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     The Characters I've Played 
  • Dr. Elios Dyson, Steampunk Roboticist that tends to disappear when important things happen.
  • Smith Johnson, Time-Traveling Supaa Robotto with two last names.
  • Fish'Ti'Ree, Chiss bar owner and professional paranoid.
  • The Mad Mr. Madarch, an alien fungal illusionist who would end up revealed as an exiled Fey Prince.
  • Corner, Young Lady possessed by a comatose god who tries to eat magic stuff.
  • Frank Jones the Third, the birdman forgotten by all existence.
  • Skelefunk The Lich, Rapping Necromantic Bastard who only liked his gimmick so that nobody important took him seriously.
  • Umdulivaris, God of Disease and Plumb-line of The Heavens.
  • Raymundo Gregario, traveling doctor with little cares in the world.
  • Slug-Pirate, a slug who is a pirate that I can't remember the name of.
  • Wyatt Johnson, i.e. Silver Light, dimension jumping bum with a taste for nice fur coats.
  • Namacuix VII of Buinol, Literal Spider-Man and reigning monarch of an underground pseudo-Azteca spider kingdom.
  • Ricco Horner, Xenomorph Starfleet Ensign who is a lot nicer than he looks.
  • Chun Xiubai, Power Armor Pilot, family man and professional coat hanger.
  • Calcol, Orcish Cool Old Guy and the medieval equivalent of NVGs.
  • Maria Hopkins, sickly descendant of a lich who didn't take getting kidnapped well.
  • Seija Kijin, a troublesome youkai, transdimensional agent, and renaissance woman.
  • Marynia Bezruchko, psychic mecha pilot with a portable iron lung.
  • Koishi Komeiji, ultimately very thoughtful despite supposedly not thinking.
  • Tukantz Arund Comata, alien dignitary and owner of a robot hand.
  • Huthizki Rerontai, alien space mechanic and nude beach enthusiast.
  • Hol Horse, known for his award-winning shooting skills and bravery.
  • Gerald Doughtry, known for his actually award-winning clerical skills and mundanity.
  • Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji, half-ghost, half-bored.
  • Siegward of Catarina, jolly co-operator.
  • Eleonore Fuchs, user of Sutando Powa, namely 『Ice Ice Baby』
  • Seiga Kaku and Yoshika Miyako, good friends all around.
  • Ro-Man Extension XJ-2, proud exemplar of the Ro-Man Species, hailing from Planet Ro-Man.
  • Susan Person, Founder and Owner of Beefhouse International: WE HAVE THE BEEF!
  • Carol Lambert, eternally plagued by sheep.
  • Penemue Dogan, trapped in his cycles of guilt and being on fire.
  • Suika Ibuki, drunk and probably near-sighted.
  • Heather Summers and THE DARKMASTER, who don't necessarily get along.
  • Almost the entire cast of Subterranean Animism all at once, who despite living in a place called Hell are doing fine.
  • The Trusty and Unbreakable Patches the Hyena, who collects titles as a hobby.
  • GuR'Rrru'RrRuh, a Tusken Raider who really likes water.
  • Sumireko Usami, your Ordinary High-School Chuunibyou.
  • Itellia of Gothal, who, let's be honest, is just Tomoko/Hex Maniac.
  • Pontiff Sulyvahn, he's not like other popes.
  • Wo-Class, a.k.a. Miracle Carrier☆Wo-Chan, who is a disgraceful weeaboo.
  • Ivy Havilland, awkward girl who has answers as to why she's not the world's richest woman.
  • Ran Yakumo, except she doesn't have a name and is a cowboy.
  • Zorana Dojinovac and Hassan-i-Sabbah of the Divine Garden, who don't even work together.
  • Bethany Misaki, who smells like sunflowers every season and ultimately looks very familiar...
  • Christine, who isn't even hiding that she's a Hex Maniac.
  • Fran, FromSoftware in the flesh.
  • Santa Claus, ho ho ho please don't Excalibur me.
  • Komachi Onozuka and Okuyasu Nijimura, scythes n' stands.
  • Ozen the Immovable, Grandma Extraordinaire.
  • Maestros Ionia and Aeolia Achtelnote, nobody gives a shit about them.
  • Reiko Kuchiba, who likes cats.
  • Yukari Akiyama, the autism.
  • Hob Hornfrond, beloved and be-lover.
  • Kaguya Houraisan, sock wearer.
  • Ezalor, who keeps a lot of flashlights around.

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