Elfyra at all.

In addition, it has Fire Breath, which deals 38 magical damage to a large area; Magma Fist, an 18 damage ranged attack that costs 4 MP, and can Bite twice for 5 Physical damage per bite. To top it all, it has the Champion status, which for enemies means that they act twice during their turn. On the flip side, champions are not protected by the fair fight rule.

Fortunately, a level 8 party will wipe the floor with it. You can expect a Curb-Stomp Battle when your party's Lightning Bruiser has more HP than the boss, the Combat Medic not lagging far behind, and either of the Squishy Wizard girls can tank the dragon's breath weapon with no problem.

If you're not at level 8, and are poorly equipped, this fight may be a bit challenging. Make sure Reynald hits the dragon twice to charge up his Cure spell up to 3x effectiveness. Have Jiro cast Duel on the dragon to draw its attention, and keep your fragile characters away from Jiro so as not to be caught in the inevitable fire breath.

Be sure to cast Nayeli's Soul Turmoil every time you can, Agony when Soul Turmoil isn't available. Despite the annoying Immunity skill, set up Elfyra's Scorch+Fireballs combo. If the Immunity doesn't trigger, the dragon will receive a lot of damage.

One thing the dragon doesn't have is any form of HP recovery. Just keep attacking even if your Cures run out, the dragon will eventually fold, and as long as one party member survives, the party will receive experience for the fight.

Post-Fight: Your First Town

After defeating the dragon, you can choose to go to the next mission immediately, or you can head into town. Town is where you get to buy equipment and items if you have the gold, bounty hunt some mercenaries if you don't, and pick up some heroes for hire. These are a bunch of guys and gals that cannot be swayed to your cause just by mere words and the nobility of your goal. These guys only join with gold.

Should you choose to hire a 5th party member, you have the choice between a Valkyrie and a Doshu.

Helga the Valkyrie

  • Wields 2 Hammers
  • Wears Platemail
  • Deals Physical Damage at Range 1
  • Versatile Attacker, will eventually learn a Damage Over Time Affliction skill, an Area of Effect Magical attack, as well as a buff that increases Physical damage for allies around her.

Yuji the Doshu

  • Wields 2 Knucks
  • Wears a Belt
  • Deals Physical Damage at Range 1
  • A hard-hitting Controller, will learn disabling skills, a Magical area of effect attack, evasion, and critical hits.

At this point, you can sell the Vendor Trash you've accumulated so far if you need to raise cash to hire your 5th party member. If you do so, I would advise keeping any enhanced items around: those that have colored names, written as <Trait><Item Name>, ex. Starsong Hammer. Make sure though, that you have equipment for your new friends, and that you keep the following in your inventory:

  • 1 Platemail
  • 1 Sword
  • 1 Shield

The party leveled up after the fight with the dragon, and I decide to hire Helga. She joins the team knowing the Venom skill, which deals Affliction damage over 3 turns, based on how powerful her equipped hammers are. Her standard attack hits twice, which is useful against enemies that can dodge blows.

Now that I have 5 party members at level 9, I decide to go back to the first stage in this level, the Witch. It has a secondary objective, Win within two turns. The Chosen Ones, now a five strong, should now be able to pull that off.

What happens when a secondary objective is completed? Find out in the next update!

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