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I have been currently working on the pantheon of gods that my dwarves will worship, and they seem to be taking this route. You see I have been trying to set them up with a creation myth that makes sense, and I seem to be edging towards incest of various sorts.

First of all I have two gods who control fire  *, so I expect some people might see that as Ho Yay.  * I have one goddess who controls ice and another that controls water, which I plan to be involved in some Les Yay.  * There is also a god of songs, prose, and poetry  * who shapeshifts and Really Gets Around.  *

I personally don't want to give to much more away about the Dwarven gods so far, but there are currently four different trickster gods so far. Three of them are mentioned above. The pantheon is still a work in progress.  *

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Two of my main characters are male best friends. Therefore some folks are no doubt gonna see that as Ho Yay. Also, the third member is a girl, so I can imagine threesomes. And they're teenagers, all under the age of 16.

I've also got a catgirl in my cast. She hates my protagionist with a passion, so someone might find some Foe Yay there.
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There are two best friends on the opposite sides of the board fighting against one another, originally, i was trying to write them to avert Foe Yay, but I gave up and decided to let the Yaoi Fangirls have their fun and made them bishounen and have them hint at possible chemistry one of them ends up killing the other at the end.

Since there are so many bishoujo girls in my work to begin with, I was pondering whether or not removing the usual Unwanted Harem tropes form it would make it less popular (since each respective 'team' has one guy and 3 girls.) Then again, these girls will be beating the shit out of each other every two or so chapters so I don't think they should be focusing on who kisses who unless they have downtime.

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