An Animated Series Of Unfortunate Events:

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1 terlwyth8th Sep 2011 10:58:12 AM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
What if A Series of Unfortunate Events was animated? How would you want it,stop-motion,hand-drawn,CGI,Motion-Capture,rotoscoping,or some mixture of any of them?

And who would the voices be?

And would it cover three books (Meaning at least four would need to be made) or 1 (Meaning 13 would be made) or perhaps merge books at first until about the plot of 10 comes up?

And who would do the music?

Personally I'd want it hand-drawn with Violets inventions rotoscoped and background characters at the hotel done in a way like Ralph Bakshi did the orcs.

The voices could be

Mark Hamill as Count Olaf

Clancy Brown as Fernald the Hook-Handed guy

Dan Castellaneta as the Bald Man

Natalie Portman as Violet

Scott Meville as Klaus

Zach Tyler Eisen as Quigley Quagmire

Nancy Cartwright as Sunny Baudelaire,Kevin

Meryl Streep as Aunt Joesphine [again]

Harry Shearer as Uncle Monty and Mr. Remora

Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker as the animal voices [Baker as the Incredibly Deadly Viper though]

Jeff Bennett as Vice Principal Nero,Sir

Tara Strong as Justice Strauss,Kit Snicket

Tom Kenny as Duncan Quagmire,and Captain Widdershins

Anne Hathaway as Isadora Quagmire

Jessie Flower as Colette and Carmelita Spats

Hank Azaria as Mr. Poe and Bruce

Grey DeLisle as Fiona Widdershins and Ms. Bass

Helena Bonham Carter as Esme Squalor

Tom Hanks as Jerome Squalor,Charles,and Hector

Martin Freeman as Jacques Snicket

Ian Mc Kellan (or Jude Law again) as Lemony Snicket

Don't know about the rest though but I'd like Danny Elfman to score the thing.

And I'd want the first 3 books covers in 1,4-6 in 2,7-9 in three and the rest as individuals maybe a Part I and II for The End. Hopefully it will work out to seven movies just for the irony.

What are your thoughts?

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I Am The Walrus
They have been trying to get animated sequels produced by Nickelodeon is so bad with doing sequels (the only sequels they have done are the two Rugrats sequels) that they may never happen.
3 terlwyth8th Sep 2011 12:41:02 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
I know that,just like I know an American Harry Potter,an animated Harry Potter,a sequel to the 1978 Lord of the Rings are never gonna happen. But it's still fun to imagine

So what say you tropers?

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Would be perfect in Stop-Motion, and sometimes they can put a live-action Lemony Snicket controlling the characters' figures.
And it needs to be 13 movies. I don't know how, maybe it's one movie for book. Maybe the two first books in the first movie, and the last book gets divided in two parts.

But it has to be 13.
6 Shota8th Sep 2011 08:03:43 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Wow. You REALLY thought this through, didn't you?!
I Am The Walrus
The plan was to do two movies since the first one covered the first three books.
8 Psychobabble69th Sep 2011 02:30:53 PM from the spark of Westeros
I'd like thirteen short, made-for-TV movies. Like, maybe a little over an hour each. Nothing too loud and fancy. And I'd be all for a Tim Burton-y style. Not saying that Tim Burton should be anywhere near it, but I think his level of creep would work for this. And the art should look something like the art in the actual books. I'd be all for that.
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Oh god, I would cry tears of joy if this actually came to be one day :'D I think if there was EVER a chance of this, stop-motion animation would be best fitting. I think the series would look GREAT done in Burton-esque animation style, especially after seeing the animation and art syle in Corpse Bride.

As for the voice cast, I think either Alan Rickman or Richard O' Brein would be a magificent voice for Count Olaf. I've always imagined Violet with Anna Popplewell's voice, Klaus with Daniel Radcliff's voice, and Sunny with Eli Fucile's voice. It's too bad most of these guys are movie stars now, I think they could've been a great voice cast.
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11 terlwyth30th Sep 2011 06:01:49 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Anna Popwell as Violet? Hmm that could work and it would avoid Ink-Suit Actor to,unlike Portman

Alan Rickman as Olaf though? I'm sorry but Count Olaf is a Complete Monster with ridculuos tendencies,where as Alan Rickman usually plays serious characters and it wouldn't fit much in the later books. He'd be a brilliant Man With Beard,But No Hair though or the voice of Frank/Ernest. Don't know who the other guy is

Mark Hamill on other hand can voice dozens of villains from the Laughably Evil Joker to flat out Complete Monster Fire Lord Ozai to even the completely ridiculuos Sticky Beard

12 cutewithoutthe30th Sep 2011 06:21:36 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Gˇ­berit Nor­ling

I read the title

and was like :D

but then

hopes and dreams crushed
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If Ian McKellen is too expensive, Tim Curry would be fine as Lemony Snicket. (Like in the video game adaptation of the movie)

The movie gets a plus because Jude Law (voice of L.S.) was born same day, same year as a certain soccer player I really like)...

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Yeah, Jason Kreis ain't exactly a soccer star.
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Daniel Handler should play Lemony Snicket. Just saying.
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Well, okay, maybe Alan Rickman wouldn't work so well... but perhaps Richard O' Brien would. If anyone's ever seen his work in The Rocky Horror Picture Show... He can do a whole RANGE of different voices.
Personally, I was disappointed by the film adaptation. YMMV though, as some people actually liked it. The books are way better. From what I've heard, the second film was going to be stop motion since the actors for the orphans would be too old to do it now. I think it's currently in Developmental Hell.

I'd like to see it as a miniseries rather than a series of films. That way, all the stuff from the books could be covered instead of trying to condense it down. In terms of music, I think the songs The Gothic Archies did for the audiobook would be fine.

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Gotta agree with Bones: Jim Carrey's a funny guy, but he totally stole the show. The protagonists got little to no characterization.

If I were to make an animated series, I would go with something angular and desaturated, probably hand drawn in flash. Washed out and quirky looking, you know?
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Just played the video game. The lead singer of Orgy is Uncle Monty.
Yeah, Jason Kreis ain't exactly a soccer star.
19 terlwyth4th Oct 2011 08:31:52 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Yeah,the main guys really needed more characterization and frankly I'd say Browning and the guy who did Klaus were a little bit too wooden

It seemed like only Olaf and the guardians got any characterization at all,and even then.....

So yeah,if this did happen Violet and Klaus would need more room and Olaf would need to be portrayed more as a Complete Monster/ Faux Affably Evil (depending on the books) character than the clown Carrey made him.

[up]Definitely agreed on Olaf's characterization.

If it's hand-drawn, then I'd imagine it in a style similar to Sym-Bionic Titan (especially the lovely backgrounds) or The Modifyers.

Oh man, I want this to happen!
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21 terlwyth13th Nov 2011 05:46:15 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Handler would probably be best,although has he ever done voice-acting?

I just know Jude Law was brilliant,Mc Kellan has and has done audiobooks,and Curry has done the series on tape and voice acting

22 minespatch21st Apr 2012 12:53:18 AM from The Nowhere and the here , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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If I had to pick a voice for Count Olaf, it'd definitely be Wrecker Walley from Mind My Gap. The way he voices Virgil would suit Olaf so well, since Snicket describes Olaf as a individual who's voice usually sounds like it's a mixture of grating and wheezing that it's fits Wally's voice.

Tom Waits to me would be the hook handed man, I just figured that his voice has good range, and of course, Daniel Handler would be Daniel Handler.
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