Why we will never have a quote button:

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Why We Will Never Have a Quote Button

You guys will have to recall that I've given these reasons many, many times. Here they are again.

1) It's a crappy method of discourse because you can just address the person you are talking to and/or refer back to the post containing the material you are quoting.

How to do that? Here are some options:

  • Hover your mouse pointer over the dateline on this post. See? It's a link to the post.
  • Use the post number. "Re post #4123: While it may be true that ... " works well.
  • Just talk to that human being out there. "Unfortunately, Fast Eddie, we have no access here to whatever supercrack you are smoking ..."

2) If you make it easy, you will see people quoting the post directly above because they have developed a habit of always bashing the quote button when they want to reply. This adds visual clutter and is annoying.

3) A post containing a bunch of quotes each followed by a reply is like the International Symbol for "trolling in progress." Trolls deserve all the extra work we can make for them.

4) It very pointedly ignores all the posts between the quoted material and the reply. This jerks the flow of the conversation backwards and or fractures the conversation, causing there to be multiple 'threads' within the conversation. Confusing, and somebody is bound to be shorted.

5) Quote buttons suck, I don't like them, and since I'm the one who would have to build them for free, they're fucked.

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