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Tech Wishlist & Bug Reports
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new postpinnedAdvertising and Computer Security Issues on TV Tropes572Sun, 20th Apr '14 4:39:00 AM
new postpinnedWhy we will never have a quote button1Thu, 16th Sep '10 11:27:06 PM
new postMention Function/System43Mon, 21st Apr '14 10:42:23 AM
new postArchives removed from "Related To..." pages4Sun, 20th Apr '14 10:44:31 AM
new postWhat happened to the size tags?10Fri, 18th Apr '14 6:04:53 PM
new postTRS Limit21Fri, 18th Apr '14 1:23:26 PM
new postAccidentally created a new account3Fri, 18th Apr '14 1:22:14 PM
new postSearch bar not working...?4Fri, 18th Apr '14 8:08:43 AM
new postSearching for thread titles within subforums2Fri, 18th Apr '14 8:04:51 AM
new postTurn the Natterfy button into a selection of messages143Thu, 17th Apr '14 8:48:30 AM
new postRemoving a title customization?3Tue, 15th Apr '14 1:31:42 AM
new postDouble Standard index2Mon, 14th Apr '14 1:59:51 AM
new postToggling spoiler tags on specific pages6Sat, 12th Apr '14 3:38:05 AM
new postVideo ads?2Thu, 10th Apr '14 10:14:50 PM
new postEdits won't save.24Mon, 7th Apr '14 6:18:09 PM
new postAdding the inbound tool to Related to11Mon, 7th Apr '14 11:58:52 AM
new postMaking it easier to monitor wicks3Mon, 7th Apr '14 11:14:23 AM
new post"Related to" fix.1Mon, 7th Apr '14 11:08:08 AM
new postMobile problem: disappearing "Send" button4Sun, 6th Apr '14 11:53:03 AM
new postSomething Asking Me to "Run or Save" Something2Fri, 4th Apr '14 8:44:59 AM
new postThat Talking Lampshade Thing27Wed, 2nd Apr '14 3:21:57 PM
new postInvisible crosswick3Wed, 2nd Apr '14 7:25:33 AM
new postPage on my Watchlist3Sat, 29th Mar '14 10:23:08 AM
new postTVtropes loading slowly in Firefox5Sat, 29th Mar '14 9:27:39 AM
new post A "By newest" tab for YKTTW1Sat, 29th Mar '14 12:02:04 AM
new postNewbies keep not formatting article titles in threads properly.11Wed, 26th Mar '14 9:11:09 AM
new post$ad_banner_code showing up under the top 2 button layers4Mon, 24th Mar '14 2:51:47 PM
new postPage Type Counts and Namespaces11Mon, 24th Mar '14 12:14:03 PM
new postMain forum page completely blank3Sun, 23rd Mar '14 4:40:26 PM
new postTearjerker pages are un-indexing.2Sun, 23rd Mar '14 12:03:59 PM
new postTrivia and YMMV flagging10Sat, 22nd Mar '14 6:44:49 AM
new postFolder size?6Tue, 18th Mar '14 1:17:02 PM
new post5-second delay between posting?10Tue, 18th Mar '14 7:51:57 AM
new postMarkup problem with YMMV.YoshisIsland page3Mon, 17th Mar '14 12:26:46 PM
new postScrewwy time stamps4Sun, 16th Mar '14 9:58:10 AM
new postPM's won't get deleted23Sun, 16th Mar '14 3:02:49 AM
new postYKTTW improvement: Require explanation of tag5Fri, 14th Mar '14 10:11:27 PM
new postProfile settings not sticking-- cookies enabled (screencap inside)6Fri, 14th Mar '14 6:22:34 PM
new postWon't let me do any editing4Tue, 11th Mar '14 11:51:27 PM
new postWhy are the "New topic" buttons at the bottom of the page?4Mon, 10th Mar '14 3:04:27 PM
new postBook-making PDF option like Wiki?1Fri, 7th Mar '14 11:48:55 AM
new postIndexing subpages6Wed, 5th Mar '14 11:55:10 PM
new postFolder preferences won't let me default to closed31Tue, 4th Mar '14 8:31:28 AM
new postForum pages in Chrome jumping to anywhere I didn't want to be5Mon, 3rd Mar '14 10:50:19 PM
new postDid You Just Punch Out Cthulhu2Mon, 3rd Mar '14 9:47:58 PM
new postCan you tell if someone has blocked you with private messages5Mon, 3rd Mar '14 12:44:42 PM
new postAbout that new ninja emoticon2Sat, 1st Mar '14 12:03:36 PM
new postSomething's borking up entry text every time I edit.2Sat, 1st Mar '14 2:52:05 AM
new post"Limited Lock" feature?24Fri, 28th Feb '14 3:45:19 PM
new postCan't add a page. Bug or am I missing something?2Fri, 28th Feb '14 9:51:24 AM
new postGlype Proxy12Wed, 26th Feb '14 4:46:41 PM
new postOverhauling page creation245Wed, 26th Feb '14 10:50:34 AM
new postMy YKTTW won't show up7Tue, 25th Feb '14 12:35:07 PM
new postCertain pages just refuse to be edited1Sat, 22nd Feb '14 12:28:00 PM
new postSuggestion re: redirect checking14Sat, 22nd Feb '14 11:50:13 AM
new postTrope Repair Shop Needs Cleaning6Thu, 20th Feb '14 12:06:56 PM
new postDark Theme for Night Viewing?5Wed, 19th Feb '14 2:11:47 AM
new postProcessing backslashes for linebreaks ignores escape-out code2Sat, 15th Feb '14 10:15:28 PM
new postI blocked someone's PM's, but the green bar keeps appearing6Wed, 12th Feb '14 12:33:27 AM
new postRecap link breaks in the forums5Mon, 10th Feb '14 9:36:08 PM
new postNeed help; important Firefox addon suddenly stopped working5Fri, 7th Feb '14 6:41:26 AM
new postCan't change my avatar19Wed, 5th Feb '14 6:22:18 PM
new postBroken Custom Titles Repair Shop17Fri, 31st Jan '14 12:25:07 PM
new postHow does [[creepypic]] work?4Thu, 30th Jan '14 9:27:28 AM
new postYKTTW improvement3Tue, 28th Jan '14 6:37:49 AM
new postChanges to Cutlist function.6Sun, 26th Jan '14 1:17:23 PM
new postHow does the code for "This Troper" work?2Mon, 20th Jan '14 2:50:17 PM
new postGlitch on Related To Page3Fri, 17th Jan '14 11:21:23 AM
new postBeyond the Impossible appears as a Red Link.8Fri, 17th Jan '14 8:53:41 AM
new postAnyone else having problems? 7Wed, 15th Jan '14 8:54:06 PM
new postSuggestion: Image Source 19Wed, 15th Jan '14 7:48:57 PM
new postDeletion of watched pages doesn't appear on watchlist10Tue, 14th Jan '14 7:59:35 AM
new postRelated pages list doesn't sort properly for namespaced articles3Wed, 8th Jan '14 10:53:19 PM
new postMy Troper page redirects to the homepage?!?11Thu, 2nd Jan '14 6:58:28 AM
new postSingle page turns into multiple pages1Fri, 27th Dec '13 3:22:11 PM
new postCan't uplod edits to larger tropes.9Thu, 26th Dec '13 11:58:35 PM
new postCamelcase title issue? "OldSchoolDogfight"2Thu, 26th Dec '13 7:32:13 PM
new postCannot search on the main page4Wed, 25th Dec '13 8:08:46 PM
new postReCaptcha broken?15Tue, 24th Dec '13 10:49:16 PM
new postNew subpage for collecting a work's Zero Context Examples.11Tue, 24th Dec '13 8:07:39 AM
new postCorrupted Image Files4Mon, 23rd Dec '13 12:34:10 PM
new postSuggestions: Email user interface improvements11Mon, 23rd Dec '13 7:33:26 AM
new postHottips are not working any more.5Sat, 21st Dec '13 7:19:00 AM
new postWhere is the place to ask anything to check and edit grammers.2Thu, 19th Dec '13 10:05:30 PM
new postYKTTW comment editing5Thu, 19th Dec '13 3:27:40 PM
new postI have a YKTTW with unnecessary tags11Thu, 19th Dec '13 12:18:57 PM
new postI think I did something wrong on here. User stupidity if I did.5Tue, 17th Dec '13 9:03:56 AM
new postHow does a user edit a page?4Tue, 17th Dec '13 8:16:38 AM
new post502 Gateway Messages3Mon, 16th Dec '13 11:06:14 PM
new postHats problem on YKTTW6Sat, 14th Dec '13 4:21:37 PM
new postDiscussion pages not watchlisting correctly5Thu, 12th Dec '13 10:05:47 AM
new postURLs with apostrophes cause problems.4Wed, 11th Dec '13 3:06:40 PM
new postGlitched Page - Crash Course Landing4Wed, 11th Dec '13 4:25:07 AM
new postAn Ignore User feature16Sun, 8th Dec '13 4:03:19 PM
new postUnable to save changes.11Fri, 6th Dec '13 1:56:32 PM
new post[suggestion]Keep tally of hat additions and removals in YKTTW2Tue, 3rd Dec '13 10:33:23 AM
new postImages in YKTTW replies glitches out the page.4Sat, 30th Nov '13 4:12:02 AM
new postCutlisting problem5Tue, 26th Nov '13 11:11:49 PM
new postFrom that following point, everything is bolded.8Mon, 25th Nov '13 7:12:15 PM
new postAdd YMMV tab to Recap pages2Mon, 25th Nov '13 12:52:08 PM
14 pages in this list
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