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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
(Signups are now closed; game thread is located here)

It is the summer of the year 2016. Earth rolls on, like every other year, while the politics of those living upon it go through the same motions. In the field of information technology however, startling new developments are taking place. A revolutionary piece of gaming software, its development championed by the Bandai Corporation, is nearing completion, and several youths from around the world are invited in as the first entries to this new game. Behind these seemingly benign intentions however lies a scheme to which may change the world forever. Two worlds, in fact.

For beyond this piece of technology lies the far greater creation of mankind, the Digital World.

It is a place, a separate yet connected dimension of data, created inadvertently by the human race out of their burgeoning communication networks. More vast even than the Internet which helped solidify it, the Digital World has its plains, its mountains, its oceans, and its floating islands. But most important of all, it is inhabited.

Digital Monsters they are called, or Digimon, numbering in the millions, if not billions. Large and small, sapient and not, these infinitely varied creatures of data and forgotten programs are only dimly aware of those strange fleshy people looking in. They have their own concerns to worry about, for the Digital World is a harsh place where survival is not guaranteed, and civilisation not much kinder in many realms.

Only one greater conflict concerns them all, which they fear the imminent resumption of: The Holy War, waged across the World for as long as even the oldest Digimon can remember, a war of the divine against the profane and the fallen from all grace. Seven Lords, vying for the power ultimate and freedom from their Creator, once-loyal servants now under the lead of the Brightest and furthest fallen. Thirteen Knights, created to win the War against them in favour of Heaven's Sovereignty with skill of sword and purity of light. But the War was not won. Time and again the Lords and Knights reincarnate, to lead their minions and supporters against each other in an unending waltz of the damned and the blessed, with no true resolution in sight.

Into this maelstrom these unknowing youths shall arrive, content with the idea given to them that this is merely a game. Bound by an unknown destiny, they hold the fate of both worlds in their hands, and those of their soon-to-be partners. In this storm of angels and devils, not only will their lives be in mortal peril, but their very souls.
As you can probably guess from the title, Waltz Of The Damned: The Second Movement is a reboot of the Digimon Waltz Of The Damned RP started several months ago by fusionman; due to circumstances which I will not go into, fusionman is no longer in a position to GM the game he created, and due to the fact that a larger number of the original players flew the coop, we (that being Fallen Angel of the Dark, Colonial1.1, and myself) have opted—with fuse’s permission—to reboot the game and start over from scratch.

Waltz Of The Damned: The Second Movement has the same premise and setting as the original game, that premise being that our human characters are teenagers who, for one reason or another, have been invited to take part in a very private beta for a ground-breaking MMORPG based on the Digimon franchise. What they do not realize, however, is that Digimon is more than just a series of videogames, anime and associated media; it is very, very real, and they are about to become embroiled in a conflict the likes of which they can scarcely imagine.

All players will need to sign up as both a human Tamer and their Digimon partner; keep in mind, however, that at the start of the game you will only be controlling the human (they’ll meet up with their Digimon once they’ve actually entered the Digital World) due to being in the real world at first, and keep in mind that as far as any of them know, Digimon are not real. Also, while the main focus of this game is the conflict between the Royal Knights and the Seven Great Demon Lords and that your characters will naturally be taking sides in it, you are not restricted to playing as those two groups of Digimon (see below). Finally, the Tamers are not restricted to being Japanese; characters can be of just about any nationality or ethnicity, and those who aren’t native to Japan will be flown there as part of an all-expenses-paid package deal.

Now then, the rules:
  • No godmodding, no ghosting, no auto-hitting unless permission to do so has been given beforehand, and no meta-gaming.
  • Refrain from having your characters trying to kill each other off, and don’t kill another player’s character unless permission to do so has been given beforehand from the person who is writing that character; while death may not be permanent for the Digimon except in certain circumstances, the same cannot be said of their human partners.
  • No dropping out without warning; it tends to greatly inconvenience the other players if you just vanish off the face of the earth without explanation, and leaves the rest of us in an awkward position as to how your abandoned character should be dealt with. If you plan on leaving or know that you will have to give the game up at some point, please, tell us so that it can be incorporated and dealt with in terms of plot and characters.

The game also has a pre-existing discussion thread which can be found here, and an associated world-building thread located here; most of the locations, characters and concepts featured there still apply, unless noted otherwise.

The Sign-Up Sheet

The sign-up sheet is divided into two halves, those being focused on your human character and their Digimon partner, respectively.


  • Name: self-explanatory, really
  • Gender: the sex of your human character.
  • Age: how old your human character is. In general, we want characters that are in their mid-to-late teens.
  • Crest: a trait or vice that your character and/or Digimon partner embodies; for the Lords and those aligned with them, this can be any of the Seven Deadly Sins (Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Greed, Gluttony and Envy), while those aligned with the Royal Knights can either make use of the nine crests from the Digimon Adventure series (Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, Light and Kindness) or choose from a series of virtues based on the knightly code of conduct (Justice, Loyalty, Chivalry, Devotion, Fidelity, Courtesy, Tenacity, Charity, Mercy, and Nobility). Collecting these crests will be necessary for your Digimon to digivolve beyond the Champion level, as was the case in the show. Please make sure that your chosen crest actually meshes with the personality of your character and their Digimon partner; a character with the Crest of Mercy who constantly kicks his enemies while they’re down or someone with the Crest of Sloth who insists on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle would be puzzling, to say the very least.
  • Alignment: which faction your character and their partner will be aligned with; do they side with the heroic Royal Knights, or the tyrannical Demon Lords? Note that like in Dungeons and Dragons, their alignment is not a straitjacket; just because you have sided with the Lords does not mean that you are obliged to play as one of the seven, and the same goes for those whose characters are with the Knights.
  • Appearance: a description of what your human character looks like. What sort of clothes do they wear? Do they have any distinguishing physical traits, like scars or an unusual hair colour? Please be sensible when writing your character's appearance; if they're practically falling out of their clothes, that isn't going to fly. Finally, the Tamers are not restricted to being Japanese; characters can be of just about any nationality or ethnicity, and those who aren’t native to Japan will be flown there as part of an all-expenses-paid package deal.
  • Personality: a description of how your character thinks, acts and behaves.
  • Background: a brief description of what your character’s life was like up until entering the Digital World. What sort of environment did they grow up in? Where are they from? How did they get invited to the private beta of the new Digimon MMO?
  • Weapon: later on in the game, our characters will be able to acquire special weapons with incredible properties; their purpose is to allow our human characters to engage in Shounen-style fights with one another even while their Digimon are slugging it out in the skies above them. You will acquire them as the plot advances, and will not have them right from the get-go; also, while these weapons are rather powerful (enough to let your character go toe-to-toe with most Ultimate-level Digimon), they do have some limitations; you won’t be able to perform frankly impossible feats with these weapons, such as using a katana to cut a mountain in half without even touching it. Think Marcus Damon/Daimon Masaru from Digimon Savers, not Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.
  • Digivice color: another self-explanatory one; what colour(s) your Digivice will be. Note that our characters are using the D-Power design from Digimon Tamers.


  • Name (Mega): Another self-explanatory example, the name of your Digimon’s Mega form. Keep in mind that they will be starting out at their Rookie forms, however.
  • Evolution Line (Fresh to Mega): the entire chain of your Digimon’s evolutionary progression, from Fresh (or Baby) to Mega; please provide links to the Digital Monsters Almanac Digi-Dex for all stages of the line. You are free to customize your Digimon partner’s line however you please, provided that they can actually digivolve to or from a particular Digimon according to that site and that they are thematically appropriate; a Floramon which digivolves into a Sunflora or a giant boxing cactus for its Champion form is a slightly peculiar but acceptable spectacle, but a Floramon that digivolves into a giant wolf or a hermit crab? Now I’m afraid you’ve lost me.
  • Personality: More or less the same as the Personality entry for your human character, this is a description of how your Digimon acts and thinks. Be sure to note how your Digimon’s personality fluctuates between the different stages of its line, if it does so at all.
  • Background: Exactly the same as its counterpart for the human section; why is your Digimon the way that they are? What sort of territory or fief did they hold, in the case of the Knights and Lords themselves? Unlike the human section, this one is optional, but strongly encouraged.
  • Lackey: another optional field, this section describes a Digimon which accompanies or will accompany your main Digimon companion as a vassal, assistant or seneschal. This option is only available to those characters that are playing as one of the Royal Knights or Demon Lords; characters who are simply aligned with either of these factions cannot take it.

List of Accepted Characters

Royal Knights and their allies

Demon Lords and their allies

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Aww, son of a bitch

First signup, ova hea.

Man (well, boy, but still)

  • Name: Joel Magnusson
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Crest: Greed
  • Alignment: Da Lordz
  • Appearance: Joel stands at around 5'4, rail-thin with pasty white skin. His hair is a greasy brown mop atop his head. He has an almost skeletal look about him, hazel eyes set deep in their sockets and high cheekbones. A few sparse hairs cling to his pointed chin. His fingers are long and nimble, with long, well kempt nails. He usually goes about in a simple gray hoodie and faded blue jeans, a pair of battered black sneakers on his feet. He tries to keep at least some semblance of approachability, though, keeping his appearance as neat and tidy as he can to offset the weird creeper vibe his usual outfit gives off.
  • Personality: Joel has a tendency to treat people as things, and things at people. While far from a sociopath, he still has some difficulty factoring other people's opinions and feelings into his plans, or even casually considering them. When he sees something he wants, he'll do whatever it takes to get it, whether 'it' happens to be the last piece of cake or the affections of someone who catches his eye. To this end, he has a tendency to cheat, lie, and steal to get what he wants, even if it harms him in the long run. He's a short-sighted boy, and prefers the path of instant gratification to the long, slow road of gradual reward and punishment. He's incredibly protective of both his belongings and his own person, often fleeing from any potential altercations before he has the chance to get hurt.Of course, this protectiveness also extends to what few friends and loved ones he has, and he will go to any lengths to defend them. Despite his overwhelmingly negative personality, Joel is capable of being civil and polite towards others, if only to get close enough to pick their pockets later.
  • Background: Joel was born into a wealthy family, the son of a stockbroker and a housewife. For years, Joel lived a life of luxury. He had money, enough food to last him a lifetime, and not a care in the world. However, this was not to last. On the twenty-first of May, Joel's mother tripped and cracked her skull open on the kitchen sink. By the time the servants found her, it was already too late. Joel mourned his mother's death, for he had treasured her more than all of the money in the world. But time moved on and his father married someone else, some vapid model who barely paid Joel any attention. He lived out most of his days locked up in his room, with only his possessions to keep him company. And even those would not last for long.
    • Due to various financial factors, nearly all of the Magnusson family's wealth was lost, leaving them with only the smallest fraction of what they had once owned. His stepmother, having no more use for them, divorced his father and left him with only the clothes on his back, his only child, and what little remained of his money. Joel and his father moved to the slums of New York City, where they would live in filth and squalor. From that day forth, Joel swore that he would never lose anything again. A lofty goal, to be sure. When his father's new job as a dock worker failed to bring in enough cash to make ends meet, Joel took up pickpocketing and ran a few small but successful cons to help support his family. This quickly became the norm and even today Joel still robs the foolish and gullible of their coin just to get by. More recently, Joel entered a contest to earn a chance to Beta test a new virtual reality game. While he wasn't entirely familiar with the franchise the game stemmed from, he knew enough about odds to be certain that some other lucky sap would get in. Imagine the young thief's surprise when he discovered that it was him who'd won the prize. He was happy, of course, though more than reluctant to leave his father hanging like that. He'd gone anyway, of course, leaving his dad with enough money to get by while he was gone.
  • Weapon: While he's not exactly a mighty warrior, when Joel is out of options he fights with a pair of sharp, saw-toothed daggers that he keeps in his sleeves.
  • Digivice color: Joel's digivice is primarily black in coloration, with bright bronze trim.


  • Name (Mega): Barbamon, Lord of Greed, He of the Tarnished Key, Tyrant of the Golden Mount
  • Evolution Line (Fresh to Mega): Mokumon > Gigimon > DemiDevimon > Bakemon > Phantomon > Barbamon
  • Personality: Barbamon is much like his tamer, in the sense that they both are possessed of a desire for things, be they available to all or in the possession of others, and the willingness to go to any ends to acquire those things. That's where the similarity's end, of course. Barbamon sees this behaviour as a matter of entitlement. Everything in the world is his, and his by right, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a damn fool. He doesn't go around broadcasting this, of course. Instead, he prefers to act as a mostly-silent observer, watching events pass him by and occasionally intervening to protect his interests or secure something of particular value to him. He tends to think in the long term, and has already built up a reputation as something of a schemer.
  • Background: There's not much Barbamon remembers from before he was a Lord, and it's something that still manages to frustrate him. He remembers being somewhere bright, and beautiful. He felt weightless, free, though still bound by some grave duty, a duty that he fulfilled without hesitation. He was happy then, so very happy. And then it all came crashing down around his ears, all so suddenly. He'd done something wrong, a breach of duty, perhaps. They'd stripped him of his title and tools, left him to die out in the Digital World. The other Lords, still fresh from their exile, found him crawling his way through a sandy wasteland, babbling to himself about a key. That's about where the vagueness ends, and so too does the mystery.
  • Lackey: While there are precious few digimon that Barbamon would dare to call his allies, he can and will always trust Midas, a Ghoulmon whose servitude he won in a game of chance, to organize his affairs and keep his belongings safe and secure.

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The Fallen Fanboy


  • Name: William Graceton
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Crest: Kindness
  • Alignment: Knights
  • Appearance: William is about 5'9". He wears a black shirt with a lack of sleeves, tan cargo shorts, and black shoes. He has short, reddish hair, as well as green eyes. He has white skin that looks like he hasn't been out in the sun in a long while.
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Personality: William is quiet and introvertive. However, he isn't shy, he just doesn't like to talk. His introvertiveness makes it a pain to get anything about his personal life out of him. In fact, the only people he seems to be able to talk to normally is either his mother or a surrogate. When it comes to action, however, he will have hesitation, maybe even downright fear if there's no one there to support him. He has a soft side to cute creatures (this extends to Digimon), often times wanting to hug it and pet it.
  • Background: William used to go to elementary school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, just like any normal boy, when he became witness to a bullying incident. Rather than be a bystander, he stood up to the bully for the victim, then offered the victim his kindness. However, the bully turned his attention, and his ire, towards William, attacking him and poking fun at his ginger hair. The victim that William was kind to didn't return that same kindness and chickened out when William asked him for help. The harrassment from the bullies led his mom to put her foot down and pull him from the school, homeschooling him until he was around seventeen. He felt betrayed by who he thought was his friend and decided that he wouldn't make a friend for a long time. He secluded himself to his studies and occasionally a website known as Neopets. One day, he was offered to complete a survey for 1,000 Neopoints * that, when completed, will send his results to the Bandai Corporation, where they will consider who is worthy to get the invite to their private beta test. He completed it, not caring at all for the prize if he managed to win the invite. That is until his mom told him that there was a letter for him from the Bandai Corporation. He indeed won the invite, though he wanted to decline the invitation. However, his mom insisted for him to go, telling him he should get out of the house for a while. His mom then sent him off to Japan alone, and for the first time since he got bullied, William became scared.
  • Weapon: Eventually, when Musyamon (see below) is defeated, William will obtain his Shiratori-maru, a sword dedicated to attacking Dramon Digimon.
  • Digivice color: Gold Primary, Rose Secondary, Cyan Detail.


  • Name (Mega): Crusadermon
  • Evolution Line (Fresh to Mega): Metalkoromon > Kapurimon > Kotemon > Gladimon > Knightmon > Crusadermon
  • Personality: Whereas William is introvertive, Crusadermon is extrovertive.
    • Kapurimon: If in any case she is knocked back into being Kapurimon, she will exhibit infantlike or otherwise pet-like quirks, such as making cute noises and nibbling on things. Like an infant, she doesn't have much words to say, and thus, the only words she does know, she often says them one word at a time.
    • Kotemon: Starting out, Kotemon (Or as she prefers it, he) is very outgoing, and comes off as brash or rude, and the fact that she uses her kendo stick to whack people she deems as stupid doesn't help her case of proving otherwise. She also has a sense of impatience after being told that she's supposed to digivolve into a Royal Knight, often bullying her partner into trying to digivolve her.
    • Gladimon: After she digivolves into Gladimon, she will ditch some of her childish traits, though she will still have her outgoingness, though she ditches her whacking habit, mostly because her Kendo stick is now a sharp sword and whacking people with it isn't a good idea.
    • Knightmon: After she digivolves into Knightmon, her impatience is gone and so is her outgoingness, adapting William's introvertiveness and accepting her role as a Knight. Because the Crest of Kindness was required to have her digivolve into Knightmon, she also begins to show a softer side that would have been repulsed to hell by her younger stages. She also ditches the Bokukko act.
    • Crusadermon: Finally, after she becomes Crusadermon, she has evolved from a impish little child to a more cool and mature Digimon. Her kindness also evolves, turning her into a Team Mom. The only time she'll ever show the Hot-Blooded outgoing nature again is if anyone is to harm her friends or Partner.
  • Background: Crusadermon was formerly known as Lordknightmon, a male Royal Knight. When he was defeated, reduced to his Digi-Core, and was taken to become an egg again, something went wonky in the resetting process, so when he became an egg, he switched genders, identities, and lost his memory of being a Royal Knight. He used to own a fief that was soon changed into what was now known as the Dinohyumon Village. Metalkoromon was placed in the care of two Dinohyumon and was taken back to the village, where she grew into Kotemon and was taught in the ways of being a nurse despite her having some desires of being a knight, the only remnant of her memories as Lordknightmon. One day, a Devidramon attacked the village, and the Dinohyumon would have all died had it not been for the intervention of Musyamon. Soon, the Musyamon was injured in the attack after defeating the Devidramon. The Dinohyumon saw this as an opportunity to have Kotemon take care of Musyamon as her first job as a village nurse. However, Musyamon, upon seeing the lack of enjoyment in Kotemon's work, encouraged her to leave the village and pursue her dreams of being a Knight. The two became close friends as Kotemon picked up some mannerisms from Musyamon. She then left the village, beginning her journey of being a Knight.
  • Lackey: Her lackey, after she goes into either her Champion or Ultimate (most likely the Ultimate) will be the Musyamon she met in the village, who will act as a mentor to both her and William, as well as other Tamers regardless of alignment.

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Well, here goes.


  • Name: Shai Arieli. She also has an Embarrassing Middle Name (sort of) she'd rather not share with anyone*.
  • Gender: female.
  • Age: 18.
  • Crest: Tenacity.
  • Alignment: Knights (allied).
  • Appearance: Shai is of middling height and slim, almost boyish, of build. Her face is wide, her forehead is high, and her nose is slightly upturned. Her eyes are large, purple, and set rather apart; her eyebrows are thin. Her hair is a brownish shade of purple (dyed) and reaches the small of her back; she usually ties it with a large ribbon.
    She usually wears a white blouse, a brownish-purple (of a lighter shade than her hair) sleeveless vest and skirt, and large, Dr. Marten-esque boots the same colour of her vest.*
  • Personality: Shai is odd. One moment she might talk about Greek philosophy, the other about animé, the next about her cat. On the surface, she doesn't seem very focused, but truly she has tremendous powers of concentration and is a very persistent person. She is socially awkward, having problems talking with strangers; at first sight, she tends to come off either as a complete goofball or as a haughty and somewhat distant person, depending on her mood.
    With her friends, however, she is easygoing, somewhat talkative, and very helpful; once she endeavours to do something, she will not rest until it's done. She also has an Encyclopaedic Knowledge in quite a lot of subjects; in fact, she is sometimes nicknamed 'Walking Encyclopaedia Shai'.
  • Background: Shai was born into a middle-class Israeli family. Her life up to this point — she is currently between high-school and Army service — was fairly normal, though an unusual percentage of her friends were rather misanthropic or just odd and outcast. Her father, a rather highly-placed software engineer, managed to get an invitation to the beta for her as a gift for her eighteenth birthday.
  • Weapon: While she is no warrior, she wields a longsword with pride.
  • Digivice colour: blue-and-white.


  • Name (Mega): Dianamon.
  • Evolution line: Moonmon —> Lunamon —> Lekismon —> Crescemon —> Dianamon
  • Personality: Dianamon, in all her forms, is somewhat distant, yet kind.
    • Moonmon is slightly naïve and cowardly; she is also rather afraid of losing her loved ones.
    • Lunamon is indeed distant and hard to approach. She is, however, quite lonely, and she will develop a strong bond with the first person to reach her.
    • Lekismon is, as noted above, distant but kind. She is also supremely determined, not abandoning her endeavours no matter the cost.
    • Crescemon is not as detached as Lekismon. She is also quite warlike, adding a dose of ferocity to her determination. She is, however, more easygoing and easier to socialise with.
    • Dianamon is distant and aloof, and her kindness is slightly haughty, as befits one of the Olympus Twelve that watch over the Digital World. She also has a dark, bloodthirsty side to her personality, and it shows when she fights; she is without mercy to her opponents, to her allies, or to herself.
  • Background: Dianamon was a member of the Olympus Twelve, a group of Mega-level Digimon whose purpose was to watch over the Digital World. She presided over the World's tundras, taigas and oceans; when the Holy War started, she almost immediately got into conflict with Leviamon, first fought by proxy and discreetly, but as the War escalated so did Leviamon's attacks; at length, he himself attacked her. They fought, and she was slain by him.
    She was reincarnated as Lunamon and sent to a village of Coredramon in the frigid wastes of her domain; they watched over her, even coddled her, remembering the days she protected them from Leviamon's forces.
  • Lackey: N/A.

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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
@ Bindlestick: Good as usual, my friend, but you forgot one thing—links. You'll need to put those in for each stage of Barbamon's line before I accept him and Joel. Psyga, that goes for you as well.

@ Des: Shai and Dianamon seem good to me; I will have to confer with Fallen and Col before I officially accept them, however.

Now then, something I should have done at the beginning—provide you lot with a sample character.


  • Name: Olivia Tantalos
  • Gender: female
  • Age: 19
  • Crest: Envy
  • Alignment: Demon Lord
  • Appearance: Olivia is pale and rather thin, traits made all the more apparent by her height of 5’11”; her platinum blonde hair is short and unkempt, hanging over her forehead in a set of choppy bangs. Her facial features are rather androgynous, and her figure is so subtle and subdued that she has been mistaken for a man on more than one occasion; her eyes are blue, but thanks to a faint yellowing of her sclera they appear green under certain lighting conditions. Olivia’s attire is fairly simple, consisting of little more than a green sweater and a pair of tan cargo pants; she wears a small grey fanny pack around her waist at all times, but what it contains is unknown—she never opens it in the company of strangers. Finally, she carries an old model CD player with particularly large headphones which she wears around her neck; she listens to it whenever she can as a means of shutting out the world.
  • Personality: Olivia Tantalos is not the most pleasant person in the world, to put it mildly; her experiences have left her sullen, bitter and resentful of those around her for a plethora of reasons, and so great is her dislike of her fellow man that it borders on misanthropy. If forced to interact with someone she can appear pleasant enough, but in truth she prefers to be left alone as much as possible so that she isn’t constantly reminded all those little things people take for granted which she can never have. She dislikes being taken out of her comfort zone, and does not respond well to stress; this, combined with certain other aspects of her character, could potentially lead to problems down the line.
  • Background: Olivia is very sick; ever since she was little the young woman has suffered from chronic asthma, and this condition is not helped by her recent onset of anemia. Her fanny pack contains the medications she needs to keep her afflictions in check, though she dislikes taking them because it makes her feel weak. She has never done well in school, and all throughout her life she has been mocked for her boyish figure and sickly nature; this, combined with the knowledge that her anemia is getting progressively worse and thus leaves her with at most another two years to live, have contributed greatly to her misanthropic outlook.
    • In an effort to distract herself from what she views as a lousy life, Olivia has spent the last several years burying herself in videogames, mostly single-player stuff, but of late she had begun transitioning to the world of MM Os. When Olivia learned of a contest whose grand prize was a chance to take part in the beta for a radical new game, she entered it without a second thought; there was no price for entry, and she honestly never thought that she would actually win the stupid thing. Now she finds herself on the way to Japan, not at all pleased with this turn of events but powerless to do anything about it. If only she knew what she was really getting into…
  • Weapon: being ill-suited for strenuous physical activity, Olivia much prefers not to get into fights if they can be avoided; and even when the true nature of things becomes clear to her, she is not keen on getting into bare-fisted bar brawls. A ranged weapon is far more suitable for someone like her, and late in the game Olivia will acquire a flintlock pistol with which to protect herself.
  • Digivice Colour: Ultramarine and bronze.


  • Name (Mega): Leviamon, the Devil Beast and Lord of Envy
  • Evolution line:
  • Personality: as the Demon Lord of Envy, it should come as no surprise that this sin is Leviamon’s defining trait; throughout his line’s progression, he is deeply envious of other beings or believes others to envy himself. Even his Rookie form, the bivalve Syakomon, resents other Digimon both for being able to move around so easily on land due to having legs and for being stronger than he is. Even when he evolves into the much stronger Ebidramon, he still feels limited due to the fact that his attacks are restricted to crushing things with his massive claws and wishes that others did not have all those fancy ranged attacks. In his Ultimate and Mega forms, his confidence has been bolstered by the incredible destructive power he now wields as Waru Seadramon and Leviamon, and believes others are jealous of his strength; he is quite paranoid, however, believing that his allies do not respect him at all, and if he feels that he is being mocked he will respond with extreme violence. In his eyes, such aggression is perfectly justified; after all, they don’t trust him and he sure as hell doesn’t trust them, so it’s only a matter of time until the Demon Lords all start stabbing each other in the back—why not beat the rush and come out ahead?
  • Background: Like most of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Leviamon did not start out as an evil figure; before his fall from grace he had once been as noble and just as any other angelic Digimon, though even then he had difficulty forming bonds with others and silently resented his fellow angels for the easy, genuine camaraderie that they seemed to share. When Lucemon rebelled against the Sovereigns, Leviamon was one of the first to be dragged down with him; he sided with the Morning Star out of a belief that Lucemon was infallible, and that perhaps this would be the best way to gain the respect and admiration of his peers. In siding with the Morning Star he attained power beyond his wildest imaginings, but that power came with a terrible cost, blackening his soul and warping the fallen cherub into a monstrous beast of nightmarish proportions.
    • Over the many cycles of the endless conflict between the Royal Knights and the Demon Lords, Leviamon has carved for himself an Abyssal Kingdom at the very bottom of the Digital World’s deepest, darkest ocean; a gloom-ridden and evil place, it is rightly feared by the surface-dwellers unfortunate enough to live in its vicinity, for it is infested with all the myriad horrors of the deep and the furious throes of the Devil Beast have been known to cause earthquakes and tsunamis which ravage the coast. Since the of the last cycle, however, the waters over Leviamon’s undersea realm have been strangely calm…
  • Lackey: When the Devil Beast leaves his aquatic pit to make war against the Royal Knights, he entrusts the rule of his domain to the ever-loyal Forneus, a MarineDevimon who serves Leviamon as his majordomo. Due to his position, Forneus will not be leaving the Abyssal Kingdom for the vast majority of the game; after all, someone needs to keep the place running while the master is away…
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Put the links up.
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Aww, son of a bitch
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Expanded Dianamon's personality section and added a background section.
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Bindlestick: Accepted.

Desdendelle: Accepted.

Psyga: Seeing as your Mons have differing personalities over time, can you separate them by name?
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Not exactly sure what you meant, so I heavily edited both the Personality and Bio for her for better understanding.
Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
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I've edited the opening post to add Shai and Joel to the list of accepted characters. Psyga, I'll have another look at Will at some point tomorrow; I can't give it due attention right now, due to being preoccupied with something IRL at the moment.
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Psyga: Some grammar quibbles, but otherwise accepted.
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Is there still room? I'd love to join.
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  • Name: Haruka "Rue" Makafari
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Crest: Mercy
  • Alignment: Royal Knights
  • Appearance: Pic with Tapirmon. A short albino girl wearing prescription glasses. She attends a Catholic school and often wears this when ever she wants to appear professional. She also wears a blue scarf, regardless of the weather, and is very sensitive when asked why. Her blue eyes and pale skin make her stick out wherever she goes.
  • Personality: A constantly depressed girl who seldom speaks out of shyness. She is highly sensitive to any criticism of her, becoming even more sullen when she is criticized. Regardless of her unhappy nature, she will not hesitate to help someone in need, doing anything she can to help, but never fighting back against the larger problem. She is extremely awkward in face to face conversation, preferring to communicate over the internet, leaving her distraught when she is separated from them. She has a tendency to break down under stress. She is a Catholic girl, with a strong belief that everyone deserves a chance at forgiveness. Despite these beliefs you can sense a strong burden of guilt on her.
  • Background: Rue was born to an Irish-American man and a Japanese women, who have encouraged their daughter to not let people put her down because of her albinism, and raised her in the Catholic tradition. Haruka used to be far more cheerful and outspoken than she was now, choosing to act independently of groups, and always being active in activities. That changes last year, where she was caught up in a suicide attempt by another student and she was bullied for the remainder of the school year. At that point she became highly withdrawn and miserable, avoiding sticking out at all costs as an attempt to avert bullying in the new school. She has failed, with every step out of line, leaving her mocked and harrassed. She signed up for the Digimon MMO beta, out of nostalgia for her childhood, and in hopes of escaping her problems in the real world.
  • Weapon: She wields a bow and arrow, with arrows cannot directly harm any creature. They instead create a variety of effects which hinder her opponents or help her allies, depending on the arrows she uses.
  • Digivice color: Blue and White.

  • Name (Mega): Kentaurusmon
  • Evolution Line:
    • Fresh: Zerimon Very talkative and a loud mouth without having any sense of when to shut up.
    • In-Training Gummymon Spunky and playful with less emotional baggage attached to her than Tapirmon.
    • Rookie: Tapirmon See personality profile.
    • Champion: Unimon More mature than Tapirmon, Unimon will follow orders from her Tamer, and show respect to all opponents, even those weaker than her.
    • Ultimate: Chirinmon. A graceful and benign nature with a strong code of honor. She always gives her opponent a chance to surrender and will avoid dragging out fights with her opponent.
    • Mega: Kenataurosmon A powerful Digimon that prefers incapaciating her opponents to killing them and will try to talk down opponents rather than trying to kill them if possible.
  • Personality: A big jerk and a social darwinist, eager to fight and unwilling to help others. She lashes out at others for minor problems and has a tendency to talk tough. Despite her flaws, she holds herself to the same standards, training hard for her successes and training harder at her techniques. She secret harbors a deep self hatred which can be triggered by certain triggers. As she digivolves she becomes more humble and less violent, learning by example. However she is not as bloodthirsty as she appears, and has Hidden Depths that display certain sense of self-restraint.
  • Background: She came from a village shrouded in mystery with different factions fighting for control of the village. The harsh lifestyle of the village was even harder on her, as they were brutal in their expectations of her, mercilessly pushing her to her limits. Her only real friend there was the Pixiemon which led the village in her youth, but he was killed in a coup to seize control of the village. She decided to leave the village to train harder, with a hope of her taking control of the village and avenging Piximon's death. Despite her claims, however there is a sense that Tapirmon may be less bloodthirsty than she claims.

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Name: Jeremiah Anton.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Crest: Sloth

Alignment: The Lords.

Appearance: A rough and tough looking individual. His attire consisting mainly of dirty and ripped clothing, namely that of a grey hoodie and a pair of ripped, baggy jeans. His form is thin, almost unhealthly so, with not much muscle mass on him.His hair is greasy and black, and his eyes are a dark, chocolate brown. He wears a pair of lopsided glasses that sit on the tip of his nose.

Personality: Jeremiah is the definition of "brilliant but lazy". He has good ideas, but never has the motivation to complete them. He loves to sleep and play video games rather than do much to change his own life for the better. However, his laziness does give him a very laid back attitude, believing "Why bother leaving the comfort zone? Life is short, whyu bother making it any shorter?". Despite his hedonistic life style, he's not a bad guy, he's just lazy.

History: He grew up in a rough and tough part of the town, that much is sure. His father was rarely ever home, trying to scrounge up a meager amount for his family to sustain by, and his mother passed when he was a mere child. His father, working nearly three jobs at the same time, left Jeremiah alone to fend for himself. As a result, he spent most of his time at the library, simply staying on the computers and wasting time than help his father bring in some money, For shits and giggles, he entered the contest to be part of a beta, figuring not much would come of it. Imagine his surprised when it did.

Weapon: He's not strong or fast, but he does seem to have disturbingly good accuracy with Poison Darts.

Digivice: Dull grey and Black.


Name: (Mega) Belphemon, the Demon Beast and Lord of Sloth.

Evolution: Fresh: Kuramon In-Training: Sumemon Rookie: Dracmon Champion: Porcupamon Ultimate: Astamon Mega: Belphemon (Sleep Mode) Belphemon (Rage Mode)

Personality: A powerful, evil, deranged Digimon. Manipulative, corrupt and all around evil creature. While in Sleep Mode, it must be carried around. While it does so, it tends to fill the minds of the people in his vicinity to carry out his deeds, or to corrupt them and watch, through the mental link, as trust is broken, friendship is lost, and most of the time, lives are taken. It takes a joy in this in it's sleep form, but in it's rage form it's Anger is on par with Daemon's, destroying everything around it in a way to sate it's savage anger.

Background: Not much is known about Belphemon's history. Rather, it was destined to be a harbinger of darkness when it was a mere egg, who would end up destroying those around it. As a result, a decision was made to make sure this creature, this horrid beast, to be put into a sleep and keep it from awakening and unleashing its fury. As a result, this gave Belphemon time to think and plot out it's revenge, revenge on those who sealed it...and revenge on everything else Living in the world. As a result, the sleeping mode of Belphemon is hidden...for now...

Lackey: N/A.

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Daemon's already been reserved, sorry to say.
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I'm pretty sure someone unofficially claimed Deamon already, but let's see how the G Ms take this. They should have revealed who's avaiable and who isn't on the sign-up either way.
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I can work with this I guess. Any lords still available?
19 RhymeBeat26th Jun 2012 09:44:05 PM from Eastern Standard Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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I believe only Belphemon.
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Oooh, I can work with belphemon.
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Okay, adjusted Daemon to Belphemon.
22 RhymeBeat26th Jun 2012 10:00:29 PM from Eastern Standard Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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I personally think Poison darts would be a more appropriate for the Tamer of Sloth. The scythe fit Deamon well, but Belphemon?
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Ah good catch, thank you.
24 RhymeBeat26th Jun 2012 10:02:31 PM from Eastern Standard Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Also change all references of Wrath to Sloth.
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Rhyme Beat: You're human's fine, but your Digimon...

First, she needs her changing character described through her Digivolutions. And second, she needs to eventually fit the Crest.
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