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76 SeptimusHeap7th Jun 2013 05:51:20 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
While you may have a point about the main wiki, most wicks are in Trivia/.
Shifting Hey Its That Guy and Hey Its That Voice entries to another namespace wouldn't solve the problem of promiscuous sinkholing either.
78 SeptimusHeap7th Jun 2013 10:39:40 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
[up]So a threaded discussion area for Hey, It's That X! would be for questions about obscure facts about works? Like, "that one song" or "that one guy"? I'm still a bit confused about if we even need a Hey, It's That Gun! but that's not exactly what this is about...

That is, of course, contributing to the proposition of the threaded discussion idea. I don't mean to imply that "of course it's going to happen" or something like that.

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The problem is that Everything's Worse with Snowclones.

Perhaps Hey, It's That Sound! should be merged with Stock Sound Effects. The alleged distinction between them doesn't make much sense.

Hey, It's That Gun! was created fairly recently.
Bump. Crowner's leading option has made no real progress in the last couple of weeks, though the second option is now also favored by a somewhat lesser margin.

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You guys seem to missing that this is primarily for fun. People enjoy making these odd associations. It is a trivial pursuit. Trying to shape it into something serious is completely missing the point.
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Well, sure, but the Just for Fun stuff is getting treated seriously and in some places becomes a really cluttered mess. It's a wiki game and shouldn't be on main pages and stuff. If trivia got the YMMV treatment telling you to keep it off character and work pages then it would probably be easier to keep this stuff where it belongs. However, since the wiki doesn't have that set up after all this time I assume that such things have either been forgotten about, are a low priority or the administration does not wish to do it. Thus, we're looking for alternate solutions.
84 SeptimusHeap15th Jun 2013 07:46:14 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I assume the reason why it hasn't been implemented is either a) a crowded development queue or b) that Trivia stuff is still less problematic than YMMV stuff.
What do you think needs development? Trivia goes on the trivia tab. We all know this. We're classifying these "Hey,..." things as trivia. What else do we need?

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86 SeptimusHeap15th Jun 2013 07:56:30 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Some people want a way to make Trivia items tagged when they are out of place, similarly to the YMMV tag.
Exactly. Without the little nagging warning saying 'Hey, this doesn't go on this page' when you edit people don't do it. Not their fault, really, since I don't think they even realize it works like that.

If we can get people to put things in the trivia namespace or the proposed one for Just for Fun (which could include other things like this eventually) and keep them there then that's an adequate solution and preserves the game. I personally just want them out of the work and character pages.

Also yeah, other things needing to be done is what I meant by low priority. I know Fast Eddie is busy with lots of things on this site.

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88 SeptimusHeap19th Jun 2013 05:46:46 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
So the only thing left to do here is that tech fix. Given that it's not TRS job and probably not happening soon, this can probably be closed.
He didn't say he was going to do it, nor that we can't go ahead.
90 SeptimusHeap19th Jun 2013 06:04:31 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
@85 does not sound like that, although it's kind of ambiguous. I'd wait for a clarification.

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I didn't say to go ahead either, just that we shouldn't consider anything finished here.
92 SeptimusHeap19th Jun 2013 06:49:41 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
My personal stance, as before, is that I am not sure if we need any action here (other than implementing that Trivia tag so that we can get rid of the misplaced entries.).
But we don't know if he's doing it or not. If he isn't, then we need to do something else. We don't even need him to do it right this second, merely the knowledge that it'll happen eventually.
94 SeptimusHeap19th Jun 2013 07:08:45 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I assume that the relationship with Role Association is the only problem left fixing, since the "game" is tucked away in the Trivia tab.
I just found the trivia item You Might Remember Me from..., which, according to the description, deals with famous actors.

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96 SeptimusHeap11th Jul 2013 02:54:08 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Huh. That sounds like a YMMV qualifier, the page being natter-free nonwithstanding.
97 Larkmarn9th Aug 2013 08:51:50 AM , Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
In a related note, English Voice Actors seems to largely be used as Hey Its That Voice. There's quite a few legit examples, but as they go on into Thread Mode, they just devolve into Hey Its That Voice.
98 StarSword9th Aug 2013 06:06:24 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.
You Might Remember Me from... is supposed to be when an actor does a major role, time passes and they're not known for much else, then they come back with another major role. For example, Unforgettable was promoted as "Poppy Montgomery, Agent Samantha Spade on Without a Trace, comes back to CBS".

[down]I was responding to Mikuru and Septimus. YMREF isn't YMMV, it's another trivia item in the same family as Hey Its That Guy, but which has a much more straightforward definition and, from the wicks I've seen, less misuse.

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99 SeptimusHeap10th Aug 2013 02:54:17 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
^So what is the problem? I think you missed to say that.
100 StarSword21st Aug 2013 08:35:51 AM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.

Page Action: Hey Its That Guy 2
8th May '13 5:06:56 PM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Hey Its That Guy is a Trivia item defined as "An actor you've seen in other works, but you don't remember his name, just his face." We often misuse it for "Here are unrelated other roles played by this film's actors," the just-for-fun game currently covered by Role Association.

All crowner items will apply to the mirror trope, Hey Its That Voice, as well.

Usage stats between both tropes: 9,448 wicks and 2,657 inbounds.

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