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"Moments" Subpages having/lacking YMMV Banner:

Sorry for the confusing title, but I couldn't think of any other way to put it.

It's been noticed (by Elbruno initially) that some of the Moments subpages (Moments meaning Tear Jerker, Funny Moments, Heartwarming Moments, etc.) have YMMV banners while others do not. I found the best way to show this is by using examples, with One Piece being the template (copied from Ask The Tropers):

One Piece <- This is the Tear Jerker subpage for One Piece. It has the YMMV banner on it.

One Piece <- This is the Funny Moments subpage for One Piece. It does NOT have the YMMV banner on it.

One Piece <- This is the Heartwarming Moments subpage for One Piece. It also does not have the YMMV banner on it.

Generally, I've noticed that it's the Darth Wiki and regular Wiki pages that have the YMMV banner, while the Sugar Wiki pages do not have the banner.

So I'm asking two things. One, does the YMMV banner need to be on the Tear Jerker, Nightmare Fuel, etc., subpages? It seems kind of counterproductive, since it's advising moving the moments to the YMMV tab.

Two, as brought up by Nocturna, would it be possible to get special banners made for the Moments subpages saying something like "These (insert Moment)s go on this page; any examples on the main page or the YMMV page should go here." or something suitably less confusing and lame?

EDITED because Suger is not how you spell Sugar.

edited 15th Jan '12 1:11:16 AM by battosaijoe

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[up] Honestly, I don't see this as a high priority issue. It's just another thing on the (long) to-do list of minor things that need to be fixed on the wiki. Eddie is aware of it, as he commented on the Ask The Tropers thread about it.
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