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The Devil Inside
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The Devil Inside:

Will anyone be seeing this this weekend? It looks pretty good, but I cannot watch Religious Horror films. They are one of the few genres that genuinely scare the crap out of me.
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I think it looks kind of wretched...particularly the lead's acting, though it's not fair to judge at this point. William Brent Bell's track record does not inspire confidence.

Of course, given that there's been a string of bombs in the horror genre, I may check it out regardless of quality.

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Goddamn it, how many movies are there about women getting possessed and imitating Linda Blair and having to be exorcised?
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Most horrifying billboards ever. Those things are fucking terrible to drive by at night.
 5 Buscemi, Wed, 4th Jan '12 6:27:56 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
I wouldn't be surprised if this film turned out to the Genre-Killer for the found footage sub-genre. It looks like a million other films (The Rite, The Last Exorcism, Paranormal Activity, etc.) and most of the found footage movies not named Paranormal Activity or its sequels have failed at the box office.

Also, having Danny Trejo as a priest kind of suspends any belief to the audience that the film may be real (a selling point of these movies).
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As long as the Paranormal Activity films continue to make money, stupid executives will continue giving the green light to found footage horror films. It's hard for them to not make back their budget.

I got a free pass to a screening tomorrow, so I will give it a look, but my expectations aren't high.

 7 Mark Von Lewis, Wed, 4th Jan '12 7:42:36 PM from Somewhere in Time Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
If Trejo's in it, he'd better be dishing out some Machete-style exorcism.

Honestly, though, I'll pass on this movie; not a fan of possession movies.
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[up][up][up][up] I guess some people had similar reactions.

Only, they don't seem to be like you because they come off as morons.

[up] I was expecting "This posters are freakin' out my kids" which would have been fair enough. I got "It affects people that are trying to be Christian and follow the word of God. You canít have posters like that; they're saying that they can do what the devil wants them to do" a view so stupid, it's actually kind of blasphemous to have God mentioned in it.
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[up][up]I hope that people feeling offended by the posters helps with the film's publicity and gets more people to see it.

Someone should make a page for the movie, then we could put the billboard on the Nuns Are Spooky page.
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Well, I didn't make it to the screening, but if the word-of-mouth is any indication, I dodged a bullet.

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 12 Buscemi, Thu, 5th Jan '12 11:27:58 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
From what I've read, there is No Ending. But it sounds like there is a third act, unlike Creature.
I'm sick of seeing ads for this one every day on TV already. It's a serious Wesley on the part of the studio.
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 14 Buscemi, Fri, 6th Jan '12 7:31:11 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
Well, the general consensus that the film is shit. It has an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes (3/37) and nearly every audience reaction I've read from it is a bad one.

Who the hell decided to give the director of Stay Alive another movie?
Whoa, checkout the Wikipedia page for it. Serious vandalism. It must be really bad.
 16 Buscemi, Fri, 6th Jan '12 9:49:10 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
It's been fixed. What was the vandalism?
Someone put up what I guess was a synopsis of the plot, only calling all the characters by racist and sexist slurs. Also they used absolutely no capitalization. Still, if their summary was accurate then this movie had the worst ending ever.
 18 Buscemi, Fri, 6th Jan '12 9:57:29 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
As I said, there is no ending. The film asks you to go to the website and look up the ending.

Which sounds incredibly lazy.
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This film is on track to have one of the biggest January debuts ever.

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I just read the funniest review. Spoilers for anyone still considering this film:

Now I'm glad I couldn't see this.
 21 Buscemi, Sat, 7th Jan '12 9:52:20 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
The Cinemascore was an F. This almost never happens (the last film I believe to get such a low score was The Box).

edited 7th Jan '12 9:52:30 PM by Buscemi

 22 Chadderic, Sat, 7th Jan '12 11:28:11 PM from small town, america
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Just got back from seeing it myself, and the ending is complete crap. Apparently it has the slowest credits roll of all time as well. To be fair though, there is at least one scene that is decently scary.
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Supposedly, the movie is in for an eighty percent drop this weekend.

 24 Psyclone, Mon, 16th Jan '12 6:34:05 AM from Somewhere else
A Superior Spider-Man
Man, the Dread Central podcast for this piece of crap was awesome. The person who reviewed the film was one of the few (and for quite a bit the only) person who gave it a positive review. Everyone else disagrees. Hilarity Ensues

I just had to add the "These events were never explained" joke to Interrupting Meme
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 25 Fuzzy Boots, Thu, 20th Sep '12 8:23:57 AM from Pittsburgh, PA
I added a stub page after watching. *wry grin* I'm on my honeymoon, so I'm not likely to get much more than that done.

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