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Alright, here is my newest liveblog/Let's Play. This story well be set up as a running diary kept by the character(who shall henceforth be known by his name of Shiki) on his comp as he and his friends try to escape from the Yamanote Circle.

I'm thinking of having Shiki's personality be something along the lines of a snarky chronic hero who will go out of his way to help people whilst mentally berating them for needing to be rescued in the first place.

Also, other people personalities are going to stumble into the writings.

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Day 3 10:00

Shiki: Huh, so the COM Ps come with a built in diary function? I really should have expected this coming from Naoya, but hey surprise surprise. I think I probably would have noticed something like that sooner if I wasn't using my personal computer to summon demons in order to survive!

Lilim: Hehe, you say that like it's a scary thing cutie! Don't worry I'm going to keep you safe for later...

Suparna: I shall serve as my master commands

Shiki: Wait you two can access this thing too?

Suparna: So it seems master.

Lilim: Aw, what's there to be worried about sweetie?

Shiki: Well, it's kinda embarrassing, okay? These are supposed to be personal thoughts and-

Lilim: I wouldn't mind getting personal with you master

Shiki: Really? No! bad thoughts, bad thoughts! If Yuzu ever found out about it-

Lilim: Who says she has to find out?

Shiki: No! Anyways, I think I'm going to do a little recap to try to figure out what to do now. At six today an immortal demon named Beldr is going to be revived in the cemetery and kill a fuckton of people. So now we have eight hours to try to find a way to escape from an unstoppable killing machine. Or at least try to warn people about it. But we have to find Midori too since her death clock reads Zero (just like ours too).

Crap, I don't know what to do. I want to help her since she seems like an honestly good person. That and she has a COMP. Another summoner on the team would be a great help.

Still gotta think of what to do. Maybe Atsuro can think of a way to use to COM Ps to warn people so they can get away. Or do something to the COM Ps that Beldr's minions plan to use to revive him. Well that sounds like something Naoya would do-

... wait, let me read that again. The Laplace email said that Beldr would be revived. So that means he was beaten before, so that means we have a way to beat him! Hell yeah! So we just have to figure out how he was killed the first time and we can kill him again before he kills anybody else!

...wait, fuck. We only have eight hours to try to figure out how to kill him and save Midori. What are we supposed to do, ransack the mythology section of a library and try to find the answer there?!

Suparna: There is still a way though master! That is good enough! There is a chance however slim for us to prove our worth by killing the Immortal Beldr!

Shiki: Right. Sure crazy commando bird. Now I'm going to get the others(how long does it take to rummage for food in a vending machine anyways?) and head out. The map on the COMP is telling me that there are some demons down in Tokyo. Maybe if we beat them up they will tell us how to kill their boss.

That's all for now. I'm off to save my friend and kill the unkillable guy.


Lilim: Ya know master if we don't find a way to kill Beldr I can at least make our last moments fun.waii

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This bacon is awesome
I always wondered why nobody found it strange that an immortal demon would need to be resurrected.

Team descriptions would be nice, as you mentioned in the other thread.
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I always wondered why nobody found it strange that an immortal demon would need to be resurrected.

Well, he's immortal minus his one weakness. And it's a little hazy on whether it's an actual "resurrection" or just "prison-break", since he never really ceased existing, just got killed and trapped in the underworld.

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Right current team line-up.

  • Shiki - level 20. St 10/ Mi 10/ Vi 8/ Ag 8. Move 4/ Speed 50. Skills: Force Dance, Mute Eyes, Fire Dance, Life Bonus, Anti-Mystic, Counter.
    • Suparna- level 19. Skills: Force Dance, Paral Eyes, Zio, +Paralyze, Life Bonus, Hero Aid, Flight
    • Lilim - level 18. Skills: Mute Eyes, Elec Dance, Dia, Mana Bonus, Anti-Elec, Life Bonus, Devotion.

  • Atsuro - level 20. Skills: Zio, Taunt, Berserk, Anti-Elec, +Poison, Race-0(need to crack a more useful skill for him)
    • Aquans - level 18. Skills: Ice Dance, Elec Dance, Zio, Mana Bonus, Anti-Elec
    • Gozuki - level 19. Skills: Berserk, Desperation, Taunt, Race-O, Watchful, Anti-Mystic, Aggravate

  • Yuzu - level 20. Skills: Dia, Amrita, Bufu, Hero Aid, Mana Bonus, +Mute, Hustle
    • Tlaloc - level 19. Skills: Fire Dance, Agi, Dia, Anti-Fire, Counter, Life Bonus, Phantasma
    • Yuki Jyorou - level 19. Skills: Amrita, Mabufu Force Dance, +Mute, +Paralyze, Counter, Devotion

  • Keisuke - level 18. Skills: None
    • Pyro Jack - level 19. Skills: Fire Dance, Maragi, Dia, Life Bonus, Mana Bonus, Anti-Mystic, Charn
    • Wendigo - level 19. Skills: Ice Dance, Brutal hit, Anti-Ice, Bind.

Yeah not terribly optimal I know. Keisuke is pretty worthless so I should have him crack some new skills in the free battles. I bought Wendigo to use as fusion fodder and just stuck him on the roster because he was the highest level. I need a demon is this level range that knows Extreme Speed I do.

Let's Play coming later this night.
That's actually not too bad of a lineup, to be honest. Personally (and this is just how I'd do it), I'd swap the Suparna and the Tlaloc between Yuzu and the MC. MC would get a bigger benefit from Phantasma's half-movement-cost than Yuzu, and Flight would really help offset her terrible movement range, but pretty decent otherwise.

Atsuro's not bad, although you're probably gonna want to swap out Zio for a physical skill fairly soon; his magic doesn't grow enough to be a useful spellcaster. And you'll definitely want a couple skills for Keisuke, since he's pretty useless without.

Also, less balanced stats on the MC. If you don't specialize with him, it'll wreck you later on. Magic is generally considered the most useful, with Agility right behind it, then Vitality after that. Strength would be more useful, but Atsuro's required for a lot of missions, and he's not particularly useful unless you've slapped your best physical skills on him, so a high-strength MC is not particularly good.
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This bacon is awesome
Yeah, 10 Strength is how high I got for my entire first run, and that only to equip a certain skill. In the same vein, you're going to want to move Counter to Atsuro at some point.

You have an Elemental in your team, which should be okay since it's around the same level as you, but in general they're designed to be fusion fodder and not actually used in battle - note the lack of a racial skill.

You'll be fusing demons all the time, so don't worry about having an optimal setup. Just try not to let the demons fall too far behind your level and you'll be fine.
Torment liveblog is still hiatusing. You can vandalize my contributor page if you want something to do.
Day 3 10:30

Shiki: Well we went towards Tokyo to check out the gathering of demons in the area. Along the way we bumped into some more demons. Not much happened, 'cept that Keisuke cracked a skill called "Paral Eyes". No seriously it says that in the fucking skill list. I thought Naoya was above suck lame puns.sad Well at least Keisuke can do something besides helplessly wail on the demons now. Anyways not much else happened on our way there-

Shiisaa: Ahem. I do believe you are forgetting about me master.

Shiki: Oh right, I fused some new demons. I know it's necessary to stay alive, but it feels kinda weird. Just that they have personalities and I'm getting rid of them just so I can have an easier time staying alive.

Lilim: Aww, is that why you kept me around master? You didn't want to loose me? That's so sweet!

Shiki: Well that and you have a useful set of skills.

Lilim: Would you like me to show them to you?waii

Shiki: Gah, stop that!

Shiisa: Bah, worry not about us master. It is simply a fact of life that demons get fused together by those who control them.

Shiki: Look it still feels wrong. Aside from fusing some new guys I handed Suparna to Yuzu. It kinda sucked that she has been stuck in this mess wearing her heels, and I don't want her to get stuck behind us in a fight.

So Yeah, we get to the point on the map that is showing the concentration of demons and what do we see? Haru.

Instead of hiding like somebody who doesn't have a COMP, she was standing out in an amphitheater. Singing. That girl has a deathwish she does.

Shiisa: So why bother saving her?

Lilim: Well the master obviously has a thing for pretty girls. Can't let brutes like the Wendigos tear them apart and eat them can we?

Shiki: I need some brain bleach now thanks to reading that with your typical innuendo Lilim.

Lilim: tongue

Shiki: You suck, you know that?

Lilim: Yes, yes I do.

Shiki: Back to the diary!! - So just as we get there a bunch of demons show up saying that their master wants her because she knows the ancient tongue. No idea what that meant, but she was defenseless so we rushed in to help her.

Shiisa: Could it be that part of you thought this ancient tongue might in some way relate to killing Beldr?

Shiki: Huh? How do you even know about that? I haven't talked about Beldr since I fused you.

Shiisa: You did however mention it to my composites. And it was written here in the summoning device.

Shiki: Great the demons stored in my computer can read the files in there. I suppose that makes sense, but nice little bit of Paranoia Fuel there buddy.

Right, back to what happened. Me and Yuzu rushed down the amphitheater to help her killing demons before they could get on stage.

Atsuro and Keisuke stayed back in the aisles to take care of the rest. Atsuro cracked this skill called "Brutal Hit" in the middle of the fight. That title is very accurate. He went up to this Wendigo after it killed Pendragon and punched its head clean off.

So aside from some reinforcements that came in later, everything was fine. Haru's deathclock even went up to one. Fuck Yeah(sadly ours still read zero) When we got a moment to talk to Haru I asked her why she was doing something so stupid.

She laughed and told me I was smart of catching on that she had a deathwish. I was just being angry cause she was doing something stupid. Damn. When she asked if I wouldn't mind meeting with her again tomorrow I said yes, cause I seriously don't want her to die if I can help it. I don't want anybody to die if they can help it.

I think I said yes a bit too fast though. Yuzu thought I was asking Haru on a date and got jealous.

Lilim: Aw, can't she learn to share like I would? I don't think she would mind sharing with Haru anyways.waii

Shiki: Fangirl = groupie in your mind?

Lilim: There is a difference?

Shiki: Sigh... So after that Haru mentioned that she was trying to finish a song saved in her keyboard. Nice to know the girl has her priorities straight.

After that Keisuke said something weird. We should try to avoid using our comps around people who don't know how they work. Something about how they would think we are the ones behind the demons in the first place and attack us. I smiled and nodded, but I was really wondering about who summoned them in the first place.

Well that's all for now. We're going to try to find some clue to kill this Beldr guy.

OOC: That's about it for now. Current line-up(just characters cause I'm going to bed soon and don't want to bother with skills).

  • Shiki
    • Shiisa
    • Lilim

  • Atsuro
    • Kikuri-Hime
    • Pendragon

  • Yuzu
    • Suparna
    • Yuki Jyorou

  • Keisuke
    • Pyro Jack
    • Nekomata

next update soon.
Do you think that you are going to end in the Good Ending, Bad Ending, Lawful Ending, Chaotic Ending, or other?
3rd Day 11:30

Shiki: We went up to Ikebukuro to try to find anybody who knew anything. No dice. Well there was this weird thing where Atsuro thought he saw a guy.

Apparently this guy was his friend from a forum. One day Atsuro got an email from him saying he found a big cover-up. Then he just disappeared and wasn't heard from again. I wonder if that guy stumbled on something about the demon auctions or the blackout.

Anyways after that we went down to Kudanshita. The others wandered off to charge the COM Ps and I met Haru again.

It was a weird conversation it was. She pointed out that we keep meeting up and wondered if it was fate. No Haru, we keep meeting up because I keep saving your conspicuous ass-

Lilim: Oh, the master has an ass fetish. Got it!

Shiki: You never stop do you? No but it was more depressing than anything. Haru started telling me her life story(not that I mind really) about how she was shuffled around her family while the squabbled over stuff. Eventually she just stopped caring about what she wanted and started to smile and nod to make them happy...

Shiisa: Is anything wrong master?

Shiki: I can empathize with her a bit. It's not to the point that I feel there is nothing left to live for, but I do cave in for people all the time. I just want people to be okay, you know? It wears you down trying to make sure everybody is okay. But yeah I hope knowing that there are people like me and Yuzu who care about her will make her act a little smarter.

You know, smart like not singing a song in an amphitheater to attract demons!

That's all for now. We only have six hours left to find Midori and find out how to kill Beldr. Fun times.
3rd day 13:00

Shiki: Okay some serious shit has gone down in the last hour. We ended up wandering back to Akasak tunnel to look for a way out.

Shiisa: We did not wander there master, we were lead by your servant Yuzu.

Shiki:... Dude Yuzu is my friend not my servant. Get it right. So when we get there we try to find the escape tunnel only to get stopped by this crazy chick with a gun.

Silky: She didn't shoot you though. Did she? I don't know this was before you fused me. Is it bad if humans get shot? I'm hungry. Are you hungry?

Lilim: Get away from the master slut!

Shiki: Lilim... what are you still doing here?

Lilim: Well you didn't fuse me with anybody. Please don't! I wanna stay around and see how everything ends.

Shiki: Right... anyways this lady pulled a gun on us and told us that she was part of a special anti-demon unit. She couldn't let us(or anybody through to break the quarantine. I think we all nearly pissed ourselves while she was waving that gun around.

Before we left she got a radio transmission. Some protesters tried to break through the barricade and were shot. Even Izuna(the gun lady) looked depressed about that.

Fuck this shit, we need to end this whole mess so people can stop dying.

Shiisa: So you will kill the demons in charge master?

Shiki: Well what other choice do I have? I can't run away from this mess and the only way to survive here is to kill the demons before they kill us.

Shiisa: You could kill the humans guarding the circle. Your servant-

Shiki: Friend!

Shiisa: Friend, Keisuke seemed to want that. Atsuro would follow you out of loyalty and the girl is desperate to escape. That seems like the easiest way to get away from it all. Much easier than finding a way to kill an immortal demon.

Shiki: Shut-up okay. I'm not going to run away.

Silky: Hey why is everybody all grumpy faced now? Stop it, we should be happy! That nice gigolo told us there was a way to kill Beldr.

Shiki: That creep? I thought I found Naoya, somebody who could actually help us with this mess. Instead I got a creepy pimp guy who was way too friendly with me and Yuzu.

No! I won't share with him! Master is mine!

Shiki: That's not what I meant. He acted like he knew me somehow. And he was all surprised that I wanted to fight Beldr instead of running away.

Shiisa: Yes because doing something stupid like trying to kill an immortal makes so much sense.

Shiki: He was weird. Not just the way he acted, coming up to us all of a sudden, and telling us about Beldr either(apparently the guy is immortal because he made everything on earth promise not to hurt him. Except one thing didn't agree to it. So we just need to find that one thing) or suddenly disappearing. He had no Death Clock.

Silky: So that means he just has at least ten days to live.

Shiki: Silky I know you are new here, but that is a big deal. Everybody has a Death Clock of four days at most. Everyone. That guy knows some way to survive this cluster fuck.

Silky: Oh but surviving is easy. You just have to not die. Doing things like avoiding drowning and iron help. And not getting lost. I think I got lost in a bunch of mirrors. One of them wanted to tell a lady that she was pretty.

Shiisa: ...


Shiki:... Anyways, we need to figure out what this one thing to kill Beldr is. Atsuro seemed to think checking the COM Ps was a good idea. Any ideas.

Lilim: Hey master, I found a bunch of demons around this girl who looks like the Midori you are trying to add to your harem.

Shiki: Huh, she is pretty close to where we are. We might as well help her. I wonder how the COMP can track people?

Sorry for the delay. Lilim kinda grew on me and I decided to keep her around as The Imp to Shiki. Current line-up.

  • Shiki
    • Shiisa
    • Silky (need to get her to level up and learn Media)

  • Atsuro (he now knows Power Hit. Still no Counter but +Poison and +Paralyze give an extra sting to his attacks.
    • Heimdall
    • Orcus (Chaos Wave has insane range!)

  • Yuzu(I need to fuse some stronger demons for her)
    • Yuki Jyorou
    • Suparna

  • Keisuke(cracked Maragi, so he isn't totally useless)
    • Heimdall(he looks cool)
    • Nekomata

That's it for now. I might finish day three by this weekend.
Grah! I played the Midori rescue mission and everything was going great until Beldr showed up. Stupid Vampire mist killing the slow NPC on the other side of the map who was right next to the safe squares! Stupid me for not healing them when I had the chance, thinking that switching them out of harms way was quicker!
Make sure all of the NP Cs are off the map before you kill the last demon. It makes things a lot easier.
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Hmm...well, so far, I'm quite impressed by how this is going. I can't really recommend anything for your team...though as far as actually typing the LP goes, I have a small suggestion. Shiki and his three demon friends are good narrators (go Lilith!), but I'd like to see a little input from the other humans in the party. Also, you should probably summarize Days 1 and 2 at some point, possibly a flashback, just for those that are curious.

You know, this was the very first TV Troper LP I decided to look at. Keep up the good work!
Hrm been busy this weekend and stuff, will post more monday after the test.

How about I throw in party member input at the end of the day because that is when the COMP s can actually mingle and stuff?
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Welcome to Purgatory!
Yeah, that sounds good. And if you need any help, I've been inspired to pick up my old copy of the game and play it again. I can't believe I only played the first day until's such a good plot!
Day 3 14:00

Shiki: Holy balls that was insane. So we manage to find Midori playing at being hero, acting like a Magical Girl.

Lilim: In a intriguing costume too!

Shiki: Do you ever think about anything besides sex?

Lilim: Why would I?

Shiki: Right. So we got there and decided to help Midori out with rescuing a bunch of civilians(I feel weird calling them that, but really that is the nicest way I can describe people without COM Ps at the moment. Unfortunately Midori was way in over her head, 'cause there were demons everywhere.

Silky: Well there are always demons somewhere. They could have been anywhere, but instead they showed up somewhere. It would have been bad if we fought them nowhere.

Shiki: What.

Silky: Oh, look a deserted manga stand! Can we read some comics please?

Shiki: Right. So I had the brilliant idea of switching the civilians out of there with a spell Shiisa knew!

Shiisa: I served as my master commanded. Twisting space is no large task if the master wishes it.

Lilim: Show off. But I'd be more than happy to twist up with you master.waii

Shiki: So surprisingly the fight itself wasn't that hard. Just as the civilians got away and we killed the last of the demons, Beldr showed up.

Shiisa: You did as well as could be expected master.

Shiki: Yeah right. Every other fight we were able to fight the demons and turn their own spells against them. With this guy nothing worked. Nothing. Just like the Laplace mail said.

Lilim: How come he came earlier than the mail mentioned and what was that talk of another Bel?

Shiki: What other Bel?

Lilim: He said he smelled another Bel nearby.

Shiki: Excuse me for failing to notice that tiny tidbit while I was running away from an unholy avatar of destruction.

Silky: Is there a holy avatar of destruction? Would it be all fleshy since Beldr was all metally?

Shiisa: Idiots. I'm surrounded by idiots. Save the master of course.

Shiki: So right we got away and tried to talk Midori out of her hero idea. Or at least doing it alone. She got all mad saying a hero of justice would never give up and ran off. Damnit, were not giving up! If we were doing that we would have just ran away at the first chance. I just want to find a way to fight him and win.

Lilim: Are... are you okay master?

Shiki: No, I'm not! The world is literally going to hell around me and people keep acting like stupid kids while I run out of time to find a way to kill Beldr. I don't even know why I let you hang around Lilim. You're not useful anymore in battle.

Lilim: Nha? Buh, buh?...sad

Shiki: Jeez, look sorry I snapped at you, okay? I'm just really stressed and scared here.

Lilim: That's why I'm still here. Dummy

Silky: Oh master don't forget about how you had girl talk and gave love advice!

Shiki: You make me sound like some sort of old editorial writer. I just ran into Kaido while we were running away from Beldr-

Lilim: And told him that Yuzu was your girlfriend!!

Shiki: -after he pulled me aside and flat out asked me. What you want me to lie to the gang leader who has a temper? Then I accidentally deflated it when I asked if he had a crush on Mari.

Turns out he does. So Yeah. He says he is looking for the infamous Bloodless Killer in this all and Mari is too. Some other stuff about how she treated him like a brother whilst he wanted to be her lover. I was kinda too winded from running to pay much attention. When he asked what to do to get her attention and take him seriously, I told him to help her out of trouble. He seemed to be happier about that and take the advice to heart. he threatened to beat the crap out of me if I told anybody, but at least he seems nicer.]]

Shiisa: I hate to interrupt the transcription of this banal tale, but the servant Atsuro is coming this way master.

Shiki: Oh right. He is saying something about how has an idea but needs to show me in Shinagawa. Why there? Why not here? If I ever survive this I am going to join the track team at school. Laters.

Current Line-up:

  • Shiki
    • Shiisa
    • Silky

  • Atsuro
    • Heimdal
    • Basilisk

  • Yuzu(she cracked media! Yay!)
    • Vidofnir
    • Cait Sith (because of Flight and Animal Leg her movement range is crazy)

  • Keisuke
    • Heimdall
    • King Frost

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3rd day 15:00

Shiki: Fuck yeah! We finally found the thing that is supposed to kill Beldr! Atsuro dragged us down to Shinagawa at the edge of the loop so we could have a few minutes alone from the demon.s

Lilim: I didn't know the master swung that waygrin

Shiki: Not like that! No he had found a way to uses the COMP's connection to the server to run a quick search on Beldr. He had me and Keisuke cranking the hand charger to power up his COMP while Yuzu took down notes. His laptop only had enough life for six more minutes-

Mahakla: Such a frail creature! To only endure six pathetic minutes of effort! Weaklings like it should be killed!

Shiki: Oh you're going to be fun. Let me guess Murder Is the Best Solution right?

Mahakla: Of course! The weak should be weeded out!

Shiki: I hate to tell you but a COMP is a tool, not a demon or person. And you are stuck inside one.

Mahakla: Gack!

Shiki: You better hope this frail device doesn't break while you are in it.

Lilim: Squee!

Shiki: Right. So in that short time Atsuro managed to find that the one thing that promised not to kill Beldr was something called a devil's fuge. Apparently Beldr's brother Loki tricked his other brother into killing him with it.

Silky: Oh tell them how I helped!

Shiki: So nobody know what a devil's fuge was until Silky chimmed up and told me it was a kind of plant. So now we have to track down some sort of plant and probably sharpen a stick into a spear or something. It feels odd to contemplate that one could kill an invincible demon with a sharpened stick

Mahakla: If you can kill this Beldr with a sharpened stick, I will truly think of you as a warrior! I will sing your praises of the mighty Shiki who killed the invincible with a twig! Or laugh at your bloody corpse.

Shiki: Gee thanks. So now that we know what we need to kill him, I figured we could take a bit of a break. That and we are really hungry from running and fighting all the time, and we have mostly been living on junk food from smashed open vending machines.

Lilim: Oh you really are like a demon master, stealing whatever you want. Also, I <3 pocky!

Shiki: I'm just stealing because I have no other choice! I only brought enough money for a one day trip to Tokyo thinking Naoya would lend me some more if I bottomed out. Besides Yuzu's been keeping a list so I can pay it back if we get out of here.

Lilim: A list?

Shiki: Yeah around the second day she started keeping track of everything we took and how much it cost. She said it was a nice way to take her mind off this mess, even if only for a few seconds... I really just want this to end, you know?

Mahakla: Then kill your enemies! The only way out is through!

Shiki: I'm just going to ignore you outside of battle.

Mahakla: Fine

Shiki: Fine.

Silky: No, its a fuge. A devil's fine is much nastier, ya know? It grabs your money and beats you with it, before eloping together to a stygian bank.

Shiki: What. So tangengtry aside, we found a pack of bagels and everyone was super happy to have real food. While we were eating them I bumped into Haru. At first she seemed kinda surprised, but in the end she started talking. She likes to rant and I like to listen.

Shiki: So after being neglected by her parents, she worked all the time to pay the bills. After a while the boredom got to her and she started to feel depressed again until she found a teacher named Aya. Aya taught Haru about music and gave her a reason to live again. Haru is bummed 'cause she misses Aya and wants to finish a song they were working on.

Lilim: It's strange master. You keep better detail about a depressed girl than about when somebody tried to shoot you.

Shiki: Wha? Well it's a bit easier to get details straight when you sit down and talk to a person as opposed to when you are scared shitless because they are pointing a gun at you.

Lilim: Silly human, the COMP would have protected you. Or at least me and the other demons would have torn that woman to shreds if you gave the word.

Shiki: Heh, thanks I guess. I just want to avoid hurting people.

Lilim: Speaking about people getting hurt master, the comp is pinging two groups of demons. One around that Midori girl-

Shiki: Again?!

Lilim: And another around those two guys, Kaido and Honda. Who do you want to help?

Shiki: Frick... Kaido and Honda don't have COM Ps so they should try to stay safe, but if a demon actually attacks gets to them they are screwed. On the other hand Midori throws herself at danger, canceling out any benefit from the COMP. But she is closer... lets try to save all three of them!

Current line-up

  • Shiki
    • Mahakla
    • Silky

  • Atsuro
    • Power
    • Basilisk

  • Yuzu
    • Vidofnir
    • Cait Sith

  • Keisuke
    • Heimdall
    • King Frost (Tyranny is awesome! Free MP for fighting smart, heck yeah!)

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Did I mention I love the way you write Lilim? Because I do. Heaven help is all if Lilith's in this game, too, and they start talking...

By the way, if you're taking suggestions on which to do first, I'd recommend Cosplay Girl. No major reason; it's just that Kaido can clearly take care of himself, while a freakin' idiot. She's helpful and occasionally funny, but as helpless as a sack of wet mice without Shiki coming to the rescue.
3rd day 16:00

Shiki: People are fucking stupid. You know that? Right because they are totally stupid. At least demons will generally do one of two things either listen to you or try to kill you. Humans on the other hand have many fun and interesting ways of driving you crazy!

Lilim: Master?

Shiki: You can watch things from the COMP right? You know what happened.

Lilim: Yeah, but you sound angry.

Shiki: Of course I'm angry! We go to help Midori first and kill all the demons for her(while rescuing the woman she was trying to save). Do we get a thank you, or even a chance to plead our case? Hell no!

No, instead she bitches us out for stealing her kills and before we can get a word in edgewise she runs off to be a hero. Damnit we are just trying to increase her life expectancy. Grah!

Mahakla: Fools. You have 0 days left to live. That girl has one, so she has a better chance of survival

Shiki: But she doesn't even know about the Death Clock. Wait, why am I even talking to you?

Lilim: Well I'm sure you'll be able to save her. Not everybody is stupid. There were those people by the Diet building talking about how they were safe from him. And by him I think they meant Beldr. And by Beldr I think they meant the guy who is going to kill us all soon.

Shiki: Unless we find a plant soon. You know I actually wished I had ditched Kaido and Honda to those demons. We could have spent better time looking for the devil's fuge.

Silky: Wait, I thought you wanted to help people.

Shiki: I do, but I went in there thinking Kaido and Honda didn't have COM Ps. They do(and stronger demons too). No instead Yuzu and Kaido got mad at each other and challenged each other(read me and the others too) by extension. Whoever one got the others' COM Ps and macca.

Since I am writing this, we obviously won. The problem is after we beat them Kaido got so angry he literally summoned a demon named Pazzuzu through sheer force of will. Demon offered Kaido more power and Kaido accepted it. So not only did we not get macca or more COM Ps, a new threat is loose.

Lilim: It wasn't all bad. We learned that demons can be summoned without a COMP.

Shiki: Yeah and if people keep summoning them like that stuff is only going to get worse. Okay, screw this, here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to find a devil's fuge, yell some sense into Midori, kill Beldr and go to sleep.

Lilim: Master...
3rd day 17:00

Shiki: So good news. Sorta. I managed to find some more info on the devil's fuge, reality gave me a break for once and we all cracked some new skills.

Lilim: Yay, master isn't as angry now!

Mahakla: Hurray. We know exactly what we need to make a weapon out of.

Silky: Hey I was right about the devil's fuge being a plant!

Shiki: Y-you were guessing?!

Silky: Why did you think I wasn't?

Shiki: Right. So we started asking people on the street about Devil's Fuge and some people told us that it was actually called Mistletoe and some guy was selling them. So we tracked down this guy, who was selling them as knick-knacks like key-chain straps or stuff. Unfortunately some people from Nagato-cho came and bought out his entire stock. So we just need to go there and take some from them.

Mahakla: By force master?

Shiki: I was thinking of just asking them or stealing the stuff, but if it comes to it, then yeah. If that is what I have to do to stop Beldr and save all those people, I'm not adverse to using you guys to scare people or even knock them out.

Mahakla: ...

Shiki: Whatever. You know back before this whole clusterfuck this whole just finding out about the Devil's fuge would have depressed me. After all somebody else has it. But screw that, I'm going to find it and stop Beldr.

Mahakla: Because for all your whining, you aren't as weak as other humans master.

Shiki: I suppose a declined insult is as close as you get to a compliment huh? So anyways we saw Midori while we were out looking for the Devil's fuge and she was talking to a demon (one of those Jack Frosts. Note to self make a plushie based off them. They are ridiculously cute). Weird.

Lilim: What's weird about her talking to a demon master? You talk to us all the time?

Shiki: Yeah but this wasn't a contracted demon. It was just one wandering around and for some reason it wasn't trying to kill her.

Lilim: Hey why are you acting so surprised? We aren't all carnivorous monsters!

Shiki: Lilim, demon and monster are practically synonyms.

Lilim: You know what I mean!

Shiki: I'm just teasing you Lilim. But yeah after she beat it the frost asked her why she was so strong and she told him it was because of love. Then she went into this really corny speech about how love is the most powerful thing out there. But for some reason it made me happy.

Lilim: Why?

Shiki: It reminded me of this English song my mom used to sing as a lullaby when I was little. All You Need Is Love I think it was. She explained that the whole song was about how if you love something nothing is impossible. I think I forgot that and was getting frustrated by everything going on around me.

Lilim: Bullshit.

Shiki: Huh? Why are you yelling at me!

Lilim: That's bullshit master. You never forgot that. I mean the first thing you did when you read that Beldr was immortal was try to find a way to kill him. You don't try to run away, instead you try to save everyone you can. What lots of people would say is impossible is just something you think you have to do.

Shiki: ... thanks Lilim. So after that we wandered down to the Bugeikan. Yuzu wondered if Haru would ever get popular enough to play there. I told her that if she did I would be happy to see a show with her. Before we could say anything else this lady ran up to us yelling about how some Shomonaki were harassing her. She ran off and they started hassling us. Right then I knew something was wrong.

Silky: Oh were they wearing the wrong colored robes? Were they actually part of the Ikanomohs cult?

Shiki: No they were being actively malicious, trying to steal people(read our) COM Ps and press gang people into joining. The Shomonaki like Amane and the others seemed kinda weird, but they all seemed like they wanted to help people.

So we beat the snot out of them when they attacked us. We even cracked this auto skills they had. Yuzu cracked one before and told me it was like "when you fire up the COMP you just get better at doing things. Like there is this little block removed from you".

Lilim: Master you sure talk about Yuzu a lot...sad

Shiki: Well we are sorta dating. Kinda. I don't know. I want to start when we get out of this whole mess. But back to the fight with the Shomonaki zealots. It got even better. Halfway through real Shomonaki appeared and helped us out. It was awesome to see people besides us and Midori trying to help others in this whole mess.

Lilim: Maybe your saving people thing is rubbing off on others

Shiki: Whatever. After that Amane came up and thanked us. She said some cryptic thing about how my destiny would branch soon, but if I kept going the way I was going I would fix things. Or something like that. She was kinda obtuse about it like all those characters who can see the future in comics.

Wow I'm tired. Right, we are going to head down to Nagata-Cho, take some Devil's Fuge, kill Beldr and then I am going to sleep because I am very tired.

Lilim: I'll be happy to cuddle up next to you master!

Shiki: No, Yuzu would freak out. Or get jealous. Or hurt me. Or all of the above.

Lilim: But, I can share! My wings can fit two people!

Shiki: Hehe. I'll think about it later okay?

Lilim: grin

Current line-up

  • Shiki (stats St 10/ Ma 14/ Vi 8/ Ag 11 oh and he cracked the skill Blitzkrieg. That plus Mahakla's Awakening makes his spells awesome)
    • Mahakla
    • Silky

    • Atsuro (he just cracked Fortify)
    • Power
    • Heimdall

    • Yuzu (she already had Hustle)
    • Vidofnir
    • Bai Ze

  • Keisuke (he cracked Marksmen)
    • Heimdall
    • Afnac

So yeah you can tell I've been working on upping Shiki's magic and agility and I've stopped spending on strength all together. I'm thinking something along the lines of putting a point into magic twice and then on the third level sinking a point into agility or vitality alternating every third.
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Welcome to Purgatory!
Well, now that I'm about as far as you are (have I already mentioned that I never played too much of it until this Let's Play?), I should probably advise you to put a few points into Shiki's strength. I say that it should be at least 10 if you want a fair fight against one of the next few challenging fights; 13 to tilt things in your favour.
23 Comonad12th Oct 2009 03:44:50 PM from 19th Jan '38 3:14:07 AM
This bacon is awesome
10 strength is plenty for that fight. With the right team for MC, you can easily beat it with the default strength, really.

Also, there's practically no use for more strength points throughout the entire rest of the game, at least for your first run.

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Torment liveblog is still hiatusing. You can vandalize my contributor page if you want something to do.
Fun fact, I've managed to beat Beldr. Mostly by using Nalagiri's Double Up ability to spam Devil's Fuge(yes it got it's own attack option).

Liveblog coming later. Will be split into two posts for before and after the Beldr fight.
3rd Day 18:00

Shiki: Good news we got the Devil's fuge!-

Silky: Not the fine!

Shiki: Bad news, things keep getting weirder and stuff.

Lilim: Like how those other demon tamers talked about another Bel?

Mahakla: Or that the humans you want to protect tried to kill you?

Or that pretty cellphone strap you found? Can I play with it? Please?

Shiki: Yes and other things. So right we got down to the Diet building and things immediately went bad. The people there accused us of being followers of Beldr(we were not amused) and bragged about how they were invincible since they had all the Devil's Fuge. They should have known better.

Lilim: What do you mean master?

Shiki: You never say you are invincible or anything. When you do the universe goes out of its way to prove you wrong.

Lilim: Well that doesn't make sense. If you are unbeatable or the best about something why not taunt people with it?

Mahakla: The master is right for the wrong reasons. Telling others you are perfect makes them want to tear you down. The thought of something else just being perfect irritates them on a deep level.

Lilim: Oh like the master trying to kill Beldr!waii

Mahakla: Yes.

Shiki: Wow, that was really eloquent coming from you Mahakla.

Mahakla: I am very good at fighting. I know why people fight.

Shiki: Right, so we get there and a general clusterfuck ensued. The people at the Diet building said something about being followers of this Belial guy and figured they would survive this whole ordeal by kissing his ass enough. Beldr's minions went to attack them for the mistletoe. The demons thought we were part of Belial's gang and Belial's gang thought we were part of Beldr's gang. So in short everybody wanted to kill us.

Lilim: You really shouldn't be surprised about stuff like that master.

Shiki: Sigh... I guess not. So we went out and smashed through Beldr's minions quickly because the other demon tamers attacked them too. Those guys were pathetically easy to take down. Wow this is a weird feeling.

Lilim: What master?

Silky: Do you have a tummy ache?

Mahakla: Did you grow a spine?

Shiki: Shut up you two! No, it's just this morning the demons like Pyro Jack's and Yuki Jourous were a big challenge. Now they are a cakewalk. Getting stronger this fast is something new to me. Normally I have to study for weeks before I get things right, but this whole summoning and magic thing just comes really easy. I'll have to ask Naoya about it.

Lilim: You miss him don't you?

Shiki: Well yeah. He was like a big brother to me even though we are cousins. I know he is probably okay since he created the COM Ps... but I want to talk to him to get an idea what the flying fuck is going on here. Naoya is smart enough to figure a way out of this mess.

Lilim: You seem to be doing fine so far without his help.

Shiki: Thanks. You really don't have to keep complimenting me and stuff. I'm not going to fuse you or auction you Lilim.

Lilim: Really?! Oh thank you master!

Shiki: Whatever. So we killed the demons and then took down the demon tamer's making sure to break their COM Ps. They were a bit harder since they had auto skills like us, but they still went down.

Mahakla: ...

Shiki: Go ahead and say what you want.

Mahakla: Why do you only break the COM Ps of human enemies? Wouldn't killing them prevent them from hindering your plans in the future?

Shiki: Well I really don't want to kill any people. But yeah you are sort of right, letting them live does cause potential for problems in the future.

Mahakla: So why let them live?

Shiki: Because long term their survival actually helps. Either they go out and hide and make it easier for me to protect everybody since they are out of harms way. Or they go out and get another COMP-

Mahakla: And contract some demons and return to cause you trouble.

Shiki: Right. But there are only so many COM Ps out there. If they keep getting COM Ps and coming back for revenge I can just keep breaking them and give demons one less way to mess with people. Plus the process of having to battle new demons for macca for contracting helps harass the rogue demons running around. They are being hunted by tamers who want macca instead of being able to hunt people without COM Ps. Really it makes things slightly more controllable.

Mahakla: ...

Shiki: If you're going to yell at me for not just killing them do it now.

Lilim: Look at him dummy. He is speechless.

Mahakla: The slut is right. Using your defeated enemy as a weapon. Master...

Shiki: Whatever. I just figured that is what Naoya would try to do. Anyways we took some mistletoe from them. While they ran off they snarled something about us having no idea what is going on. Okay they are right, but I think they were just trying to scare us. Assholes.

Of course the good news was kinda marred by the fact that we ran into Atsuro's online friend 10-Bit just as demon's killed him. Damnit.

Lilim: Master... you do you're best. That's all you can do.

Shiki: Right... he gave us his COMP and told us there was some big secret that would explain this whole clusterfuck on it. But he died before he could tell us the password and Atsuro told us we would only have one shot at guessing it. We'll take care of it later, so 10-Bit's work won't be wasted. But right now we have to take care of Beldr...

Lilim, can you do me a favor?

Lilim: What master?

Shiki: Just promise me that you will be there and help in any way you can. That goes for all the demon's here too.

Lilim: Right!evil grin

Mahakla: A suggestion master. Remember that elephant headed demon Kaido was using? It is called a Naligiri. Fuse one.

Shiki: Why?

Mahakla: They have an ability that let's you attack faster, letting you do twice as much in battle. Since we only have one set of Devil's Fuge you have to hit Beldr as many times as possible before he can get to anybody else.

Shiki: Wow thanks. Wait, why are you being helpful instead of telling me I suck?

Mahakla: Because I want to stand beside the human who defeated the immortal Beldr. That is all.

Lilim: So you just want to mooch of the master's win?tongue

Mahakla: Silence slut!

Shiki: Right. Well I'm scared shitless, but here I go. Wish me luck guys!

Yeah, the fight against those guys was ridiculously easy, unlike the next fight. Beldr was a lot harder not so much because of the big Bel himself, but because of his flunkies. The game pitted you against demon's designed to stall and annoy you as much as possible. And then the asshat summoned more when you killed them all!

Right, Beldr fight post coming soon.

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