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This free horror game is popping up everywhere, and I recently played it, and I must say it scared me to death, like seriously, this isn't even me posting this, it's my freakin zombie ghost thrall thing.
2 Enkufka6th Jul 2012 08:25:48 PM from Bay of White fish
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I was going to start it, but the download link is down. sad
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3 onyhow6th Jul 2012 09:08:42 PM from Land of the Lilies , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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The game from the Slender Man Mythos?

Just watched the video...guy can appear anywhere can be damn surprising...
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Why would I write that?
It was pretty good until I actually saw him. I can't take that seriously. It's like in Marble Hornets when the guy in the suit is clearly not very tall and they just put cardboard tubes in the sleeves. And gave him a blue tie for some reason. I don't know why but that always took me out of it.
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[up] Yeah I know what you mean but that game still terrified me for some reason.
Easily the scariest game I've ever played. Also the first game I've quit for a reason other than not liking it.

It's just too freaking tense for me.

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7 Psyclone10th Jul 2012 02:15:05 PM from Somewhere else
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They should make a premium version of the game and sell it on Steam for 20 dollars.

[runs away from the thread under a shower of rotten tomatoes and rocks]

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8 LanceOmikron3rd Aug 2012 12:07:22 AM , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Just downloaded this yesterday, and I think I may have met my match. I want to play this game. I really do. but every time I load it up and start walking through the almost pitch-black forest, I get so scared that I end up hammering the escape key in fear as fast as I can before even a minute of gameplay has elapsed. I haven't even run into Slendy yet, or even heard the static that signals his approach!

I don't think of myself as a hardened horror veteran, but I've previously conquered Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which I commonly cite as one of the scariest games ever. Heck, I did my first playthrough of it alone, at night, in absolute darkness, with headphones! That should count for something, but... I suppose even all the scares in Amnesia pale in comparison to the terror of being alone in a dark forest with Slenderman... *shiver* >_<
You guys got a link of some kind?
10 wikkit3rd Aug 2012 08:06:38 AM from Lumine Hall

I got one riiight here.

Also, for MSPA fans, the guy that made this happens to have made quite a few songs on the soundtrack, including all of Song of Skaia.
11 SgtRicko3rd Aug 2012 10:01:49 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
And sadly, your link doesn't work...sad
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12 Accela3rd Aug 2012 10:11:31 AM from one of my story's worlds
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I love the Slender Man mythos and this game looks great...but I can't play it. I can't handle high-tension games like this. Just watching Let's Plays scared the crap out of me. I may be a wimp, but I know my limits.
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13 thespacephantom3rd Aug 2012 10:46:49 AM from Angband, the Hells of Iron , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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14 Spirit3rd Aug 2012 12:18:48 PM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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That's even worse. Before, you don't know what he wants: just that he's gonna get you.

Now you know what he wants: your money. And he's gonna get it.
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15 Naspah4th Aug 2012 12:59:49 PM from my homely home in Mexico , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
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Here's how to make him not scary:

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16 Quantumawsome5th Aug 2012 07:22:27 PM from Spacetime , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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That is the funniest thing I have ever seen.grin
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I downloaded Slender because I thought it couldn't possibly be scary.

I screamed out loud in the middle of the night.
18 SgtRicko7th Aug 2012 07:28:51 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Well, the link's finally working, and I decided to try it out.

Now I've played and watched quite a lot of horror stuff and it's gotten to the point where nothing phases me. I might think a character's death is grotesque or the "scream chord" might startle me slightly, but they ultimately fail to frighten me, largely because I know that they will never harm me. And even if they could, most horror movie most tend to ultimately kill, so my suffering won't last very long.

Yet this game managed to creep the hell out of me. The first half of it wasn't bad since I figured out that the game was trying to psyhe me out with the eerie calm, but after getting the 4th page I began to spot the Slender Man more frequently. Still, not so bad since he's not very speedy: just gotta figure out the guy's tactics, then use them to my advantage...

And then I saw the empty brick building. I was gonna have to enter the building to find the next page, WITH HIM FOLLOWING ME INSIDE! That was when I realized that the shit had hit the fan.sad

I can't seem to beat it though: it's like the guy gets way too fast to outpace at some point or another, usually around the 7th page. Best advice I can offer though is to do the brick building and gas tanks first: those seem to be the hardest to escape from. The others are easier since you can "hide" behind trees and other objects while at the same time having lots of free space.

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One feature that I think needs to be removed is Slender Man's ability to forcefully turn you around and instantly kill you even if you're executing all the necessary tactics to escape him. It kind of kills a little of the immersion by removing the possibility of survival out of the player's hands. Slendy should be difficult to evade and he should feed the player's sense of paranoia, but I don't think he should be able to spontaneously kill you no matter what you do.
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It really bugs me how much this game is getting It's Popular, Now It Sucks for the Mythos.
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21 MrMallard11th Oct 2012 05:47:26 AM from Australia, mate
This game scared the crap out of me when I first saw people playing it in class. It's alright, but... Well, I prefer SCP Containment Breach. The monster in that works the opposite way: you have to keep looking at it until it's out of your sight range, and if your character blinks it jumps at incredible speed and breaks your fucking neck. With an audible crack.

Still, I wouldn't play Slender on my own :/
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22 Ukokira11th Oct 2012 06:45:21 AM from Multiverse , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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Not that scary for me but then again slenders model instills Narm for me.
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23 Ukokira15th Oct 2012 02:59:34 PM from Multiverse , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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Someone should make a Smiley mod because of the Smiley movie.

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[up] Huh?
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25 SgtRicko1st Nov 2012 09:08:56 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
[up]He's probably talking about the new Smiley movie that was released in theaters recently. Still, he should've added more context to the post: I had to think about that one for a minute as well...
Would you believe I never fully watched the original Indiana Jones trilogy? I gotta correct that someday.

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