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326 BioSafety10th Dec 2011 03:47:23 PM from The Ethereal Mists , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
The Makuta
The first, since it would be less likely to kill me.

Would you rather become your avatar or mine?
You cannot destroy me. For I am nothing.
327 InverurieJones10th Dec 2011 04:04:58 PM from North of the Wall. , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
'80s TV Action Hero
What makes you think I can't turn into mine already...?

Would you rather be a lighthouse keeper or a railway signalman?
'All he needs is for somebody to throw handgrenades at him for the rest of his life...'
Definitely not a weirdo
Probably the lighthouse keeper. The solitude would be a pain, but I would probably have time to be a Mad Artist as well, and that might be fun.

Would you rather wreck a time machine 40 years in the past or 40 years in the future?
40 years in the past. Even if The '70s weren't that great, you know as well as any punk rocker because you're the lead singer in my punk rock band that THERE IS NO FUTURE. Speaking of punk rock, that was big in The '70s at one point, right?

Would you rather stare intently at extremely close distance through a microwave window for ninety minutes or watch Johnny Mnemonic twice in a row?

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330 WertyYertrew11th Dec 2011 09:36:32 PM from on a bus. , Relationship Status: Hiding
Watch Johnny Mnemonic twice in a row, for obvious reasons.

Would you rather be able to warp reality or control the minds of people around you?
but the future refused to change.
the miracle never happen.
331 Joesolo11th Dec 2011 09:40:40 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
Warp reality. EG, I want a sandwish right now, i can't mind-control one instantlly.

Would you rather be stuck in limbo, or go to hell?(bad, firey hell, not "Hell of a Time" hell.)

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Definitely not a weirdo
Limbo. I hear it's possible to get out of that place, you just have to bend over backwards to do it.

Would you rather be bombarded with puns, or be forced to read a bad fanfic?
333 WhoNeedsSleep11th Dec 2011 09:56:03 PM from the wing of this plane.

Would you rather have to play volleyball forever or have ice skates for feet?
We can dance to the radio station
That plays in our teeth
334 Joesolo11th Dec 2011 10:25:34 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
Ice skates for feet. I'll get a wheel chair until they perfect robo-legs. hey, look!

Would you rather live in Nazi Germany, so the Soviet Union under Stalin?
Definitely not a weirdo
Soviet Union. It's big enough that I might be able to find a place where I escape notice.

Would you rather arm-wrestle a wookie or get locked in a room full of very grouchy astromech droids?
336 SquadalaGuy12th Dec 2011 06:49:06 PM from Squadala! We're Off!
Magic Prophet
Wookies. Basiclly, I might lose, but i can talk Wookie talk, to forgive me. Forget the the astromechs.

Would you sing Jingle Bells (the usual ending, "one horse o-pen sleeeiiiigghh!") or sing the similar one, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"?
"The Horn of Protection is here for you, Timmy!" - Hank the Super Cheese Loving Rhino Guard from Fairly Odd Parents
"Jingle Bells". It's shorter, and I don't know all the words to "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree", and I don't want to embarrass myself and have that fact become public knowledge when the song is playing.

Would you rather eat a bat or eat a rat?
Fro-ed Wonder
Both options suck, but I'd probably go with rat.

Would you rather be have horrible handwriting or horrible typing form (like have to type each key with your index fingers)?
"I know where I am, I just don't know where I am in where I am." - Me
Definitely not a weirdo
Well, considering that I already have horrible handwriting, I'll go with that.

Would you rather have No Sense of Direction or No Sense of Personal Space?
No sense of direction would be funnier.

If you were tied down A Clockwork Orange-style, would you rather be forced to watch pornographic films starring your parents or have your face used as a toilet? Because the last time I asked this, the coward didn't make a choice.
The first would only partially scar me for life.

Would you rather have A broken PS3 or a working Philips CD-I?

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342 Joesolo12th Dec 2011 07:55:17 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
Philips CD-I. Not sure what it is, but it's better than something broken.

Would you rather listen to rebecca black for all eternity, or listen to justin beiber for all eternity?

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Justin Beiber. His face is less weird looking, y'know?

Would you rather be best friends with the world's #1 fan of movies starring Matthew Lillard or Michael Jackson (yes, the actual Michael Jackson)?

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Definitely not a weirdo
Probably Michael Jackson.

Would you rather be forced to read a slash fic pairing you with someone you hate or one pairing you with a clone of yourself?
345 AStrayBard23rd Feb 2012 08:12:38 PM from 867-5309 , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Sega's Last Hope
Clone one.

Would you rather watch the Star Wars Holiday special Anniversary Edition with Jar Jar Binks, or jump of a building?
Lover of masks.
Star wars holiday special.

Would you rather die alone and friendless or surronded by friends, but knowing one of them poisoned you.
Definitely not a weirdo
The second one is preferable.

Would you rather be forced to kill a stranger in cold blood, or watch helplessly as a friend is killed, unable to do anything to save them?
348 Rockonman23rd Feb 2012 10:21:27 PM from Cloudy City, WA
Stranger Things have happened...
I would warp me, my friend, and the victim to an alternate universe for the time being.

Would you rather be sucked into the vacuum of space or jump off the Grand Canyon?
349 Enzeru24th Feb 2012 07:18:40 AM from Orlando, FL χಠ♥
icon by implodingoracle
Grand Canyon. At least I brought a parachute!

Would you rather box or golf?
Lord of the Avians
Golf. Boxing would be more interesting, but I like my ears and brain the way they are.

Would you rather have cancer or schizophrenia?

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