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Dwarf Fortress Succession: Beigeknife, or "Waterburned, the Spinoff":

Conqueror of Hell Itself

Waterburned II: You All Meet In A Festering Bog (Or A Desert I Guess)

Long ago, when the original fortress is still hobbling along, a spinoff was decreed for those whose computers were unable to handle all the blood. We embarked in the terrifying tropical saltwater swamp "The Murk of Flimsiness" some bloody desert, confirmed to have goblin, human, elf, and dwarf neighbours.

Turn Order

  1. Tuefel Hunden IV
  2. wikkit
  3. Count Dorku
  4. Edwards Grizzly
  5. fishsicles
  6. Muramasan13
  7. Jimmy T Malice
  8. Archereon
  9. Gand Aand R
  10. Caspellaer
  11. Durza
  12. NESGamer190 (current turn)
  13. Condorito
  14. Ringsea


PM me for my email address to pass on the save (or better yet, upload it to DFFD yourself and PM me the link to put in this post). Please do not use my email address to sign up for anything unseemly if you do. (It is not my work email or anything like that, but be friendly.)

  1. Starting save. Set in the Swamp that Doth Rain Shit.
  2. Save after Tuefel's turn. Marks the move from the swamp to the desert. EDIT: No longer a Waterburned save. Oops.
  3. Save after wikkit's turn.
  4. Save after Dorku's turn.
  5. Save after Archereon's turn.
  6. Save after GandAandR's turn.
  7. Save after Caspellaer's turn.

edited 23rd Apr '13 9:20:43 PM by fishsicles

 2 Shadow Dimentio, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:02:59 PM from The Depths of the Void
The Misanthropic Douche
How did the farmer manage to become the expedition leader?
A miserable, hateful shell of a person who lives off of the emotions of others. Also likes compliments.
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Four dimple cups, a carving knife, and a captive audience.

edited 8th Aug '12 8:05:56 PM by fishsicles

Count me in! Here's hoping we get some War-trained Giant Tigers at some point.
 5 Count Dorku, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:11:01 PM from Sharn, the City of Towers Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some nights I wish that this all would end
Sign me up. Second or third would probably be better than first, since I'm still governing Waterlagged. Burned. Shut up.
Still Chuubsessive
 6 wikkit, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:12:01 PM from Lumine Hall
Man, Beigeknife is the most lukewarm fortress name out there.

I'd also like to go second.

Conqueror of Hell Itself
We will make the colour beige badass, mark my word.

Tentative roster:
  1. Grizzly
  2. wikkit
  3. Dorku
  4. yours truly

Does that work?

Also, we should keep Waterburned going; this is not intended to be a replacement until after (it dies of natural causes|we crush the demonic bastards and claim hell FOR THE EMPRAH). This just keeps the rest of us with something to do between the big turns.

edited 8th Aug '12 8:19:24 PM by fishsicles

 8 Rotpar, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:27:51 PM from California Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Generic Evil Emperor
I'd like to be dorfed, dunno about a turn just yet. Got a lot of stuff I'm working on and I struck the mortal wound to the both TV Tropes games.
DDC = Dyslexia Done Correctly - totlmstr
 9 Tuefel Hunden IV, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:30:34 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
Count me in.
"Who watches the watchmen?"
 10 Shadow Dimentio, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:35:59 PM from The Depths of the Void
The Misanthropic Douche
I'd so offer to play a round if I had any idea what I was doing.
A miserable, hateful shell of a person who lives off of the emotions of others. Also likes compliments.
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Fluff post.

Dwarven fortresses throughout history have been known for two things: their great triumphs over the forces of nature, and the inevitable collapse that follows such triumphs like a donkey after migrants.

The merchants that travelled to and from the distant ventures of our brethren spoke more and more of the toil of one fortress, under the flag of the Massive Room. Its paradoxical name, Waterburned, was one of the simpler things about that place; what began as tales of a quiet hamlet under blood-red skies quickly took a dark turn.

Tales of horrible eldritch beasts and their battles with the settlement's valiant defenders (or aggressors, depending on the story and the drink) filled taverns across the dwarven lands. These stories had two constants: the incredible power that slept at the heart of the earth, and the all-too-deadly wrath of its protectors.

It would not take long for these rumours to reach the royal court, and for them to take root in the minds of the dwarven nobles. The power-that-sleeps-below would be seized, the conquest of the Infernal Halls resumed, and the glory of dwarvenkind reclaimed, by any means and at any cost.

Countless expeditions to the darkest realms of the world were launched. Few arrived, and fewer sent word back.

We were some of the lucky ones. As my feet sink into the soil of this filthy bog, I stare out into the fog in the distance, looking for a place to get out of the filthy air of this place. As I ready a pick and stare at the ground, I mutter a single sentence I learned from the merchants. Its meaning eludes me, but its function is clear.

"Gods damn it, Rotpar."
 12 Shadow Dimentio, Wed, 8th Aug '12 8:59:54 PM from The Depths of the Void
The Misanthropic Douche
The one thing that lasted the ages:

It's always Rotpar's fault.
A miserable, hateful shell of a person who lives off of the emotions of others. Also likes compliments.
 13 Tuefel Hunden IV, Wed, 8th Aug '12 9:08:30 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
Lol. Nice Rotpar is now a curse.
"Who watches the watchmen?"
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Slowly but surely, Rotpar's name is spreading across the world.

Honestly, most of the more infamous denizens of Waterburned could probably be named in the uncouth mutterings of dwarvenkind. To say nothing of "earwig monster" or "three-eyed demon".

(I place Beigeknife chronologically a few years, let me say seven, ahead of Waterburned. Schrödinger's Cast is entirely in effect as to whether it succeeded or got crushed. That is the extent to which I will say the continuity word.)

edited 8th Aug '12 9:37:50 PM by fishsicles

I would like to be moved down the roster if that's ok since I am next in line on Waterburned AND about to start fall semester classes so I doubt I have time for two turns at once.
 16 Rotpar, Wed, 8th Aug '12 9:38:11 PM from California Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Generic Evil Emperor
Ah, lol. My name is a kill curse word.

edited 8th Aug '12 9:39:13 PM by Rotpar

DDC = Dyslexia Done Correctly - totlmstr
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Okay, if Grizzly wants to go later and wikkit and Dorku want to stick to their slots, that means Tuefel goes up to the front.

[up] Between Rotpar I (unleashed Hell to begin with) and Rotpar II (helped fishsicles II unleash it the second time), that name is pretty strongly associated with the whole Ia! Ia! Armok fhtagn! shenanigan at this point.

edited 8th Aug '12 9:45:50 PM by fishsicles

Another reason I'd like to go later is I've been doing some minecart science lately and that kind of thing is easier once somebody else gets a steady metal industry going.
Conqueror of Hell Itself
We have both deep and surface metals at the site, so hopefully we will hit usefulness sooner.

We really need to build a NAPALM at some point.
 20 Muramasan 13, Wed, 8th Aug '12 10:18:56 PM Relationship Status: Not war
I'd like to volunteer for a turn in this, too, seeing as how it'll be forever until my turn in Waterburned.
Smile for me!
 21 Jimmy T Malice, Wed, 8th Aug '12 11:33:38 PM from Top lane Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Sounds pretty cool. I'd rather participate in this than Waterburned, since all the demons will probably lag up my computer no end. Dibs on the brewer!

edited 8th Aug '12 11:34:14 PM by JimmyTMalice

"Steel wins battles. Gold wins wars."
 22 Adannor, Thu, 9th Aug '12 12:53:25 AM from effin' belarus
Can I get dorfed with the first migrants please? ^_^

Oh, right, dorf me as an engraver/miner. I'm going to be carving a lot of tracks once my turn comes.
 24 ultimatepheer, Thu, 9th Aug '12 6:59:04 AM Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Perfect Poke Mon for a Cloud Cuckoo Lander like me.
Sweet, I once again am the most badass dwarf in the fortress. Though I kind of expected my name to be more of a title, passed down from badass to badass.

Whatever, at least rotpar is blamed for issues. lets not let him have a turn at this fortress, ok?

edit: I think I may try my hand at some of those journal entry things from the dwarven point of view some of you try, not sure though. Any of you think I should?

Also, I just looked, and about 7 years after the current time in waterburned would appear to be near the end of ROTPAR's next turn.

So that's why we left.

edited 9th Aug '12 6:40:16 PM by ultimatepheer

 25 Azreal 341, Thu, 9th Aug '12 6:54:48 PM from Wandering Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Munchkin in training
Hello, friends! I'm too busy/not smart enough to play DF but could I please be dorfed in Beigeknife?
YAAAAAAAAAAY RANDOM BEATINGS, GHOSTS, AND DEATH -Python of fire. Also Dwarf Fortress in a nutshell
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