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An Irish troper in search of 'a job' and 'money'. As he has seen little to no evidence of the existence of these things, he has decided they are mythical creatures and that it is a better idea to devote his time to perusing the internet for knowledge and splendour.

    Games I like 
Magic: The Gathering: I generally play Blue/Red, though I've been trying out a Blue/Green deck with a few ninja thrown in for good measure.

Yu Gi Oh: Ultimate Tyranno, yay!

Warhammer40000: Mostly on the side of Chaos, with either the Alpha Legion or Emperor's Children.

Dwarf Fortress: For the glory of Armok.

FTL Faster Than Light: Zoltan or Stealth Cruiser would be my choice usually.

The Binding Of Isaac


League Of Legends: Hecarim, Sejuani, Zed, Jinx, Lux and Xerath would be my top picks.

Professor Layton


    Books I like 

    Shows I like 
Various other tropes associated with me: (Well, really just a pair that are occuring to me at the moment. I'll add more later.

Badass Longhair: I try at least...

Deadpan Snarker: pretty much my normal speaking voice.


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